And Away They Go…Updated, Again!

The latest batch of classic cruise ship on their final, often unpredictable journeys to the scrappers.

MV PACIFIC (ex SEA VENTURE, PACIFIC PRINCESS) at Genoa in 2010.  Photo © Peter Knego 2010.
MV PACIFIC (ex SEA VENTURE, PACIFIC PRINCESS) at Genoa in 2010. Photo © Peter Knego 2010.

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April 4, 2013 Update: PACIFIC remains in Genoa tied up in behind-the-scenes issues that could continue delaying her departure. Meanwhile, the 1971-built VENUS (ex SOUTHWARD, SEAWING, PERLA, RIO) departed under tow from Ashdod, Israel and arrived at Aliaga on Thursday, March 28. This came as a surprise to many as there were plans for a Turkish summer charter of the ship. This sad occasion marks the first member of the purpose-built trio of “wedge” ships for NCL to be scrapped. A full report from Aliaga will be coming soon.

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MV VENUS at Aliaga. Photo and copyright Peter Knego 2013.

Also, ATLANTIC STAR (ex FAIRSKY, SKY PRINCESS, etc.) is due to arrive at Aliaga today. Apparently, her Indian owners resold the ship for scrap in Turkey.

Louis Cruises’ 1967-built CALYPSO (ex CANGURO VERDE) has also just arrived at Alang under the name CALY.

Update: Although due in Turkey this week, PACIFIC is still in Genoa as of midnight March 21/22, 2013. I (Peter) just flew over the shipyard and she is at the same berth she was at during my visit last May.

A sadly synchronous procession of vintage ships is once again off to the breakers. Finally, PACIFIC (ex PACIFIC PRINCESS) is due to leave moorings at Genoa and is expected at Aliaga, Turkey, this week. Three vintage Greek ferries will be joining her. Meanwhile, the long-laid up ATLANTIC STAR (ex FAIRSKY), the last major steam-powered cruise ship, has departed Marseilles under tow with destination “Suez” listed. It would appear the troubled ship is heading to Alang. She will be followed by Louis Cruises’ CALYPSO (ex CANGURO VERDE), which was sold last month to Argo Systems, the same entity that scrapped noteworthy ships like MARIANN VI (ex AUREOL), MARIANN 9 (ex PRINCIPE PERFEITO), EXPLORER (ex GENERAL W.P. RICHARDSON) and BIG RED BOAT II (ex EUGENIO C). Further, there are reports that the former Hurtigruten liner KONG OLAV, long laid up in Burma, will be heading to Alang after attempts to preserve her were finally abandoned.

Peter Knego

Peter Knego

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