Time’s Up For The TALUGA — Updated

USNS TALUGA entering BAE on July 1. Photo and copyright James Tagliani 2010.

The 1944-built fleet oiler USNS TALUGA arrived at San Francisco’s BAE Systems from the Suisuin Bay Reserve Fleet on July 1.  The vessel, which served in various World War Two (awarded four battle stars), Korean War (four battle stars) and Vietnam War (six campaign stars) services was decommissioned at Long Beach in 1972, then turned over to the MSC (Military Sea Lift Command) before being stricken from the Naval Register in 1992.  She was transfered to MARAD and laid up at Suisuin Bay shortly thereafter.  The TALUGA, which displaces 7,236 lt and measures 553 by 75 feet, is being cleaned for the tow to Brownsville, TX, where she will be broken up.  Her departure is expected on or about July 21.  With special thanks to James Tagliani for the photos and Dennis Deisinger.

August 8, 2010 Updatre: As TALUGA reaches the Pacific Coast of Central America, click here for a link to some excellent photos of her departure from San Francisco.


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