Louis And Thomson Swap MAJESTY For DESTINY –Updated

LOUIS MAJESTY at Genoa, photo © Peter Knego, February 2010

Louis Cruise Lines which charters or sub-charters several ships to Thomson Cruises has agreed to swap their recently acquired LOUIS MAJESTY (ex ROYAL MAJESTY, NORWEGIAN MAJESTY) for the older THOMSON DESTINY (ex SONG OF AMERICA, SUNBIRD).  The two ships carry almost exactly the same number of passengers, approximately 1,460, but were built 10 years apart in 1992 and 1982 respectively.  Thomson has been hoping to update and modernize their existing fleet of five ships, all built in the 1980’s, including one operating under their Island Cruises brand.  The 40,876 gross ton, 680 foot long LOUIS MAJESTY will be renamed THOMSON MAJESTY.*

THOMSON DESTINY (ex SONG OF AMERICA, SUNBIRD) at Gran Canaria, January 12 2007. Photo by Kalle Id, published under Creative Commons license.

When the former THOMSON DESTINY, which measures 37,584 gross tons with dimensions of 705 feet long and 93 feet wide, begins operating three and four day Greek Islands and Turkey cruises for Louis in May, the ship will be renamed LOUIS OLYMPIA.   Thomson stated their new acquisition will be more suitable for longer voyages.  Ironically, both ships were built for the shorter 7-day cruise market out of North American ports, the SONG OF AMERICA for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and the ROYAL MAJESTY for the now defunct Majesty Cruise Line.


*in the first version of this article this line read: LOUIS MAJESTY will most likely be renamed THOMSON MAJESTY.

Thanks to Kalle Id, Peter Knego and Martin Cox



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