Peter Knego’s latest Sea Treks/Decked! continues in Rotterdam with a historic Holland America Line “immersion” that includes stays at the Hotel New York and the SS ROTTERDAM prior to embarking the brand new MV KONINGSDAM for a gala dedication by Holland’s Queen Maxima and a short inaugural cruise to Amsterdam.

Holland America Line

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

P1150729 copy
Hotel New York.

What better place to stay prior to the arrival and christening of Holland America Line’s brand new KONINGSDAM, than Rotterdam’s historic Hotel New York? The Art Nouveau/Gothic, copper roof-topped brick building with twin turrets was built in or around 1901 as the Holland America Line offices in the Wilhelminakade waterfront area named for the Dutch Queen Wilhelmina.

P1150712 copy
Hotel New York lobby.

Although the emigrant hotel and pier complex that were once the starting point for Holland America Line’s transatlantic crossings have long since been demolished, the surviving building was given protected status in 1990 and converted into the Hotel New York, which opened its doors in 1993..

P1150719 copy
Hotel New York restaurant.

The lobby and ground floor restaurant are embellished with vintage Holland America Line posters, imagery and models, including several of the glorious NIEUW AMSTERDAM of 1936, which closed HAL’s transatlantic service with her final sailing from the Wilhelminakade in 1971. She was sadly scrapped three years later but lives on in the company’s logo.

P1150709 copy
Grand Staircase, Hotel New York.

My spacious room with a view of the cruise terminal was up two floors, then down a small staircase to what would be called a “tween deck area”, were it on a ship.

P1150701 copy
Hotel New York, Room 215.

As it turned out, just my heavy luggage would have the pleasure of calling room 215 home for the night. I would be heading to the only “better” place in all of Rotterdam to stay…

P1150745 copy
SS ROTTERDAM bow view.

Thanks to the construction of a new bridge linking the Wilhelminakade with the former red light Katrendrecht district, it is a mere ten minute walk from the Hotel New York to the glorious SS ROTTERDAM, the 1959-built former flagship of Holland America Line. Joined by friends and fellow ROTTERDAM enthusiasts Tom Cassidy and Dan Lotten (AKA “Rotterdan”), I paused to admire the beautifully restored, powerful form of the storied liner before embarking via a custom gangway that delivered us to her Main Deck lobby.

P1150754 copy
ROTTER Dan checks in.

Our rooms weren’t ready but Dan had brought along an original deck plan to show the receptionist which suite he had requested at the time of booking.

P1160408 copy

As it turned out, Dan would get exactly what he asked for, a starboard, ocean-facing suite with a large living room sporting original furnishings (except for a marble cocktail table added in one of the ship’s latter day HAL refits) and a beautiful marquetry panel. All of the ROTTERDAM’s current accommodation was rebuilt from scratch, except for the Suites and Executive Suites (former officers‘ cabins), which retain some of their original layouts and features.

P1150804 copy
SS ROTTERDAM former first class Ambassador Lounge, facing forward from starboard.

Even hotel guests have to purchase tour tickets to wander the upper decks and visit the public rooms, most of which look just as splendid as they did when the ship was in service. Although I’ve covered the ROTTERDAM here in recent months, I’ll post more views of the ship in a separate update since there have been a few nips and tucks since my last visit.

P1150794 copy
SS ROTTERDAM aft Promenade Deck, facing forward.

It was so nice to see the aft Lido area in its full regalia after a long restoration of the teak decking.

P1150870 copy

Just as the sun broke through Rotterdam’s “May Gray”, I spotted the KONINGSDAM on her way up the River Maas.

P1150908 copy

Although it somewhat diminished the majesty of her maiden arrival, the massive KONINGSDAM spun around in the turning basin and slowly backed her way upriver. I raced her to a point where I could get an up close view of her passing by.

P1150918 copy
MV KONINGSDAM backs into Rotterdam.

A tugboat shot plumes of water into the air as the giant new HAL cruise ship encroached, exchanging whistle salutes with the SS ROTTERDAM in the process.

P1150960 copy

Local excursion craft circled the ship, which literally dwarfed the waterfront.

P1150986 copy
MV KONINGSDAM off the Wilhelminakade.

Finally, the KONINGSDAM had positioned herself off the Wilhelminakade, allowing me the chance to get a few shots before I raced off to meet friends for our scheduled visit to yet another impressive newbuild cruise ship of 2016.

P1160024 copy
MV AIDA PRIMA at Rotterdam.

Aida Cruises’ freshly delivered 125,572-gt, 3,300-passenger AIDA PRIMA was berthed far off in Rotterdam harbor, her imposing presence trumped by the KONINGSDAM, which would have the cruise terminal all to herself for the next 24 hours. Marketed solely to German clientele, the AIDA PRIMA is a fascinating ship with some very unique features (including a vertical bow). We would spend about three hours on board but even that was not enough time to capture all of her public spaces. She, too, will be covered in a separate feature…

P1160324 copy
Speeding past the KONINGSDAM at the Rotterdam cruise terminal.
P1160377 copy
Taxiing to the ROTTERDAM.
P1160385 copy
Still the spotless queen.

