Aegean Odyssey On The ORIENT QUEEN, Part Two

Peter Knego continues his classic seven night journey from Piraeus to the Greek Islands and Turkey aboard Louis Cruises’ ORIENT QUEEN, the former NCL STARWARD, with an overnight in beautiful Mykonos.

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

149-cookingdemo copy
Vangelis cooking demo.

A glorious day plying southward in the Aegean Sea began with a cooking demonstration in Stars, hosted by Vangelis Driskas, a well known Greek celebrity chef who is featured on several Greek television shows. Among the specialties he demonstrated were a tomato-infused shrimp and a pork saganaki.

152-gyrosatthehorizoncourt copy
Gyros station.
153-gyrosatsea copy
Gyros at sea!

Appetite stirred, I was elated to find handmade chicken gyros being served in the Horizon Court. I devoured the first one within seconds and returned for another, which I slowly savored from the perspective of the port Deck 6 promenade, watching the seas unfold.

150-tablebythepool copy
Table for two by the pool…

Even after two gyros, I was still a bit hungry, so decided to try lunch in the Mermaid at a nice two top table alongside the pool.

154-dolmathes copy
Grape leaves!

The grape leaves were succulent, tender and fast-disappearing…

155-favabeansoup copy
Fava bean soup.

…and the tangy fava bean soup was not long for the world.

156-gnoccipesto copy

By the time the pesto-drenched gnocci arrived, I should have called it quits but the aromas of parmesan and olive oil compelled me to eat, eat, eat…

126-orientqueengoldfish copy
Goldfish in Reflections.

Instead of hiding out in my cabin and writing up blogs, I decided to bring the “office” upstairs to the Reflections Lounge, aka the room with the giant fish tanks, where I could enjoy a cappuccino and vicariously participate in a variety of activities hosted by the ship’s animators (assistant cruise directors).

157-origami copy

The first was an origami lesson, a most unusual offering on a Greek ship in the Aegean but why not?

158-greeklanguageclass copy
Greek to me.

Next came a Greek language lesson. Definitely more practical than origami but challenging after the first two or three words…

171-veggiecarving copy
Veggie carving.

And then there was the classic veggie carving demo, which was actually pretty impressive.

172-greekdancing copy
Greek dancing.

By the time the Greek dancing began, my laptop was in need of a recharge and we were nearing Mykonos.

P1960625 copy
Approaching Mykonos.
P1960637 copy
Windy Tourlos.

The Meltemi, those legendary, omnipotent winds that descend upon Mykonos and the Cyclades Islands, were stirring the seas for our arrival. Even the much larger DISNEY MAGIC had to use her thrusters to help secure her to her berth at Tourlos.

159-wingovermykonos copy
Wind over wing at Tourlos, Mykonos.
160-captainkostasgritselis copy
“All secured, thank you!” Captain Gritzelis in command.

Sipping an iced coffee beverage, the captain calmly gauged the situation and slowly but expertly maneuvered the ORIENT QUEEN into her slot at Tourlos. Task finished, he thanked the staff for a job well-done and even waved thanks to the linesmen ashore.

161-moonovermamamia copy
Moon over Mama Mia’s.

After dinner, I rode the shuttle bus from Tourlos into Mykonos town and began my search for an internet cafe. My first and only stop was Mama Mia’s, which is right near the bus stop, friendly and reasonably priced. And no one is kinder than hostess Bessie, who regularly checked to see if I needed anything more than my huge bottle of water, honey-drenched baklava and one of the world’s most evocative views.

165-moonoveruptakes copy
From STARWARD to the moon!

Back on the ship, which would not depart until the following midnight, I headed up to gaze at the now full moon.

164-rubyprincessarrives copy

Meanwhile, the sparkling RUBY PRINCESS slowly made her approach, taking the slot vacated hours prior by DISNEY MAGIC.

Monday, June 24, 2013

166-mykonosdrive copy
Mykonos countryside.

Among the many excursions Louis offers in Mykonos is a transfer to Kalafatis Beach on the other side of the island. For a mere 16 Euros round trip, it beats a costly and not always dependable taxi and delivers you to a beach with cushioned deck chairs, parasols for shade and some of the prettiest waters in the world. The ride out there is interesting, encompassing a desert landscape, rocky peaks and the occasional goat farm.

167-mykonosbeach copy
Kalafatis Beach.

I learned from a trip to Paradise Beach several years ago that the water in Mykonos is incredibly cold, so spent the first couple hours in the shade, doing my best to relax and not think about deadlines. I must admit, it was fun to hear the shrieks as people dipped their feet in the frigid water for the first time. In the interim, I got the bill for the parasol and deck chair, which was a pretty reasonable $6.00 (he took American).

168-mykonosbeach copy
More beach.

After warming up in the sun, I braved the waters. Ar first, it was torture but then once I gave in, it was like swimming in liquid crystal. Just as I was getting used to the Greek version of “far niente”, it was time to go.

173-windowonmykonos copy
Window on Mykonos.

Back aboard ORIENT QUEEN, I did the usual eat, write and work out routine, then headed up to the top of the ship to await the arrival of LOUIS OLYMPIA. Unlike yesterday, the conditions were dead calm, almost too much so, since it was blazing hot and a little breeze would have been welcome.

174-orientqueenface copy
QUEEN face.

As the other Louis ship gradually encroached, the RUBY PRINCESS made a tandem exit with the CELEBRITY REFLECTION (which was at the anchorage).

P1960911 copy

Out on the foc’sle, I captured the backlit OLYMPIA slip effortlessly into the berth abandoned by the RUBY.

175-pollishedcaprails copy
Polished caps.

Those lovely mahogany caprails that had been stripped down a couple days prior were now glistening in coats of new varnish and ready to be refitted to Deck 8.

178-sidetobulg copy
Side bulb.

While in the area, I poked the camera through the hawsers and got a shot of the bulb, then headed up to dinner.

179-teakunique copy
Tip top teak.

I’ll close this Trek with a totally random teak deck shot, something I don’t usually get to do on those new megaships.

End Of Aegean Odyssey Aboard The ORIENT QUEEN, Part Two.

Much More To Come…

Very special thanks: Martin Cox, Nicholas Filippides, Captain Kostas Gritzelis, Captain George Koumpenas, Michalis Maratheftis, Petros Papadakos, Alexandros Papiyannis, Nic Spanoudes

Peter Knego

Peter Knego

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