ROYAL PRINCESS Christened — Live From The Scene!

Peter Knego reports from Southampton on the day of Princess Cruises’ brand new ROYAL PRINCESS christening by HRH The Duchess Of Cambridge.

Princess Cruises

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

003-royalpinvite copy
The official invite.

Climate trumps even the most skillfully planned event and this morning, I arose to a note in my cabin mailbox advising that if Southampton’s weather remained inclement, our media group would experience the naming ceremony via electronic proxy in the ROYAL PRINCESS’ Princess Live venue.

004-royalpcafeinternational copy
International Cafe, facing port.
005-royalpinternationalbreakfast copy
International Breakfast: yogurt parfait, double shot cappuccino and egg with cheese muffin sandwich.

I was off to the International Cafe for a dash of caffeine and a quick morning bite — an International (versus Continental) breakfast, if you will.

006-royalpprincesssketches copy
Princess portraits.

On the way back to my stateroom, I perused some truly remarkable sketches of the soon-to-be-ROYAL PRINCESS’ Godmother, HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, rendered by residents of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH), which the Duchess supports through her charity work.

007-royalppressconference copy
Press conference in Princess Live with Princess executives and ROYAL PRINCESS Captain Tony Draper.

At a morning press conference in Princess Live, we were advised to bundle up — the naming ceremony would take place al fresco, after all.

009-royalpcnnreporting copy
The broadcast media pool preps.

We filed into the terminal and were offered champagne, bucks fizzes and soft drinks before proceeding en masse to custom-built bleachers off the ship’s bow. Directly below us, television media huddled in a sea of microphones and camcorders.

010-royalpangles copy
Royal angles.

High above, officers peered through the angled windows of the ROYAL PRINCESS’ wheelhouse as her signal flags fluttered in the gusty winds.

011-royalpseawitchbottle copy
Sea witch atop Moet and Chandon?

A huge Nebuchadnezzar-size bottle of Moët & Chandon dangled off the ship’s bow, its corsage of blue and white ribbons billowing not entirely unlike the iconic Princess “sea witch” logo.

013-royalpfirstband copy
Pipe Band of the 1st Battalion Irish Guards.

As we settled in, the Pipers of the 1st Battalion of the Irish Guards piped their way between the bleachers and a podium filled with VIPs, including Princess President and CEO Alan Buckelew, Captain Tony Draper, Lady Sterling (of P&O) and others.

015-royalpsecondband copy
The Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Portsmouth.

The Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Portsmouth were the next to rhythmically stampede the dockside.

016-dutchessinred copy
Royal in the plumage.

And then, beyond a sea of festive hats and fascinators, HRH The Duchess of Cambridge arrived. LED screens projected her exiting a black SUV, looking resplendent in a snow leopard-patterned overcoat.

017-royallineup copy
Front Row, left to right: The Right Reverend Tim Dakin, Bishop of Winchester, Mrs. Buckelew, Alan Buckelew (Princess Cruises CEO) and HRH The Duchess of Cambridge.

The pretty-in-pregnant Godmother was led to the stage and seated.

018-natashabedingfield copy
Natasha Bedingfield performs “Unwritten”.
019-royallineup copy
Applause with a Royal touch.

Blond locks billowing, British pop singer Natasha Beddingfield took the stage and performed the title track of her 2004 Grammy-nominated album, “Unwritten”.

020-kerryellis copy
Kerry Ellis performs.

Next up was Kerry Ellis, the West End singing sensation, backed by Mass Ensemble, a troupe of kinetic musicians who perform with oversized instruments like the Earth Harp whose strings stretched well into the sky above our bleachers.

022-royalplatform copy
Captain Tony Draper leads the Duchess to the ribbon.

Alan Buckelew made a short welcome speech and then the ship was blessed by the Right Reverend Tim Dakin, Bishop of Winchester, just before Captain Tony Draper led the Duchess to the end of the podium.

025-royalflanksconfetti copy
Confetti on the flanks.
024-royalconfetti copy
A ship is born.

“I name this ship ROYAL PRINCESS. May God bless her and all who sail in her.” Within a nano-second, the ceremonial ribbon was severed, releasing the bottle, which splattered successfully into the ROYAL PRINCESS’ bow. Mission accomplished! The ship’s whistle blew and we were drenched in a downpour of blue and white confetti.

027-bottleneck copy
Bough to bow.
026-royalexit copy
Royal exit.

As the ribbon-festooned neck of the bottle dangled near its impact point, the Duchess was led off, vanishing back into a sea of onlookers. The ROYAL PRINCESS was now officially named.

028-royalpbollard copy
By the bollard.
029-royalpbowshot copy
MV ROYAL PRINCESS at Southampton.

Before returning to the ship, I wandered out to the end of the terminal for a few hurried photos of the ROYAL PRINCESS in her element.

Very special thanks: Julie Benson, Karen Candy, Martin Cox

Peter Knego

Peter Knego

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