NORWEGIAN EPIC’s U.K. Debut “Shafted”?

NORWEGIAN EPIC departing Rotterdam on June 19. Photo and copyright Hans Hoffman 2010.

“Technical difficulties” have delayed NORWEGIAN EPIC’s maiden arrival in Southampton from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM tomorrow as the ship plods at half speed across the channel from Rotterdam.

From Bert Lamers, who supplied MaritimeMatters with some incredible images of the ship’s Rotterdam arrival (see prior post):

“My wife and I were supposed to sail today with the NORWEGIAN EPIC from Rotterdam to Southampton. However we’re at home now and we will not be doing so. The EPIC has technical problems and can only sail at an approximate speed of 10 knots. She left Rotterdam at 4:30 PM (a half hour late) and will arrive in Southampton (seven and a half hours late) at 5:30 PM tomorrow.

Furthermore there were big issues with checking-in because of computer problems.

Our travel agent gave the passengers the choice to sail with the ship and arrive back in Holland by bus from Southampton around 12 hours later than planned or to cancel the trip and get a full refund. We decided for the last option.

Alltogether a very bad start for the NORWEGIAN EPIC, especially after the fires in St. Nazaire. It’s certainly not a lucky ship.”

A spokesman for NCL told USA Today that the “technical problem” is with one of the ship’s propeller shafts and that it will be repaired in Southampton.

How this will affect the EPIC’s transatlantic crossing (scheduled to depart on June 24) and U.S. inaugural events planned in early July remains to be seen. With thanks to Hans Hoffman and Bert Lamers. More soon…


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