Alang Autumnal

MAESTRO (ex RENAISSANCE) at Alang on November 13. Photo and copyright 2010.

WINNER 5 (ex AUSONIA, IVORY) is now completely gone, her place on the beach taken by the half-demolished 1966-built MAESTRO (ex RENAISSANCE, HOMERIC RENAISSANCE, WORLD RENAISSANCE, etc.). In the neighboring plot, the largest ship ever to be scrapped, the supertanker MONT (ex VIKING JAHRE, etc.) has been reduced to a pile of rubble with one final section of frame still standing. The latest passenger ship arrival is ROYALE (ex CASTALIA, etc.), which was beached in early November. She will be joined soon by FLAMENCO I (ex SEAWARD, SPIRIT OF LONDON, SUN PRINCESS, STARSHIP MAJESTIC, SOUTHERN CROSS, FLAMENCO, NEW FLAMENCO) which was sold for scrapping after over a year in layup off Singapore. Another seemingly doomed classic, the spectacular ANCONA (ex SVEA, etc.) of 1966, was sold for scrap last month but the deal apparently was suspended due to a lull in the steel market.

Update: New reports state ANCONA was to be beached for scrapping on December 16. With thanks to Len Kinap.

For more details and images please click here to access MidShipCentury.


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