ROYAL CLIPPER To The Grenadines, Part Three

Knego concludes his seven night trek aboard Star Clipper Cruises’ five masted ROYAL CLIPPER with visits to Martinique and St. Lucia.

Star Clipper Cruises

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

P1410561 copy
L’Imperatrice frontage.

A double port day began with a morning call at Fort de France, Martinique, another deep Caribbean destination that I had not been to in many years. After a short walk from the pier to the city center, I settled in with friends at the Art Deco L’Imperatrice Hotel, where we ordered a batch of cappuccinos.

P1410537 copy
Cappuccino L’Imperatrice.

Although our welcome was far from warm, the cappuccinos were piping hot and powdered with a pungent cinnamon that must have been grown locally.

P1410560 copy
Library at Fort de France.

We paid a quick visit to the beautiful Library and walked around the port area before returning to the ship. Maybe it was the 27 Euro bottle of sun block that quelled any pressing pangs to return.

P1410838 copy
Dangling cameras through the net…

With so much port time in our short week, there were precious few opportunities to exploit some of the ROYAL CLIPPER’s most unique features, such as hanging in the bowsprit or climbing the mast (guests can sign up to scale the ropes on a safety harness to one of the lower mast platforms for a spectacular view). However, on the short passage from Fort de France to Anse D’Arlet on the other side of the island, I had my moments in the net. And an absolutely exhilarating experience it was, expecially trying to dangle the cameras safely through the net to capture that long clipper prow cutting those pristine seas.

P1410820 copy

I had to leave my favorite place when it was time for ROYAL CLIPPER to drop anchor off the resort beach of Anse D’Arlet.

P1410601 copy
PSY ROYAL CLIPPER water sports platform.

ROYAL CLIPPER unfolded her platform but unfortunately, the currents were too strong for us to swim in the anchorage.

P1410617 copy
Counter encounters.

Nonetheless, one of the marina staff was kind enough to provide a ride around the ship in one of the zodiacs.

P1410598 copy
Anse D’Arlet tender sign.
P1400774 copy
Afternoon delights.

We left the cameras behind for another gorgeous swim at Anse D’Arlet and returned to the ship in time for afternoon snacks in the Tropical Bar.

P1410725 copy
Moon astern.
P1410746 copy
Celestial rigging.

After dinner, as the ROYAL CLIPPER made her way towards St. Lucia, we took in yet another balmy night under the mast.

Friday, December 18, 2015

P1410789 copy
Marigot Morning.

Rain drizzled down upon us as we buzzed along in the tender to tiny Marigot on St. Lucia.

P1410794 copy
In the shelter of Marigot.

As the downpour subsided, I enjoyed a Greek yogurt topped with locally made granola and a drizzling of honey along with a tall cappuccino. There wasn’t a lot to see and do in Marigot, so it was back to the ROYAL CLIPPER.

P1410009 copy
PSY ROYAL CLIPPER Lounge, facing forward.
033-royalclipperpianobar copy
ROYAL CLIPPER Lounge, facing aft.

In the Lounge, several guests were chatting over coffee. I very much like how the mahogany-toned room is broken up into terraces that overlook the Atrium and a main sitting area that is reminiscent of a smoking room on a long since vanished liner of yore.

P1410851 copy
ROYAL CLIPPER totally random carpet shot.

There is a pleasing uniformity to ROYAL CLIPPER’s décor, which is thankfully devoid of the more garish soft fittings found on many larger ships.

P1410064 copy
PSY ROYAL CLIPPER Library, facing starboard.

The Library is a wonderful space boasting a faux fireplace, plush leather settees and tufted chairs directly aft of the Tropical Bar. Its shelves are filled with books and DVDs in English, German and French. Alas, with the port-intensive itinerary, it was largely unused during our cruise.

P1400748 copy

Located aft of the Atrium on Clipper Deck, the Reception area is set in a gallery surrounded by boutiques offering Star Clippers’ logo wear and other souvenirs.

P1410871 copy
Compass to Piton.

Up on deck, as we approached our second port of call, Soufriere, the rain was coming down in buckets. The mighty Pitons lurked in the backdrop.

P1410020 copy
PSY ROYAL CLIPPER Wheelhouse, facing starboard.

Instead of venturing ashore, I enjoyed our final day aboard the ship, beginning with one last visit to the open bridge.

P1410909 copy
ROYAL CLIPPER Caterpillar diesels.

Once per cruise, engine room tours are offered to guests who sign up at the excursion desk. ROYAL CLIPPER has a pair of Caterpillar diesels that can driver her variable pitch screw at a top speed of 16 knots. Of course, she can also operate under sail but the engines are required for her to keep on schedule.

P1410879 copy
Full arch rainbow over Soufriere.

As a reward for the earlier drenching, a full arc rainbow appeared over Soufriere, just as it was announced we would have another go at the photo tender.

P1410976 copy
Unfurling off Soufiere.

As most of ROYAL CLIPPER’s guests offloaded into no less than three boats, our mighty ship began to unfurl most of her 42 sails.

P1420008 copy
More sails in the works.

It was like watching a newly hatched butterfly unfold its wings…

P1420017 copy
ROYAL CLIPPER versus the Piton.

Or a giant peacock unveiling its plume.

P1420026 copy
Full square ahead.

Our tender driver was clearly a veteran of such encounters, buzzing alongside the ROYAL CLIPPER and then spinning around for the other side of the tender to get optimal views.

P1420033 copy
Royally rigged.

How perfect it was to have the ROYAL CLIPPER fully unfurled and moving through her element with the soaring Pitons lurking behind her.

P1420042 copy
High spirited sprit.

And then, if the show wasn’t dazzling enough with the glow of the setting sun, the majestic pitons towering above, members of the crew assembled on the bowsprit.

P1420044 copy
Once more under the sprit.

We chased our mother ship out past the Pitons as the sun dimmed behind her.

P1420049 copy
Royal encounter.

Once our cameras were sated, the tenders had to maneuvered us into the pitching ship’s lee.

P1420050 copy
Final view.

It was a perfect way to begin our final evening on the ROYAL CLIPPER. After dinner, it was time to pack and say goodbye to friends old and new.

End Of ROYAL CLIPPER To The Grenadines

Special thanks: Cindy Tanenbaum

Peter Knego

Peter Knego

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