New COSTA CONCORDIA Wreck Removal Website Unveiled

Entering Giglio, photo © Peter Knego October 21, 2012

On November 9th, Costa Cruises provided the following press release relating to a new website where interested parties can follow the day-by-day progress to remove the wreck of the COSTA CONCORDIA from the island of Giglio where the ship ran aground and capsized on January 13, 2012.   The direct link to the home page is found at

A great deal of additional information is available by navigating around the website under a variety of subheadings, including “Environment,” “The Project,” and “Equipment”, among others.  The following is the text of the release:

“Costa Cruises, in partnership with Titan/Micoperi, launched a website today that provides a wealth of information and images relating to the Costa Concordia wreck-removal project at

“Parbuckling” is the technical term for the process of rotating the wreck into an upright position — one of the most complex and crucial phases of the removal plan.

The site is available in both Italian and English (though some parts are only available in Italian), and provides a reference resource for journalists and anyone interested in learning more about the monumental and unprecedented technical challenge.

The site’s main features include background information about the project and the companies involved, up-to-date news, multimedia assets including videos, 3-D animations and pictures; thematic insights and technical details.

The removal plan is an extremely dynamic operation, so the website will be constantly updated to reflect the different phases of the plan and covering the future timetable and workflows.”

Maritime Matters has been closely following the COSTA CONCORDIA disaster from the beginning as it was happening and will continue to provide factual reporting as any new developments occur.

In a related story, Costa Crociere has appointed Beniamino Maltese as senior vice president and chief financial officer.  Hailing from Genoa, Mr. Maltese has been with Costa since 1981 when it was still in its heyday as a family run company.  He took on the role of financial director in 1992 and largely oversaw the transition from a private firm to one of the largest members of the Carnival Corporation family of companies.  In 2008, he also served as chief financial officer of the Spanish branch, Iberocruceros under the Costa Crociere group.

Shawn Dake

Shawn Dake

Shawn J. Dake, freelance travel writer and regular contributor to MaritimeMatters, worked in tourism and cruise industry for over 35 years.  A native of Southern California, his first job was as a tour guide aboard the Queen Mary.  A frequent lecturer on ship-related topics he has appeared on TV programs.  Owner of Oceans Away Cruises & Travel agency, he served as President of the local Chapter of Steamship Historical Society of America.  With a love of the sea, he is a veteran of 115 cruises.
Shawn Dake

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