Quadruple Decked! NORWEGIAN EPIC, Part Two: Decks 19 to 14

The second of four pages in the comprehensive Decked! tour of NORWEGIAN EPIC covers the top deck areas, including the ship’s Aqua Park with its three massive water slides, the pools and sports deck facilities as well as the Garden Cafe, playroom and spa.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Dawning Of A New Norwegian Epoch: MV NORWEGIAN EPIC Sea Treks Blog by Peter Knego

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Forward Deck 19

Starboard Deck 19, facing aft.
Overlooking starboard Deck 18 from starboard Deck 19.
Aft from starboard Deck 19.

The starboard side of forward Deck 19 contains a sheltered sunning area in a similar configuration to that of the Posh Sun Deck on the port side, minus the wicker seating.

Forward Deck 18

Over bow from Deck 18.
Forward Deck 18, facing port.
Forward Deck 18, facing aft.

Vertiginously situated forward Deck 18 is formed in a U-shape around the Villa Courtyard area and enjoys shelter from high winds via glass windscreens.

Port Deck 18, facing aft.
Port Deck 18 from port Deck 19.

More sunning area for the non-Villa portion of the ship is available on the port side, although this area is “overlooked” by the Posh Sun Deck in Villa territory.

Aft from aft/starboard forward Deck 18. Photo and copyright Rob Di Stefano 2010.

Aft Deck 18

Facing forward from upper slide platform.

Aft Deck 18 is the top of the platform leading to the Epic Plunge, a slide that begins with a 200 foot long tube exiting into a vortex where centrifugal force keeps the participant spinning for several loops until being dropped into a drain. Two other slides, accessed from lower parts of the same platform, also slink their way through the ship’s vast Aqua Park.

Deck 17 Sports Complex

Facing forward from aft/port Deck 17 Sports Complex.
Funnels from aft Deck 17 Sports Complex.
Facing forward from starboard Aft Deck 17 Sports Complex.
Aft Deck 17 Sports Complex, facing starboard.
Aft Deck 18 Sports Complex, facing forward from starboard.

In addition to its impressive views, the netted-in portion of the Sports Complex on Aft Deck 17 features a full-sized basketball court, volleyball, soccer, dodge ball and a batting cage.

Facing forward from aft starboard Aft Deck 17 Sports Complex.
Bungee jump, facing port from aft Deck 17 Sports Complex.

The Sports Complex also contains a bungee trampoline suspended between the ship’s aft exhaust vents and the 24 foot tall Spider Web, an enclosed climbing cage.

Over stern from Aft Deck 17 Sports Complex.

From the Sports Complex, there is a nice view over the terraced stern of the ship, which includes Spice H2O, an adults-only complex accommodating 250 passengers. Music and an oversize LED screen entertain sun-worshippers by day and live performances are held here at night. During my two night cruise, this area was off-limits in preparation for the Macy’s 4th of July festivities.

Deck 16

Facing aft from port Deck 16 Sun Deck.
Nocturnal view from port Deck 16, facing aft.
Facing aft from starboard Deck 16 Sun Deck.

Deck 16 begins at the base of the Villa Complex with sun decks on either side overlooking the Aqua Park, which features two pools, five whirlpools and water fountains that illuminate at night.

Pools, facing port from Deck 16 Sun Deck.
Courtyard Spa complex, facing forward from starboard Deck 16.

Promenades continue aft on either side, leading to the children’s pool and Splash and Play Zone.

Slides from starboard Deck 16.
Slides from starboard Deck 16.
Funnel from starboard Deck 16.
Facing forward from aft/starboard Deck 16.

The aft portion of Deck 16 provides access to the slide platform and rock climbing/rappeling wall.

Facing aft from aft/starboard Deck 16.
Entourage, facing forward.

In the aft portion of starboard Deck 16, there is an “adult-free” teen center and club called Entourage, containing video games, air hockey, five flat screen televisions and various other distractions.

Deck 15

Garden Cafe entrance, facing forward.
Garden Cafe buffet, facing forward/port.
Garden Cafe, facing forward from port.
Garden Cafe, facing starboard from forward.

