QUEEN ELIZABETH Triple Decked!, Part Two: Decks 8 to 1


Top to Bottom Tour, Part Two: Decks 8 through 1

The second installment in this Triple Decked! feature, Peter Knego’s highly illustrated photo tour of Cunard Line’s brand new QUEEN ELIZABETH, covers all the public areas on Decks 8 to 1. Accommodation and more details to follow in Part Three soon…

Cunard Line

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Deck 8

This level begins with the wheelhouse and chart room and continues with accommodation (most categories will be featured in part three of QUEEN ELIZABETH Triple Decked!).

Deck 7

This level is devoted entirely to accommodation.

Deck 6

This level is devoted entirely to accommodation.

Deck 5

Facing aft from Deck 5 platform.

Forward Deck 5 has an open platform that is generally only available for crew access.

Forward Deck 5, facing starboard.
Over bow from Deck 5.

Just inside the superstructure, another full deck of accommodation follows.

Aft Deck 5 Lobby, facing aft.

The QUEEN ELIZABETH’s aft Deck 5 vestibule is typical of the ship’s decor with its rich wood tones and patterned carpeting.

Deck 4


Deck 4 begins at the open fo’c’sle head, another area restricted to crew access. From here, there is a good view of the QUEEN ELIZABETH’s face, which is “crowned” with the Sports Court enclosure. Aft of the crew lounge, this level is also devoted solely to accommodation.

Deck 3

Royal Court Theater, facing forward from Deck 3.

Deck 3, which is entirely devoted to public rooms, begins with the uppermost level of the 830 seat Royal Court Theater. The triple deck venue is inspired by London’s West End theaters and has box seating that can be reserved for $25 per person, including back stage access to meet the 21 member cast of the Queen Elizabeth Theater Company, champagne, canapes and other sundries.

Royal Arcade, facing aft from Deck 3.

The Royal Arcade shopping gallery, a soaring two deck hall filled with shops, follows the Royal Court Theater.

Royal Arcade, facing forward from starboard.

Jewels, haute couture, souvenirs and more are available in a balcony of boutiques.

Royal Arcade, facing forward from Deck 3.

The centerpiece of the Royal Arcade is the curved “Y” shaped staircase and the clock by Dent and Co., makers of Big Ben.

Queens Room, facing foward from Deck 3.

A Swarovski crystal chandelier level view of the 275 seat Queens Room follows via a long balcony and passageway on starboard Deck 3.

Art Gallery.

An Art Gallery begins on the balcony’s starboard side.

Cunard Gallery, facing aft.

Just beyond is the Cunarders Gallery, where classic prints of past Cunard Liners can be purchased.

Connexions 3, facing forward.

Cunard has three meeting rooms named Connexions. Connexions 2 and 3 are located on the port side of Deck 3, adjacent to the midships stairtower.

Connexions 2, facing port.

Both of these Connexions meeting rooms are directly across from the Cunarders Gallery.

Book Shop.

The popular Ocean Books bookshop is located on the starboard side, adjacent to the Cunarders Gallery and directly across from the upper level of the two deck Library. The Library will be illustrated from its Deck 2 perspective.

Card Room, facing aft.

Adjacent to the Library and aft on the port side, there is a nook with a view of the sea, followed by the Card Room.

Grand Staircase, facing aft.

The upper level of the Grand Lobby provides an excellent view of its soaring stairtower and the much-lauded David Linley marquetry panel of the first QUEEN ELIZABETH on its landing.

Midships Bar QUEEN ELIZABETH model.

On the starboard side, overlooking the Grand Lobby, is the 30 seat Midships Bar. Among its focal points are a large model of the first QUEEN ELIZABETH, Odeon/Deco style grillwork inspired by the first QUEENs ELIZABETH and MARY and…

Midships Bar panel and sconce.

a “transatlantic” mural inspired by the lofty Art Deco artwork in the first QUEEN MARY’s first class dining room.

Midships Bar, facing aft.

The crescent shaped bar, itself, is just aft of the Grand Lobby balcony and seats ten guests.

Midships Bar, facing forward.

More seating is tucked away in the aft portion of the Midships Bar.

Photo Gallery, facing aft.

From here, continuing further aft, there is the Images photo gallery on the starboard side.

Britannia Restaurant, facing aft from Deck 3.

