MV CARNIVAL INSPIRATION Double Decked!, Part Two: Promenade to Main Deck; Cabins

Continue MaritimeMatters’ top-to-bottom tour of Carnival Cruise Line’s CARNIVAL INSPIRATION with Part Two of our exclusive Double Decked! feature.

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Paris Lounge, facing starboard.

The CARNIVAL INSPIRATION’s main showroom, the 1,300 seat Paris Lounge, begins a line up of public spaces on Promenade (9) and Atlantic (8) Decks.

Photo Gallery, facing forward.

A photo gallery follows the Paris Lounge on either side of the Promenade Deck level of the Grand Atrium.

Video Arcade, facing aft.

On the port side of the Grand Atrium on Promenade Deck adjacent to the O2 Teen Center, there is a large video arcade.

The Boulevard, facing aft.
Farcusian elements (art, music, theater, architecture) of INSPIRATION in terrazzo.

The marble-surfaced Boulevard spans the greater length of Promenade Deck. The wide passage links the lion’s share of CARNIVAL INSPIRATION’s public rooms and is a destination unto itself, with plenty of seating and views through its full-length windows.

Casino, facing forward.

The Monte Carlo Casino is located on the port side of Promenade Deck and can accommodate up to 450 guests at a time with its bevy of slots, card and roulette tables. Fiberoptic lighting tubes achieve an Aurora Borealis effect in this space.

Violins Bar, facing forward.

The Violins Bar is situated in a nook between the Monte Carlo Casino and the Boulevard.

Cafe Des Artistes.

The Cafe Des Artistes is the ship’s extra tariff specialty coffee and pastry venue adjacent to the Boulevard.

Avant-Garde Lounge, facing port.

The Avant-Garde Lounge seats 109 guests. Its decor was inspired by the Cubist movement.

Avante-Garde musings.

Designer Joseph Farcus painted the three dimensional Cubist art panels in the Avant-Garde Lounge to “suggest the motion and interaction that can be shared by guests who dance on its Harlequin-patterned granite dance floor”.

Rock and Roll Lounge, facing starboard.

The Rock and Roll Dance Club is the ship’s bona fide nightclub on Promenade Deck. Video monitors broadcast sports events and music videos in a backdrop that includes pearl-finished guitars with fiber optic strings.

Conference Room, facing aft.
Totally random carpet shot #1.

Accessed via the aft stairtower and the Rock and Roll Dance Club, the Conference Center is located on the port side of Promenade Deck.

Chopin Lounge, facing port.

The 92 seat Chopin Lounge is at the aft end of the Boulevard. A grand staircase leads down from the center of the lounge to the Carnivale Dining Room.

Chopin Lounge, facing aft/down.
Totally random carpet shot #2.

Decorative elements of the Chopin Lounge include water bearer statue columns, Corinthian pilasters with high renaissance scrolls and cherubim ceiling murals.

Candlelight Lounge.

The 541 seat Candlelight Lounge is the ship’s cabaret-style entertainment venue at the aft end of Promenade Deck. Hundreds of decorative fiber optic candles help illuminate the room.

Serenity, facing starboard.

Serenity is an adults-only terrace on aft Promenade Deck with cushioned loungers and a view over the ship’s wake.


Paris Lounge, facing port.

The lower level of the Paris Lounge begins a grouping of public spaces on Atlantic Deck.

The Fun Shops, facing starboard.

The Fun Shops shopping arcade is immediately aft of the Paris Lounge adjacent to the Atlantic Deck level of the Grand Atrium.

Circle C, facing forward.

Located on the port Atlantic Deck level of the Grand Atrium, Circle C is an interactive facility geared for the “tweens” aged 12 to 14 years.

Rhapsody In Blue Lounge, facing forward.

Flanking the port side entrance to the Mardi Gras Dining Room, Rhapsody In Blue is a 92 seat piano bar with broken edge granite, blue reflecting crystals, Tivoli lights in stepped Deco moldings and stainless steel musical notes that are intended to transmit the “spirit of George Gershwin’s music”.

Shakespeare Library, facing forward.

In the aft starboard corner of the Atlantic Deck level of the Grand Atrium, opposite Rhapsody In Blue, the 43 seat Shakespeare Library has been rendered in Elizabethan style with Gothic arches, columns and rusticated walls. The ceiling coffers are inscribed in gold leaf with 25 Shakespearean quotes.


