Unload, Upload! (Another Container Arrives In Moorpark)

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Note: Click on images to view larger versions. All photos by and copyright Peter Knego 2008 unless otherwise noted.

Fourth Update: June 22, 2008:

Metal stairtower “bubble” railing from MV 33 ORIENTALES (later CITY OF RHODOS, QUEEN CONSTANTINA, etc.). There are two ‘flat” strips that measure 94 inches long by 35.5 inches tall at $450 each and two angled strips that measure 72 inches long and 33 inches tall at $300 each. Note: Caprail will need to be added.

Weathered but potentially beautiful writing desk from RMS IVERNIA officer’s quarters. Top opens outward to reveal small shelves. Needs some glue, screws, and a bit of veneer. $350 “as is”. 33.5 inches wide by 42.5 inches tall and 20 inches deep.

Beautiful railing designed by Gustavo Pulitzer-Finale for Lloyd Triestino’s VICTORIA of 1953. One strip measuring 79 inches long by 35 inches tall. Melamine covered wood frame topped with carved teak caprail and inset with anodized aluminum inner frame to support Murano glass fittings (not shown but safe and accounted for). Similar stairtower is on MS PHILIPPINES (ex AUGUSTUS) in Manila, otherwise, this is the last of its kind. $1,250.

Mahogany officer’s dresser from Union-Castle Line’s MV DUNNOTTAR CASTLE. 35.5 wide by 30 tall by 21 deep. Not for sale..

Deluxe sycamore dresser from Incres Line’s MV VICTORIA of 1959 with stylized blue melamine top. Simply gorgeous! Left section is a large storage cabinet that opens from the top, presumably for life jackets. 69″ long by 28.5 tall by 17.5 deep: $600.

In 100 degree heat, the amazing Shawn Dake and Bruce Lyons came up to assist with moving a large number of my recent acquisitions to storage. I had a chance to roughly photograph and measure some of the items before loading them on the truck. I hope to add everything that is available to www.midshipcentury.com after I return from my next writing assignment in July. In the interim, please e-mail me at pk@midshipcentury.com if you have questions about anything on this page.

Third Update: June 21, 2008:

The Funky Green Chairs From Outer Space? Vessel unknown. $550 pair. ***SOLD***

Last batch? Pulitzer by Cassina chairs from Incres Line’s MV VICTORIA (1959). $250 each. Two left.

Lovely laminate wooden shelves from RMS IVERNIA. $75 each. Limited quantity. 16″ wide by 8.5 tall by 7 deep (top).

Hammered copper panel. Danish? Vessel unknown. 39″ wide by 19″ tall. $400. ***SOLD***

Second Update: June 16, 2008:

“AUREOL Garden”, an Alang installation featuring discarded chairs from the former Elder Dempster liner AUREOL.

A sofa, two matching chairs and a high back chair from the Danish ferry KONG FREDERIK IX of 1955. ***All SOLD except high back chair ($300)***

One of the “royal” wing back chairs from the private salon on board MV KONG FREDERI
K IX. Last one: $750.00.

Beautiful teak door from the former RMS IVERNIAs Promenade. ***SOLD***

Beautiful closet doors to the captain’s cabin on board MV ANASTASIS (ex Lloyd Triestino VICTORIA) of 1953.

Update: June 12, 2008:

Here are some things I have been able to uncover and catalogue that arrived in the most recent container. I will build full pages on www.midshipcentury.com for all of these things as well as some of the other items seen in the blogspot below (and more yet to be uncovered) as time permits. For now, this is a preview of what is available for sale on a first come, first served basis. Please e-mail me at pk@midshipcentury.com with any questions or if you want to reserve an item. All prices shown do not include shipping or 7.25% sales tax for California residents, only.

Glass and nickel plated sconces from SS PRINCIPE PERFEITO. 10 inches tall by 8 deep: $75.

Royal Olympic Cruise Line small plates. 6.5 inches wide: $5.50 each. MV STELLA OCEANIS, SS STELLA SOLARIS, SS APOLLON.

Royal Olympic Cruise Line creamers. 3.25 inches tall: $7.50 each. MV STELLA OCEANIS, SS STELLA SOLARIS, SS APOLLON.

Sun Line small plates. 6.5 and 7.5 inches: $7.50 each. MV STELLA OCEANIS, SS STELLA SOLARIS

Black Sea Steamship Company crockery. Large plate at 10 inches: $12.50 each; small plates at 6.5 inches: $7.50 each; saucer at 6 inches: $5.00 each; demi-tasse cups (1.5 inches tall by 2.5 wide — very limited) at $10 each. MV ODESSA.

