Crowds gathered at sunset on the aft decks of QUEEN MARY. Photo © Martin Cox March 3, 2011

Cunard Line’s QUEEN VICTORIA, departed the Port of Los Angeles last night on her on her Panama Canal voyage to Ft. Lauderdale, but not without stopping by to visit former Cunarder and icon QUEEN MARY.

Fireworks from beneath the funnels and from the rock wall surrounding the QUEEN MARY it up the night sky. Photos © Martin Cox March 3, 2011

A large crowd gathered on the decks of QUEEN MARY in Long Beach, CA  as QUEEN VICTORIA approached from the sister port of Los Angeles. The QUEEN VICTORIA drew close to the 1936 liner and was treated to a fireworks display while both ships traded whistle blasts.

A view from Long Beach as the ships salute. Photo © Peter Knego, March 3, 2011



Martin Cox

Martin Cox

MARTIN COX - Founder and publisher of MaritimeMatters, inspired by maritime culture and technology growing up in the port of Southampton. He works as a photographer in Los Angeles, and his works has been exhibited in LA, San Francisco, New York, London and Iceland.Martin is the co-writer of the book “Hollywood to Honolulu; the story of the Los Angeles Steamship Company” published by the Steam Ship Historical Society of America. The Los Angeles Maritime Museum has commissioned artworks and collected his photographs.
Martin Cox

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