LEISURE WORLD (ex SKYWARD, etc.) Decked!, Part Three



528 feet long
74 feet wide
15,853 gross tons
Built by AG Weser (hull number 942)
942 passengers
250 crew
Powered by MAN Diesels that produce 17,380 bhp
twin screw
16 knot service speed

All Photos by and copyright Peter Knego 2012 unless otherwise noted.

Rainbow Deck (6th Floor)

LEISURE WORLD, Paradise Lounge, facing starboard.

Retaining its original NCL name, Rainbow Deck begins with the Paradise Lounge, the ship’s showroom. Slightly terraced, thanks to pronounced sheer in this part of the ship, the room has full-length windows that are usually obscured by thick curtains.

LEISURE WORLD, totally random Showroom carpet shot.

Furnishing in the Paradise Lounge may be left over from the NCL era but some of the soft fittings appear to have been added in recent years.


During our visit, the Paradise Lounge afternoon show consisted of a life jacket demonstration and a band that backed three young singers who performed Chinese pop songs.

SKYWARD etched glass panel.

Quite possibly the most elegant work of art on the ship is the etched glass panel of a caravelle dating from the SKYWARD era, located at the starboard entrance to the Paradise Lounge. It is signed by Knut Yran, E. Andersen and T. Gustavsen.

LEISURE WORLD Rainbow Deck foyer, facing aft.

An information desk for New Century Cruise Line’s high rollers is located in the forward Rainbow Deck foyer. A large slot room follows in what was originally the SKYWARD’s Pot O’Gold Casino.

LEISURE WORLD Restaurant, facing forward.
LEISURE WORLD Restaurant buffet.

LEISURE WORLD’s Restaurant, an original SKYWARD venue, is located adjacent to the galley at the aft end of Rainbow Deck. Chinese buffets are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a nominal charge with stations located in the forward and center parts of the room.

LEISURE WORLD table setting.

The LEISURE WORLD’s simple but pleasant restaurant features picture windows on either side.

Fresh squeezed orange juice.

The chef prepared a wonderful lunch for us, beginning with fresh-squeezed orange juice…

Garlic bread spread.

…and a massive plate of crispy garlic bread.

Chicken and veggie soup.

The chicken and fresh vegetable soup was piping hot and delicious.

Rooster plate entrée.

Our main course was a lavishly presented combination of fish, potatoes, lobster, shrimp, almonds, scallops and baby squid.

Fruit dessert.

In addition to a plate of fresh fruits, we were able to select some baked goods from the buffet for our dessert.

Atlantic Deck (5th Floor)

LEISURE WORLD Lobby dragon.

Atlantic Deck is devoted to standard outside and inside cabins for overnight guests who can purchase a room for a nominal fee. The Reception area is adjacent to the forward stairtower.

LEISURE WORLD Gift Shop, facing aft.
LEISURE WORLD Gift Shop, facing forward.

The Gift Shop follows Reception, featuring clothing and sundries on the starboard side and snacks, coffee and soft drinks on the port side. Atlantic Deck continues aft with a video arcade and standard cabin accommodation.

Biscayne Deck (4th Floor)

LEISURE WORLD, Cabin 3365, facing port.

Biscayne Deck is largely devoted to passenger accommodation. SKYWARD’s cabins were relatively compact by today’s standards but perfectly adequate for the ship’s current role.


Tiled cabin bathrooms feature sink, toilet and a small shower.

LEISURE WORLD Cabin 539, facing starboard.

And here is a very basic inside cabin.

LEISURE WORLD Gym, facing port.

On the aft/port side of Biscayne Deck, there is a small gymnasium that is predominantly used by the ship’s crew.

Caribbean Deck (3rd Floor)

Caribbean Deck features more standard cabins, the embarkation lobby and a slot machine room.

At leisure on the LEISURE WORLD.

After lunch, we had a couple hours to meander the non-casino areas, before taking a brief siesta in the comfort of Tropicana Deck.

Portholes in perspective.

At 5:00, we gathered our passports from the Caribbean Deck foyer and bid good-bye to the former SKYWARD.

Ferry litter.

Astonishingly, a local vendor selling soft drinks on the ferry collected passengers’ empties only to hurtle them over the side of the vessel. This would appear to be in direct conflict with New Century’s environmental policies.

Leaving LEISURE.

After a short wait, the ferry sped off at a brisk pace for Batam, providing the perfect parting shot of the LEISURE WORLD.

Back to Batam.

When we arrived in the small harbor, the tide had receded, exposing Batam’s intertidal zone.

Singapore sunset.

Just over an hour after departing LEISURE WORLD, the next ferry had returned us to Singapore.

End of LEISURE WORLD Decked!

Special thanks: Marek Amielanczyk, Jonathan Boonzaier, Martin Cox, Captain Igor, Michael Masino

2013 Passenger Ships Desk Calendar by Peter Knego


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