Epirotiki Line plates (two logo types): 6″ wide at $7.50 each. MV ORPHEUS?

SS MONTEREY Aloha Pacific 10.5 inch bone china dinner plates made by Royal Doulton (very limited): $25 each. ***ONLY TWO LEFT***

New Marathon Cruise Line (Cypriot line that operated MV QUEEN CONSTANTINA — ex 33 ORIENTALES/CITY OF RHODOS — for one season in 2001 before 9-11 rendered them bankrupt) crockery. Wide assortment of quality crockery with handsome blue and green stripes and logo reminiscent of old Universal Studios: 16 by 9 inch serving plates ($15.00 each); 10 inch dinner plates ($10 each); 7.5 inch plates ($7.50 each); 2.5 by 5″ inch napkin holders ($10 each); 8 inch bowls ($7.50 each); rectangular 6.5 inch side plate ($7.50 each); 5.5 tall by 7 inch wide tea pots ($17.50 each); 6 inch saucer (7.5 each); 2.5 tall by 3.5 inch wide tea cups (limited — $8.5 each); 5.5 inch flower vase (limited — $10 each); 3 inch tall salt and pepper shakers ($10 each); 3 inch tall glasses with logo etched in (limited — $8.00 each).

P&O; rising sun champagne bucket from the Latsis HENRIETTA and MARIANNA (former P&O; STRATHS), later transferred to former RMMV AUREOL. 8.3 inches tall by 8 wide with knobs at 10.5 inches. Only two available. $150 each.

Original wood framed mirrors from MV VICTORIA/ANASTASIS (1953) cabins. 36 inches tall by 20 wide and 1.75 deep: $125 each.

Nickel plated sconces from MV VICTORIA/ANASTASIS (1953) Library and Writing Room. 9.5 inches long by 8.5 inches deep by 4 wide: $100 each. Very limi
ted quantity.

Plastic and anodized aluminum light fixtures from MV VICTORIA/ANASTASIS (1953) public rooms, passageways. 16 inches in diameter/visible portion is 4″ deep. Total depth, including back is 7″: $95 each.

Terra cotta lamps from SS STELLA SOLARIS. Metal fixture included but not shown: $250 each — SOLD OUT.

First Class Lounge chairs from RMS WINDSOR CASTLE. $225 each. ***SOLD OUT***

Bed frame set from first class cabins of MV VICTORIA/ANASTASIS (1953). Mahogany trim with satin or burled maple backboards and mahogany fronts. Not shown, but included are mahogany side boards. Measurements in inches are 34 by 34 by 2 (back) and 29 tall by 34 wide (front): $650 per complete set. ***SOLD OUT***

Ceiling sconces from MV VICTORIA/ANASTASIS public rooms and passageways. Anodized aluminum/brass. 7″ diameter with fixture included: $75 each. ***SOLD OUT***

Solid, brass cone sconces from MV VICTORIA/ANASTASIS tourist class dining room, measuring (inches) 6 tall by 6.5 deep by 5 wide: $125 each.

MV ANASTASIS life jackets: $125 each.

Only two of these metal punkah louvres with Trieste imprints from MV VICTORIA/ANASTASIS (1953). One slightly dinged up: $95 each.

Day Four: Monday, May 26, 2008

Back yard: 26 May 2008. Photo and copyright Peter Knego 2008.

By the end of the fourth day, most of the maritime mountains had been sorted and freed of dusty jute or crumbling cardboard, much to the relief of a ravaged lawn. It will be several weeks before everything is cleaned, counted, and offered for sale on the MidShipCentury website, but here are a few tidbits I was able to document in the process. Please come back soon for an update and more images….

Crockery depot. Photo and copyright Peter Knego 2008.

Writing desk from RMS IVERNIA. Photo and copyright Peter Knego 2008.

RMS WINDSOR CASTLE first class stateroom chairs await the sponge and a good rinse. Photo and copyright Peter Knego 2008.

After Saarinen Executive Armchair. Photo and copyright Peter Knego 2008.

Chairs from RMS WINDSOR CASTLE first class lounge. Photo and copyright Peter Knego 2008.

Mysterious metal chairs. Photo and copyright Peter Knego 2008.

Day Three: Sunday, May 25, 2008

Back yard: 25 May 2008. Photo and copyright Peter Knego 2008.

Quilted maple pillars from VICTORIA/ANASTASIS forward lounge. Photo and copyright Peter Knego 2008.

