PAUL GAUGUIN In Paradise, Part Three

Peter Knego continues his latest trek aboard Paul Gauguin Cruises’ intimate MV PAUL GAUGUIN with an overnight in spectacular Bora Bora.

Paul Gauguin Cruises

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

106-pgoutrigger copy
PAUL GAUGUIN versus the outrigger at Bora Bora.

After breakfast, as an outrigger surfed our wake, I joined a small group of fellow journalists for the 9:30 AM tender. From Bora Bora’s Viatape landing, we would be shuttled off to the four star Bora Bora Intercontinental Le Moana resort for a property tour.

006-lemoana copy
La plage at Le Moana.

Pacific Beachcomber S.C. owns Paul Gauguin Cruises and two Intercontinental Resorts on Bora Bora, among other properties in French Polynesia. Since the ship spends two days in Bora Bora, guests can opt to purchase a day pass to enjoy the beaches and restaurants or even stay overnight at a property of their choice. Further, these hotels are often booked in conjunction with a PAUL GAUGUIN sailing for pre- and post-cruise stays. Located on Bora Bora’s Matira Point, Le Moana’s rates range from $500 to $800 per night and it boasts one of the highest-rated beaches in the world.

110-thalassoview copy
View from Thalasso Intercontinental.

After our tour, we were off to the five star Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort and Thalasso Spa. Guests staying at Le Moana and Thalasso can tender between the facilities in each of the hotels for a nominal charge.

111-saarinenstarckinthalasso copy
Saarinen and company at the Thalasso.

The Thalasso has a chic luxury sensibility versus the more relaxed tiki stylings of Le Moana. The slightly more upscale Thalasso also has an eclectic lounge furnished with some spectacular original Midcentury Starck and Saarinen fittings.

005-thalasso copy
Thalasso suite living room.

Rates for a room at the Thalasso range from $800 to $1,000 per night and many of its over-water bungalows are angled for an optimal view of Mt. Otemanu, which forms an almost symmetrical spire from the hotel’s vantage.

113-thalassochapel copy
Thalasso chapel versus Otemanu.

Bora Bora is considered one of the world’s great romantic get-aways and the Thalasso is a much sought-after setting for weddings, vow renewals and commitment ceremonies.

112-thalassochapelview copy
Thalasso wedding chapel.

Inside the chapel, there are views of Otemanu and the reef, which is directly underfoot.

114-pksmoanahut copy
My home for a night at Le Moana.
004-lemoana copy
Le Moana suite bedroom.

After lunch at the Thalasso, we were off again to Le Moana for a night’s stay in one of its beachside bungalows.

115-pkhammock copy
Feet up at Le Moana.

In the late afternoon, I snorkeled around the lagoon, swam in the infinity pool, then put my feet up on a hammock for a quick rest.

117-otemanuandbungalows copy
Overwater bungalows at Le Moana.

Over my shoulder, there was a glorious view of Le Moana’s overwater bungalows and Mt. Otemanu.

007-lemoana copy
Buffet at Le Moana.

Le Moana hosts a gorgeous nightly buffet dinner with fresh fish as well as local and international specialties.

008-lemoana copy
Le Moana Polynesian dance.

During dinner, there is also a spectacular Polynesian cultural show in the courtyard. Afterwards, as our host confided, most guests have chosen the romantic get-away for private time in their bungalows.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

009-zodiac copy
Le Moana wake.
001-journozodiac copy
Zodiac thriller. Photo by Vanessa Bloy.

After breakfast, we were off on a zodiac for a scenic ride around Bora Bora.

107-otemanu copy
Otemanu 1.
109-otemanu copy
Otemanu 2.
002-otemanu4 copy
Otemanu 3.
003-otemanu5 copy
Otemanu 4.
004-otemanu6 copy
Otemanu 5 (Mt. Pahia).

We clung to our hats and held on tight, buzzing the alternating turquoise and cerulean lagoon waters as the backdrop of Mt. Otemanu and its sister peak, Mt. Pahia, morphed into a variety of shapes.

005-lavpasta copy
Parmesan with a dash of pasta underneath.