Deck 3 concludes with the upper level entrance and balcony of the 872 seat Britannia Restaurant, the QUEEN ELIZABETH’s main traditional dining venue. Its grand staircase and oversized sconces are reminiscent of similar features on classic liners like the ILE DE FRANCE, QUEEN MARY and NORMANDIE.

Deck 2

Royal Arcade stairs, facing fwd/up from Deck 2.
Royal Arcade, facing forward from Deck 2.

The mid level of the Royal Court Theater is followed on Deck 2 by the lower level of the Royal Arcade.

Golden Lion Pub, facing aft.

On the starboard side of the Arcade is the 109 seat Golden Lion Pub.

Golden Lion Pub bar.

A long bar is located in its forward inboard portion.

Golden Lion Pub, facing forward.

The pub offers a variety of beers and ales and also is where Cunard’s pub lunch is served, featuring fish and chips, cottage pie and other traditional British dining fare. The room is also used for quizzes, games and other types of entertainment.

Casino, facing aft.

On the port side of the Royal Arcade, directly across from the Golden Lion, is the Empire Casino.

Casino Bar, facing port.

The Casino has a bar in its aft portion.

Queens Room, facing forward from Deck 2.

One of the loftiest spaces on the QUEEN ELIZABETH, the 275 seat Queen’s Room is considered the social center of the ship and is where one would take tea, attend a gala cocktail party and dance atop a marquetry dance floor underneath two hovering Swarovski crystal chandeliers.

Library, facing port/aft.

QUEEN ELIZABETH continues what QUEEN VICTORIA started in the form of a double deck Library with a spiral staircase.

Library, facing starboard/aft.

Located on the port side of the ship, just aft of the midships stairs and on the second level overlooking the Grand Lobby, the Library has two full time librarians who oversee its 6,000 volume collection.

Verandah Restaurant, facing aft.

Aft of the Library on the port side, there is the extra tariff 90 seat Verandah Restaurant.

Verandah Restaurant, facing forward.

WIth a “farm to plate” French-inspired menu overseen by Chef Jean-Marie Zimmerman, it is Cunard’s modern nod to the Verandah Grills on the first QUEENs.

Verandah Restaurant Bar, facing port.

The Verandah Restaurant has its own bar where guests can linger for a before or after dinner imbibement.

Grand Lobby, facing forward from staircase landing.
Cafe Carinthia, facing aft.

Meanwhile, on the port side overlooking the Grand Lobby, there is the 75 seat Cafe Carinthia.

Cafe Carinthia, facing forward.

Extra tariff specialty coffees and teas are available here, as well as pastries and gourmet sandwiches.

Britannia Club Restaurant, facing aft.

From Cafe Carinthia, a gallery leads aft along the starboard side of the ship past the 84 seat Britannia Club Restaurant, which caters to guests in AA category cabins. It provides a single seating (6:30 to 9:00 PM) alternative to the larger Britannia Restaurant aft, which features two seatings.

Britannia Club Restaurant, facing forward.

The inboard partition of the Britannia Club Restaurant features attractive sand blasted glass panels with an ocean liner motif.

Britannia Restaurant, facing aft from Deck 2.

The QUEEN ELIZABETH’s largest dining venue is the 872 seat Britannia Restaurant.

Britannia Restaurant, facing forward from Deck 2.

Two seatings accommodate passengers for dinner at 6:00 and 8:30 PM. This space stretches all the way to the stern.

Deck 1

Connexions on Deck 1, facing starboard.

Deck 1 begins at the lowest level of the Royal Court Theater, continuing aft via a large block of accommodation. Midships and starboard, adjacent to the Grand Lobby and the ship’s reception area/entryway, there is the largest of the Connexions meeting rooms, Connexions 1.

Across from Connexions 1 on the port side is the Internet Center.

Grand Lobby, facing starboard from Deck 1.
Reception desk, facing forward.

On the port side, there is a large reception desk on the lowest level of the Grand Lobby.

Shore Excursions desk, facing forward.

On the starboard side, there is a Shore Excursions Desk. Deck 1 continues aft on the starboard side with a small block of accommodation.

End of QUEEN ELIZABETH Triple Decked!, Part Two.

Coming soon, Part Three will feature the new Cunarder’s accommodation and other details.

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