Utilizing the space until today occup
ied by crates, there was an opportunity to dig into the jute-covered cargo to see some of the exquisite woodwork salvaged from VICTORIA/ ANASTASIS, including eight magnificent pillars of quilted maple from the forward lounge and burled walnut from the former first class verandah.

Day Two: Saturday, May 24, 2008

Back yard: 24 May 2008. Photo and copyright Peter Knego 2008.

Where old crates go to die. Photo and copyright Peter Knego 2008.

At 8:00 AM a forty yard container was delivered in front of the house (you can imagine I am very popular with the neighbors). Throughout the course of the day, it was filled with remnants of the crates, which had to be carefully deconstructed with all protruding nails flattened. There would be no time to sort or clean the mountains of materials today.

Day One: Friday, May 23, 2008

It’s been almost two years since I took delivery of my prior container full of ship fittings from Alang. I’ve had the last few weeks to get reaccustomed to all the anxiety and anticipation a new arrival entails. First, there was the uncertainty as to which ship the container had been placed aboard and whether it was coming to California from India via Suez and Rotterdam to cross the Atlantic to the U.S on a second ship. or, as it turned out, sailing via Singapore and the Pacific.

The vessel, which had been finally identified as SOROE MAERSK, arrived in Los Angeles on May 16. Shipping bills had to be paid, detailed forms needed dispatching, and then U.S. Customs and Homeland Security inspections and clearance awaited. Daily calls were made until it was finally determined on Thursday, May 22, that the container was released and could be delivered to my home in Moorpark on Friday morning.

Waiting for Godot,or, perhaps, a container? Left to right: Tom Nicolai, Shawn Dake, Kyle Johnstone, Amy Blume. Photo and copyright Peter Knego 2008.

Container dream team, ctd.: Bruce Lyons, Scott MacDonald, Tom Chirby, Martin Cox. Photo and copyright Peter Knego 2008.

No less than eight wonderful, enthusiastic friends were “on call” to assist with the “discovery and unloading process” at 8:30 AM, when the monolithic mass was due in front of my otherwise unremarkable suburban home. Well after everyone was on their way from the far reaches of Los Angeles and Orange Counties, the phone rang at 8:15. It was Julia, the dispatcher, who told me to call the entire thing off. Mario, the truck driver, was stuck in a long queue at the terminal, waiting to attach the container to his rig. It would be at least three more hours before he would be able to drive the 75 or so miles to Moorpark.

First sighting: Rolling Up That Hill! Photo and copyright Peter Knego 2008.

Thankfully, our group had no problem chatting the time away until just before noon, when we felt an increasing rumble and took our positions.

Super Mario breaks the seal! Photo and copyright Peter Knego 2008.

Super Mario opens the door. Photo and copyright Peter Knego 2008.

In time-honored tradition, Mario (the driver who has delivered five out of six of my containers) backed his truck in front of my very understanding neighbor’s driveway and parked. He wielded a special pair of cutters to snap through the metal and plastic security seals on the doors; otherwise, it takes a twenty minute frenzy of hack saws and hammers to break the contraptions. After ceremoniously handing the severed seals over, he swung open the two vast metal doors as an anxious audience awaited.

Pass The Pulitzer! Unloading a Cassina chair by design icon Gustavo Pulitzer-Finale from Incres Line’s MV VICTORIA. Photo and copyright Martin Cox 2008.

The 40 foot high cube was packed to its last cubic inch. A wide dresser from SS STATENDAM of 1957, two huge brass circular ceiling fixtures from MV VICTORIA/ANASTASIS
(1953) and four chairs by Cassina for Pulitzer from MV VICTORIA (1959) were the first visible objects. I climbed up a small step ladder to loosen the chairs and pass them on. Gradually, there was enough space for the workers to climb on board, untangle and unload a mountain of treasures from MV 33 ORIENTALES (1968), SS STELLA SOLARIS (1971), RMS IVERNIA/FRANCONIA (1955/1962), RMS WINDSOR CASTLE (1960), RMS TRANSVAAL CASTLE (1961), MV PRINSES PAOLA (1966), and more.

“Bubble” railing from MV 33 ORIENTALES (later CITY OF RHODOS) stairtower. Photo and copyright Peter Knego 2008.

Unloading…. Photo and copyright Martin Cox 2008.

Huge, heavy crates filled with a battalion of doors (some wooden, others brass or aluminum and glass) from MONTEREY (1956), IVERNIA (1955) and VICTORIA/ANASTASIS (1953) filled up the driveway. Some of us helped with the unloading as others pried the crates open, dusted the doors off, and stacked them in the garage. Chairs, tables, wood paneling and crates were dispatched to the back yard.