Back on board the glorious PAUL GAUGUIN, I sated myself with some linguini with pomodoro sauce (with extra garlic and chili) and an Otemanu-esque mound of Parmesan.

118-oliveoils copy
Olive oils in Le Veranda.

And, back at the salad bar with its fresh ingredients and a selection of pungent olive oils and vinegars, a verdant salad was born.

119-boraboramotu copy
Bora Bora motu and PAUL GAUGUIN landing craft.

But we were not quite finished with Bora Bora. While anchored, PAUL GAUGUIN offers tender service not only to the port of Viatape (every 30 mins.) but to a beautiful motu via its beach landing craft (every hour). I’m so happy I brought along my snorkeling gear as this visit yielded the clearest waters seen thus far and some splendid marine life in its coral formations.

006-motuvolleyball copy
Volley motu.
007-paulbranch copy
Branches of GAUGUIN.

For those so inclined, the motu also has a volleyball court and plenty of sand and shade to lay a towel down and soak in the unparalleled view.  But there are no “facilities” here, so do plan accordingly.

120-pgatborabora copy
PAUL GAUGUIN versus Bora Bora.

On the return to the ship, the lighting was perfect, so I was able to capture the PAUL GAUGUIN in one of her most impressive settings, framed by the sawtooth-edged greenery of Tahia and Otemanu.

085-pgcarrotcake copy
Teatime carrot cake.

Not that I needed it, but I could not resist a slice of carrot cake (not to mention a handful of freshly baked macadamia nut cookies) and a pot of green tea in Le Grill . I glazed out at the pool area in a sugar-induced stupor, wondering if this was all a dream.

121-santarosa copy
Santa Rosa sings by the pool.

As PAUL GAUGUIN secured her tenders, sealed up her marina and hoisted anchor, Santa Rosa played a wistfully nostalgic set of tunes by the pool, including the Bee Gees nuggets, “New York Mining Disaster 1941” and “To Love Somebody”, some Mamas and Papas, The Beach Boys and more.

122-pooltoborabora copy
Bora Bora wake.

And then, with little fanfare, the PAUL GAUGUIN spun majestically around and glided silently out of Bora Bora, Otemanu shrinking gradually into the horizon.

096-pgpromenade copy
Deck 5 promenade, facing forward.

I never had a chance to play shuffleboard or linger for long on the teak-lined Deck 5 promenades but they were so nice to behold as PAUL GAUGUIN made her way into the South Pacific.

P1770900 copy
Apryl from Laguna.

My already high expectations were exceeded by the PAUL GAUGUIN’s staff and crew. All gratuities are included in the cruise fare, so the smiles and attention to detail did not come with any sort of strings attached. Throughout the week, they did their very best with an eagerness to please and a sense of pride — and no one did it better than my sweet cabin attendant, Apryl from Laguna, Philippines.

124-pgletoilechicken copy
Chicken entrée in L’Etoile.

After drinks in La Palette, it was so nice to enjoy the air conditioned comfort and soaring splendor of L’Etoile one more time. I went with the cream of cauliflower soup, a wonderful beet salad (that did not photograph well in the dim light), a fish-shaped chicken entrée and coconut confection for dessert.

010-pianoman copy
Movie themes in the Grand Salon.

The mainstage entertainment in the Grand Salon featured Dan Murphy masterfully playing a piano to clips from classic movies. The Talented Mr. Murphy is the pianist in the aptly named Piano Bar and also one of the dive team staff in the marina.

On this journey, the sights we had been savoring just seemed to be getting ever more spectacular with each day, so the bar was set very high for Moorea as PAUL GAUGUIN made her course some 150 nautical miles to the southwest. Shortly after my face hit the pillows in cabin 601, moderate seas did their best to remind us that French Polynesia is still in the midst and at the mercy of the vast and powerful Pacific Ocean.

End of PAUL GAUGUIN In Paradise, Part Three

Much More to Come…

With Special Thanks:  Vanessa Bloy, Martin Cox, Captain Ante-Toni Mirkovic, Nelson Trinidade


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