SS FRANCE Letters Illuminated


Philippe Pierre Brebant reports from Le Havre that one of the two original sets of neon letters displayed between the iconic funnels spelling out F R A N C E on board the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique’s SS FRANCE, was preserved and re-lit.  When the ship was transformed into the SS NORWAY in Bremerhaven, the letters were removed and stored in 1979.

Recently, they were fully restored by the Association of the Maritime Museum and Port of Le Havre and lit once more in Le Havre (see video above). The letters will be exhibited in Paris at Musée National de la Marine (The National Maritime Museum) where a huge exhibition covering the 50 year anniversary of the famed ocean liner will run  from February 9 through October 23, with over 800 items on display.

The letters will later return to Le Havre along with the exhibition to be presented to the Musée Malraux, facing the entrance of the harbor.

Postcard of Le Havre with SS FRANCE.

Martin Cox

Martin Cox

MARTIN COX - Founder and publisher of MaritimeMatters, inspired by maritime culture and technology growing up in the port of Southampton. He works as a photographer in Los Angeles, and his photography has been exhibited in LA, San Francisco, New York and London.The LA Maritime Museum has commissioned works and collected his photographs. Martin is the co-writer of the book “Hollywood to Honolulu; the story of the Los Angeles Steamship Company” published by the Steam Ship Historical Society of America. A catalog from his series STRANDED (twilight of the ocean liner) was also published last year.
Martin Cox

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