MAESTRO (ex RENAISSANCE) at Alang on September 27, 2010.

Even with the keel of the recently-scrapped WINNER 5 (ex AUSONIA, etc.) laying on the beach beneath her, cutting on the MAESTRO has already begun. As of this week, it had reached her bridge, although the latest image received from Alang, taken in late September, shows just the forward portion of her bow gone. The little MAESTRO, once one of the sleekest liner/cruise ships in the world when she was the chic Paquet vessel RENAISSANCE, is not expected to last more than a couple months. In the meantime, MONA LISA (ex KUNGSHOLM, etc.) left Piraeus on October 11, bound for the Suez Canal. The former Swedish flagship appears to be going to Oman for use as an accommodation ship. No announcements have been forthcoming about efforts to preserve her in Sweden but thus far, there have also been no reports of her sale to Indian shipbreakers. More news as it comes in….


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