23,511 square feet of prime, forward-facing Deck 15 has been allotted to the NORWEGIAN EPIC’s 728 seat Garden Cafe. Beautifully laid out with plenty of space between well-situated “action stations” (seafood, pasta, pizza, soup, salads, ethnic specialties, burgers and desserts), this casual eatery is decorated in “English country garden conservatory” style. There is a separate area with special seating for children.

Glass-enclosed elevator from port Deck 15.

Just aft of the Garden Cafe adjoining the Aqua Park is the 8,716 square foot Great Outdoors Restaurant, a staple on NCL ships since the advent of the SS NORWAY in 1980. An additional 364 passengers can be seated here under shaded canopies. Two outdoor buffet counters offer further food selections.

Waves Pool Bar, facing forward/port.

The Waves Pool Bar seats 22 in the shelter of the port Deck 16 overhang. A large bandstand and dancefloor area is just aft, promising to keep this area of the ship alive, pulsatingly loud and somewhat hectic throughout the day and most of the evening.

Facing forward from midships/port Deck 15.

Various fountains add a festive flair to the Aqua Park pool area.

Funnel from port Deck 15.
Aft Deck 15 children's pool, facing forward.

The three slides terminate in the aft portion of the Aqua Park, which is also home to its own dedicated children’s area, the Splash and Play Zone.

Funnels from aft/starboard Deck 15.
Rock Climbing Wall from aft/starboard Deck 15.

Accessed from aft Decks 15 and 16, the EPIC’s Rock Climbing Wall is 33 feet tall and 64 feet wide. It is adjoined by the first sea-going rappeling wall.

Aft Deck 15, facing aft.
Starboard Deck 15, facing forward.
Deck 15 terminus for purple slide.

Sunning area continues aft on either side of the funnels to Spice H2O.

Entourage steps, facing up from Deck 15.
Video Games Room, facing forward.

A video games room is located on aft/port Deck 15, just underneath Entourage.

Deck 14

La Cucina, facing starboard.
La Cucina, facing starboard from center. Photo and copyright Rob Di Stefano 2010.

Forward Deck 14 begins with the 182 seat La Cucina extra tariff Tuscan-style eatery overlooking the bow. Accessed from the forward portion of the Garden Cafe, the 3,831 square foot restaurant commands a $10 cover charge.

Recess Kid's Crew entrance, facing forward/port.
Recess Kid's Crew, facing aft.
Recess Kid's Crew central playing area, facing aft.
Recess Kid's Crew computer room.
Recess Kid's Crew playroom.

Accessed via the forward Deck 14 vestibule, Recess Kid’s Crew is situated near a cluster of the ship’s family-friendly adjoining staterooms. 2 through 9 year olds have their own air hockey table, interactive light-up dancefloor, Wii, arts and crafts room and surround sound cinema. 10 through 12 year olds have their own Wii and Playstation areas as well as a karaoke/cinema.

Fitness Center, facing forward.
Gymnastics Room, facing forward.
Spinning Room.

The NORWEGIAN EPIC’s vast Fitness Center is located just forward of the aft Deck 14 vestibule. It has a huge variety of cardio and weight training equipment, some free weights, various stretching and gymnastic areas, spinning and aerobics rooms and more.

Beauty Salon, facing forward.

The Beauty Salon is located just aft of the gym on the port side of the Mandara Spa Entrance Lobby on Aft Deck 14.

Mandara Spa Entrance Lobby, facing aft.
Mandara Spa -- women's changing area.
Mandara Spa -- men's relaxation room.

The Mandara Spa features separate men’s and women’s changing facilities as well as numerous treatment rooms (including Botox and teeth whitening).

Thermal Suite, facing forward.
Totally Random Thermal Suite Detail.
Thermal Suite whirlpool, facing forward.

A unisex Thermal Suite includes a large whirlpool.

Thermal Suite verandah, facing port.

The very aft portion of Deck 14 is the open relaxation terrace adjacent to the Thermal Suite.

End Of NORWEGIAN EPIC Quadruple Decked!, Part Two:  Decks 19 to 14

Norwegian Cruise Line

Dawning Of A New Norwegian Epoch: MV NORWEGIAN EPIC Sea Treks Blog by Peter Knego

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