Totally Random ROYAL! (Pre-Decking the ROYAL PRINCESS)

Peter Knego posts a random gallery of images taken during Princess Cruises’ ROYAL PRINCESS’ Southampton preview festivities.

Princess Cruises

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I’m holding off on the formal Sea Treks and Decked! blogs with a 141,000 gross ton ship to cover in the next few days. But while there is the opportunity to utilize a fast connection in the shoreside press room, I thought I’d post a slew of images taken yesterday evening and most of today, capturing the newest and largest addition to the Princess Cruises family.

Swirls from the orchestra are echoing across the terminal as rehearsals take place in the pavilion off the ship’s bow. Tomorrow, the ROYAL PRINCESS will officially be named there by HRH Catherine The Duchess of Cambridge in a gala ceremony. More on that and the spectacular ROYAL PRINCESS as time permits!

royalp-cabind507 copy
Deluxe Outside D507, facing starboard.
royalpaerobics copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Aerobics, facing aft/port.
royalpaftdeck19night copy
ROYAL PRINCESS, facing aft from Deck 19 nocturnal.
royalpaftfrondeck19 copy
ROYAL PRINCESS, facing aft from Deck 19.
royalpaftriumfaftfrombellinis copy
Piazza, facing aft from Deck 6.


royalpalfredos2 copy
Alfredo’s, facing forward.
royalpbellinis copy
Bellinis, facing forward.
royalpcasino copy
Casino, facing forward.
royalpcasinoswirl copy
Casino swirl, facing aft from Deck 6.
royalpcasinoswirl2 copy
Casino swirl, facing aft from Deck 7.
royalpcentercourtball copy
Center Court, facing aft.
royalpcentercourtfaft copy
Center Court, facing aft from Deck 19.
royalpcentercourtffwd copy
Center Court, facing forward from Deck 19.
royalpchefslumiere copy
Chef’s Table Lumiere, facing forward, Allegro Restaurant.
royalpcigar copy
Churchill’s facing starboard.
royalpclub6 copy
Club 6, facing aft.
royalpconciergelounge copy
Concierge Lounge, facing starboard.
royalpcrooners copy
Crooner’s Bar, facing forward.
royalpface copy
ROYAL face.
royalpfirstglance copy
First glance at Southampton.
royalpfwdfromdeck19 copy
Facing forward over Retreat Pool from Deck 19.
royalpgym copy
Gym, facing aft.
royalphorizonbistro copy
Horizon Grill, facing aft.
royalphorizoncourtffwd copy
Horizon Court, facing forward.
royalpinauguralsigns copy
Royal signage.
royalpinsidecabin copy
Inside Cabin.
royalpinternationalcafeparfait copy
International Cafe morning parfaits.
royalpinternet copy
Internet Cafe, facing aft.
royalploodispensers copy
En suite dispensers (bath gel and shampoo/conditioner).
royalpmidshipsfwd copy
Facing forward from midships Deck 18.
royalpminisuite copy
royalpminisuiteloo copy
Mini-suite loo.
royalpownerssuitebedroom copy
Owner’s Suite bedroom.
royalpownerssuiteloo copy
Owner’s Suite loo.
royalpownerssuitesitting copy
Owner’s Suite sitting area.
royalppiazzafaft copy
Piazza, facing aft from Deck 7.
royalppiazzaffwd copy
Piazza, facing forward from Deck 7.
royalppiazzaswirl copy
Flocks in the Piazza.
royalpplate copy
ROYAL plate.
royalpprincesstheater copy
Princess Theater, facing forward.
royalpprincesstheater2 copy
Princess Theater, facing forward/starboard.
royalpprincesstheater3 copy
Princess Theater, facing starboard.
royalpreception copy
Reception area, facing port.
royalpretreatpoolfaft copy
Retreat Pool, facing aft.
royalpsabatinis copy
Sabatini’s, facing forward.
royalpsabatinissetting copy
Sabatini’s setting.
royalpsanctuary copy
The Sanctuary, facing starboard.
royalpsanctuary2 copy
Sanctuary, facing aft from starboard.
royalpsanctuarycabana copy
Sanctuary cabana.
royalpseafood copy
Ocean Terrace, facing starboard.
royalpseaviewbar copy
Seaview Bar, facing forward.
royalpseawalkfaft copy
SeaWalk, facing aft.
royalpseawalkfunnel copy
Seawalk to funnel view.
royalpseawalkpavilion copy
SeaWalk to naming pavilion.
royalpspacouplestreatment copy
Spa Villa treatment room.
royalpspathermalsuite copy
Lotus Spa thermal suite.
royalpsymphonydr copy
Symphony Dining Room, facing forward.
royalpsymphonydralcove copy
Symphony Dining alcove, facing aft.
royalptreatmentroom copy
Lotus Spa treatment room.
royalpunderseawalkday copy
SeaWalk overhead.
royalpunderseawalknight copy
Under the SeaWalk.
royalpvistalounge copy
Vista Lounge, facing aft/port.
royaporb copy
Orbiting the Piazza.

Very Special Thanks: Julie Benson, Karen Candy, Martin Cox

Peter Knego

Peter Knego

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