Named for Carnival’s first ship, the former EMPRESS OF CANADA, the midships, 650 seat Mardi Gras Dining Room has a raised central section and full length windows on either side.

Mardi Gras Dining Room.
Totally random carpet shot #3.

Decorative flourishes in the Mardi Gras Dining Room include stepped cherry wood panels and polished rosa cardinale marble tiles.


Located at the aft end of Atlantic Deck, the 658 seat Carnivale Dining Room is named for Carnival’s second ship, the former EMPRESS OF BRITAIN.

Carnivale Dining Room.

Handmade Italian fan-shaped seashells in marigold and garnet glass are among its decorative highlights.


Face of the INSPIRATION.

Empress Deck (7) begins at the fo’c’sle head, an open deck for crew with a view of the CARNIVAL INSPIRATION’s forward superstructure.

Internet Cafe, facing forward.

The Internet Cafe is at the port Empress Deck (7) entrance to the Grand Atrium.

Reception, facing aft.
Totally random carpet shot #4.

The Reception is located on the Empress Deck level of the Grand Atrium.

Shore Excursions, facing aft/port.

Shore Excursions is directly opposite Reception in the Grand Atrium.

Grand Atrium facing up from Empress Deck.

Guests enter CARNIVAL INSPIRATION via the seven deck tall Grand Atrium. Topped by a glass skylight, the space is trimmed in red and green neon. This is a view facing forward from its lowest level, Empress Deck (7).

Art Gallery, facing forward.

A passage that links the Grand Atrium with the midships Empress Deck stairtower contains an art gallery with works that are sold on board by Park West Auctions.


Foyer mural by R. Jorgensen.
Laundry Room.

Upper, Main and Riviera Decks are devoted to passenger accommodation. A medical center is located on Deck 3. Several self-service launderettes have coin-operated washers and dryers as well as ironing boards.


Grand Suites

Grand Suite.

Twenty Eight Grand Suites on midships Upper Deck top the CARNIVAL INSPIRATION’s accommodation tier. All staterooms can be configured with two twins or a king sized bed. Grand Suites have a large flat screen television, a sofa (with additional sofa bed), arm chairs and a coffee table. All accommodation features 110 AC current, 24 hour stateroom service, bathrobes, hair dryers, individual climate control, safe deposit box, telephone and TV with A/V input plate.

Grand Suite balcony, facing aft.

Grand Suites have teak-lined balconies furnished with two chairs and a table.

Grand Suite walk-in closet.

Grand Suites also have a small walk-in closet.

Grand Suite bathroom.

Grand Suites bathrooms have a jacuzzi tub/shower combo.

Junior Suites

Junior Suite with twin set up.
Junior Suite with king set up.

Twenty Six Junior Suites are located on Verandah Deck and feature three closets and a single sofa.

Junior Suite balcony.

This is a Junior Suite balcony.

Oceanview Staterooms

Ocean View Stateroom with king set up.

There are five hundred sixty four Ocean View staterooms. This one has a picture window and is configured with a king-sized bed.  A highlight of all CARNIVAL INSPIRATION staterooms is the original artwork by Andrea Tana.

Ocean View Stateroom with portholes.

Some forward-situated Ocean View cabins on Empress, Upper, Main and Riviera Decks have twin portholes in lieu of a picture window.

Standard modular cabin bathroom.

Standard bathrooms in all categories except Grand Suites feature showers with massage controls, sink and toilet.

Wheelchair Access Stateroom bathroom.

Bathrooms in wheelchair access cabins have a shower with unfolding seat and modified controls.

Interior Staterooms

Inside Stateroom with twin berths.

There are three hundred sixty nine Interior Cabins on the CARNIVAL INSPIRATION. This one is fitted with twin berths.

Inside Stateroom with three berths.

This Interior Cabin is fitted with three berths.

Inside Upper/Lower.

Nineteen Interior Upper/Lower cabins represent the most economical accommodation aboard the Carnival Inspiration.

End Of CARNIVAL INSPIRATION Double Decked!, Part Two

Special thanks: Martin Cox, Jennifer De La Cruz, Vance Gulliksen

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