Back at the Hotel New York, I joined Tom Cassidy on a water taxi (only 5 Euros) ride to the SS ROTTERDAM, to meet up for dinner in the Club Room with Hans Hoffman, the ROTTERDAM’s former chief officer, his wife Monique and “Rotterdan” Lotten.

P1150787 copy
Dionysos of the Gobbeleins.

We selected a table near the Dionysos tapestry, one of four designed for the Tourist Class Smoking Room by the late Giselle van Waterschoort van der Gracht. When the originals “disappeared” during the ship’s long layup last decade, the artist supplied her original sketches and supervised newly woven replacements at the ripe old age of 98.

P1160391-6001 copy
SS ROTTERDAM Executive Suite 6001.

Alas, by the time our leisurely dinner got underway, the jet lag and two nights’ of no sleep had done me in. I retired to Executive Suite 6001, which was carved from officers’ quarters on forward Sun Deck. In the living room, there were original furnishings and a painting by Toon Koster.

P1160397 copy
SS ROTTERDAM Executive Suite 6001 bedroom.

And in the bedroom, a large flatscreen television and a brass window that opened up with a view over the ROTTERDAM’s long, glorious bow…

Friday, May 20, 2016

P1160453 copy
SS ROTTERDAM Grand Ballroom, facing starboard from Boat Deck.

With less than seven hours’ worth of sleep in three days, I forced myself up early enough for a quick walk through the ship that had carried me on no less than six epic voyages and served as the backdrop to some of my fondest sea-going memories. That she still exists, let alone in her home port and so beautifully restored and cared for, is almost too good to be true. I wrapped up my self-guided tour in what is quite possibly the most beautiful space afloat and certainly one of the finest ocean liner public rooms of all time, the Grand Ballroom, nee Ritz Carlton.

P1160489 copy
KONINGSDAM Naming Ceremony ticket.

It was cold and misty as I retraced my steps to the Hotel New York and retrieved my luggage, which was sent off to the KONINGSDAM. After a very quick breakfast, I boarded the newest and largest ever Holland America Line ship and made a strategic decision to not attend the naming ceremony in the World Stage once I was told photos would not be allowed during the event.

P1160514 copy
Maxima’s blur.

Instead, I set up my cameras in Billboard Live, knowing that the ship’s royal godmother, Queen Maxima, would be passing through on her way to the World Stage. No one stopped me from taking a very quick, blurred image of the queen and her entourage as they marched through. I learned later that typical Dutch royal protocol is to state but not enforce the “no photos” rule.

P1160544 copy
Gathered for the ceremonies in the Queen’s Lounge.

From there, I joined HAL guests in the Queen’s Lounge where there was plenty of champagne for all to enjoy while the ceremonies were broadcast on a huge LED screen.

P1160561 copy
Maxima pours champagne over the bell.

I watched the screen as Queen Maxima blessed the ship’s bell in the Lido area, then headed down to the dock to witness the actual bottle break as the speeches and ceremony in the World Stage were shown pierside for the hundreds of spectators gathered underneath the KONINGSDAM’s bow.

P1160620 copy
The bottle swings.

The bottle was so far away and with the dark gray skies and misty backdrop, my photo vantage was less than optimal when it finally did shatter against the hull.

P1160711 copy
Maxima descends.

However, I was in a good place to catch a few final glimpses of the queen as she was escorted down from the gangway.

P1160754 copy
One final pose for the press.

She stopped and posed for the press corps before being led into her car.

P1160795 copy
Waving off.

As the procession sped away, the queen waved to the crowd. The ceremony was officially finished.

P1160823 copy
MV KONINGSDAM Balcony Stateroom 11056, facing port.

Once back on board, I made my way up to my home for the next two nights, Veranda Stateroom 11056.

P1160832 copy
MV KONINGSDAM Balcony Stateroom 11052 balcony.
P1160829 copy
“I can see the ROTTERDAM from my veranda!”

Although there was not enough time to fully enjoy it, I did manage to step out onto the balcony for its bird’s eye view of Rotterdam and the great ship bearing its name.

P1160847 copy
Dedicated in the Dining Room.

From there, it was off to Adam Tihany’s masterful Dining Room for the dedication luncheon. Paired with a 2013 Hayman Hill Chardonnay and a 2013 Spellbound Petite Sirah, the courses included: a Shrimp Crab Orange and Avocado starter and a main course choice of Black Olive Crusted Lamb Rack, DIlled Roasted Sea Bass or a Baked Vegetable Puff Pastry Torte. For dessert, there was a Vanilla and Lime Cheesecake followed by a chocolate longship filled with nougats and petits fours.

P1160864 copy
Signatures of excellence.

After lunch, I took a moment to sign one of the panels by the pool, then headed to the gym for an invigorating workout before boat drill.

P1160886 copy
Tamarind Dedication menu.