Tom Nicolai and Juanito with builder’s plates from MV VICTORIA (1953) and PRINSES PAOLA (1966). Photo and copyright Martin Cox 2008.

Shawn Dake models PRINCIPE PERFEITO (1961) sconce couture. Photo and copyright Martin Cox 2008.

Scott MacDonald and solid bronze with acid-etched glass door from entrance foyer of MV VICTORIA/ANASTASIS (1953). Photo and copyright Martin Cox 2008.

Acid-etched door detail from VICTORIA/ANASTASIS (1953). Photo and copyright Martin Cox 2008.

Lawns on either side of the wide driveway were filled with treasures and debris under gloomy skies that thankfully did not deliver on their promise of rain that afternoon.

Terra cotta on terra firma: table lamp from SS STELLA SOLARIS (1971). Photo and copyright Martin Cox 2008.

Handling Matson history: SS MONTEREY door detail. Photo and copyright Martin Cox 2008.

MONTEREY in Moorpark. Photo and copyright Martin Cox 2008.

Mounds of Munro: cabinets from FRANCONIA (1962 — foreground) and RMS WINDSOR CASTLE (1960 — background) by British designer Jean Munro. Photo and copyright Martin Cox 2008.

Chair remnant from Elder Dempster Line’s RMMV AUREOL, or, perhaps, a future Alang “installation” Contemporary Art component, as held by Kyle Johnstone. Photo and copyright Martin Cox 2008.

Uncertainty can often be followed by an IVERNIA Library cabinet. Photo and copyright Martin Cox 2008.

While most of the container was filled with items from recent Alang arrivals, namely the lovely 1953-built VICTORIA/ANASTASIS, there were treasures that missed prior containers from ships broken up three or four years prior, such as STELLA SOLARIS and IVERNIA/FRANCONIA. Finally, I had the Library cabinet to go with glass doors I took delivery of several containers ago, some long hidden light fixtures, and all sorts of crockery.

and Amy help with VICTORIA/ANASTASIS “oval window” door. Photo and copyright Martin Cox 2008.

Forward lounge door from VICTORIA/ANASTASIS with scalloped glass inset. Photo and copyright Martin Cox 2008.

Laying crates in the driveway. Photo and copyright Martin Cox 2008.

Unloaded! Photo and copyright Martin Cox 2008.

I may have gone overboard on doors with this alotment but VICTORIA/ANASTASIS had so many lovely ones to choose from!

Crystal crack from SS STELLA SOLARIS. Photo and copyright Martin Cox 2008.

VICTORIA/ANASTASIS cabin mirror epitaph. Photo and copyright Martin Cox 2008.

VICTORIA/ANASTASIS “key” door. Photo and copyright Martin Cox 2008.

Sideways: VICTORIA/ANASTASIS wood, lucite, and brass panel from forward dining room entryway. Photo and copyright Martin Cox 2008.

I never quite knew what the lucite panels at the entrance to the VICTORIA/ANASTASIS’ dining room were for but they were too interesting to pass up.

Dyslexia from MV ODESSA’s superstructure. Photo and copyright Martin Cox 2008.

Among the last things to come off some four hours after the container arrived, were the letters from the 1974-built MV ODESSA (ex COPENHAGEN).

Post traumatic living room disorder. Photo and copyright Peter Knego 2008.

Back yard: 23 May 2008. Photo and copyright Peter Knego 2008.

It’s not just the garage and back yard that fill up when a container arrives. The living and dining rooms usually get the delicate things, such as light fixtures and the glass insets from VICTORIA/ANASTASIS’ exquisite stairtower.

(Peter KnegO), D (Tom Nicolai), E (Martin Cox), (Shawn Dake), (Kyle JohnStone), A (Bruce Lyons). Photo and copyright Michael Masino 2008.

A better crew was never assembled, standing tall, if a bit sullied, at the end of a long day!

Very special thanks to: Bhagwan, Amy Blume, Tom Chirby, Martin Cox, Shawn Dake, Phil Fitter, Julia, Kyle Johnstone, Bruce Lyons, Scott MacDonald, Super Mario, Mike Masino, Tom Nicolai, Swift Freight, Kaushal Trivedi

Ocean Liner Fittings, Furniture and Art For Sale at MidShipCentury.com

Peter Knego Videos Link: ON THE ROAD TO ALANG and THE WORLD’s PASSENGER FLEET, Volume Nine

Updated: July 4, 2009

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