MaritimeMatters Exits Drydock


Behind the scenes at MaritimeMatters (SS EUREKA's walking beam engine) @Martin Cox

The MaritimeMatters site closed for a few hours on Thursday, August 3, 2011, for an annual refit, bottom scraping and inspection.  There are some navigation and style changes, updated categories, larger photographs and a wider column structure as well as a gallery.

Please excuse our dust as we rush her back out to sea before everything is quite complete.  There may be workers in the staterooms for a few days afterwards!

Best regards, Martin Cox

PS  The MaritimeMatters facebook page will remain open, of course



Martin Cox

Martin Cox

MARTIN COX - Founder and publisher of MaritimeMatters, inspired by maritime culture and technology growing up in the port of Southampton. He works as a photographer in Los Angeles, and his photography has been exhibited in LA, San Francisco, New York and London.The LA Maritime Museum has commissioned works and collected his photographs. Martin is the co-writer of the book “Hollywood to Honolulu; the story of the Los Angeles Steamship Company” published by the Steam Ship Historical Society of America. A catalog from his series STRANDED (twilight of the ocean liner) was also published last year.
Martin Cox

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