COSTA CONCORDIA at Palermo. Photo and copyright Peter Knego 2008.

Pompano Beach, FL-based Titan Salvage won the bid to raise the wreck of COSTA CONCORDIA from its current resting place off Giglio Island in Tuscany, Italy.  The plan will be to remove the capsized ship in one piece with assistance from Micoperi, an Italian marine contractor, and tow it to an Italian port.  Whether the ship (in which 32 people perished when it was steered onto a reef and capsized on January 13) will be scrapped or rebuilt remains the subject of much conjecture.

Work is slated to begin in May and the wreck is expected to be removed within a year.  The salvage crews will be based in Civitavecchia in order to not further disturb the fishing and port operations of Giglio.  Titan beat out five other bidders, including the Dutch firm Smit.



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