An early dinner with a fixed menu was provided in Tamarind, my favorite specialty restaurant in the entire HAL fleet.

P1160917 copy

As KONINGSDAM cast her lines and began her seaward journey along the River Maas, I headed out to the bow to enjoy the spectacle.

P1160924 copy
Wilhelminakade send-off.

Crowds had gathered everywhere along the river banks, including the Wilhelminakade, to see us off.

P1160937 copy
Revelers gathered on the ROTTERDAM.

Before long, we were exchanging whistle salutes with the Grand Dame, waving to the revelers on her stern.

P1160965 copy

It was hard to not get a little misty eyed as HAL’s newest and biggest paid tribute to her glorious predecessor.

P1160974 copy
Excursion steamer escort.

Of the large and small craft escorting us out, the most interesting and charming was DE MAJESTEIT, a 1926-built paddle steamer that offers expedition cruises and charters in and around Rotterdam

P1170065 copy
Fireworks off Hoek Van Holland.

It was twilight by the time KONINGSDAM reached the Hoek, where she was sent off with a fireworks grand finale before heading into the North Sea.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

P1170260 copy
Reflections of Rijks.

After a late sleep in and a chance to finally relax in the comfort of the KONINGSDAM, I filed a story and then joined the media group for a canal tour and dinner in the Stedjelijk in Museumplein. It was a short walk from there to the Rijksmuseum, where HAL had arranged for a gala drinks and dessert event.

P1170139 copy
The Grand Hall at the Rijksmuseum.

Holland’s most celebrated museum was the exclusive domain of several hundred KONINGSDAM guests.

P1170135 copy
Rijksmuseum server.

Statuesque servers offered up wine, drinks and a variety of sweets.

P1170142 copy
Selfies with Nightwatch.

The hall with the greatest buzz, of course, was the one with Rembrandt’s masterpiece, “Nightwatch”.

P1170183 copy
MV KONINGSDAM at Amsterdam night.

I walked back to the ship with friends, and managed to get lost in Amsterdam’s network of cobblestones and canals before finally reaching the ship moments before a downpour. Once aboard, there was just enough time to pack and call it a night.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Neptune Suites

P1170213-7082 copy
MV KONINGSDAM Neptune Suite 7082 bedroom to sitting area.

After breakfast and before disembarking, I checked on Deck 7 to see if any of the suites were available to photograph. Although the 1,290-square-foot Pinnacle Suite was occupied, one of the forty five 465-square-foot Neptune Suites was open for inspection.

P1170216 copy
MV KONINGSDAM Neptune Suite 7082 sitting area to bedroom.

Neptune Suites have bedrooms that are directly across from the sitting areas.

P1170219 copy
MV KONINGSDAM Neptune Suite 7082 WC.

Their bathrooms can accessed via the bedrooms and feature large baths with Jacuzzi tubs.

P1170225 copy
MV KONINGSDAM Neptune Suite 7082 powder room.

A powder room off the main entry hall can be opened up onto the large bathroom or kept separate for guests’ use.

P1170221 copy
MV KONINGSDAM Neptune Suite 7082 balcony.

Neptune Suites have especially large balconies.

P1170226 copy
MV KONINGSDAM Neptune Suite 7082 entry.

A large wardrobe lines the entryway to the Neptune Suites.

Signature Suites

P1170232-7093 copy
MV KONINGSDAM Signature Suite 7093 bedroom.

Fourteen Signature Suites measure between 393- and 400-square-feet.

P1170234 copy
MV KONINGSDAM Signature Suite 7093 sitting area to bedroom.
P1170241 copy
MV KONINGSDAM Signature Suite sitting area.

Signature Suites have a separate wardrobe and sitting area.

P1170235 copy
MV KONINGSDAM Signature Suite 7093 bathroom.

Signature Suites also have bathrooms with Jacuzzi tubs.

P1170247 copy
MV KONINGSDAM suite salts.

HAL even provides special bath salts for suite guests.

Veranda Spa Cabins

P1170210-10034 copy
MV KONINGSDAM Veranda Spa Cabin 10034.

On the way back to get my luggage, I visited one of thirty eight Veranda Spa Cabins, which shared the same layout and basic features as my 228-square-foot Veranda Cabin, albeit with a different color scheme and some added spa amenities.

Interior Spa Cabins

P1170253-11054 copy
MV KONINGSDAM Interior 11054.

There are also eleven Interior Spa Cabins measuring 143- and 225-square-feet.

P1170277 copy
Amsterdam Museum of Modern Art.
P1170295 copy
On the Gogh.

And so my fling with Holland America Line’s sparkling new KONINGSDAM came to its end as I rolled my luggage off the gangway and stepped into rainy Amsterdam. I would spend the rest of the day in the Museumplein exploring the Modern Art Museum and the Van Gogh Museum before embarking on my next venture…

End of KONINGSDAM Treks/Decked! series

Special thanks: Erik Elvejord, Jerrol Golden, Jocelyn Wu

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