ROYAL PRINCESS Triple Decked!!, Part Two

Peter Knego continues his Decked! top-to-bottom tour of Princess Cruises’ brand new 141,000 gross ton ROYAL PRINCESS. This installment takes a look at the suite and cabin accommodation and the expanded Piazza and its adjacent spaces.

Princess Cruises

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All photos by and copyright Peter Knego 2013 unless otherwise noted.

Suites and Staterooms

royalprincess-stairtower copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Forward Stairtower.

Sandwiched between the top deck areas and the three bottom decks of public spaces, ROYAL PRINCESS’ staterooms are situated on eight levels, from the forward portion of Deck 16 down to Deck 8 (note, there is no Deck 13 on Princess ships). Interestingly, although there are fore and aft stairtowers and 16 elevators for vertical access, ROYAL PRINCESS lacks a proper midships stairtower.

007-royalpcabinpassage copy
Princess passage.

ROYAL PRINCESS boasts a total of 1,780 staterooms, a remarkable 1,438 of which feature balconies (there are no ocean view without balcony staterooms).


There are a total of 36 suites, all of which come with extra perks, including breakfast at Sabatini’s, an enhanced in-cabin room service menu, access to the Concierge Lounge and complimentary laundry and cleaning services.

royalprincess-suiteamenities copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Suite amenities.

Suite amenities include mini-bottles with shampoo, conditioner, bath gel, lip balm, moisturizer and more…

Owner’s Suites

royalprincess-ownerssuitesittingfaft copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Owner’s Suite living room, facing aft.
royalpownerssuitesitting copy
Owner’s Suite living room.
royalprincess-ownerssuitesittingffwd copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Owner’s Suite living room, facing forward.

Topping the three tiers of suite accommodation, fourteen Owners Suites are the largest and measure up to 705-square-feet. These are located in the aft corners of Decks 15 through 8 and are entered through a living room, which features upgraded furnishings, a refrigerator and a 42-inch television.

royalprincess-ownerssuitebedroomfstbd copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Owner’s Suite bedroom, facing starboard.
royalprincess-ownerssuitebedroomfport copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Owner’s Suite bedroom, facing port.

Owner’s Suite bedrooms also have a 42-inch television, a queen-sized bed, padded bed board, pillow-top mattress and decorative wall sconces.

royalprincess-ownersuitewc copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Owner’s Suite bathroom.

Combined with the adjoining powder room, the master bath has two sinks, a separate bath and shower with hand-held and fixed heads, marble floors and counter tops, special toiletries and accent lighting.

royalprincess-ownerssuiteguestwc copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Owner’s Suite powder room.

A powder room connects the master bath with the living room.

royalprincess-ownerssuitebalcony copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Owner’s Suite balcony, facing starboard.
royalprincess-ownerssuitebalconyfport copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Owner’s Suite balcony, facing port.

Owner’s Suite balconies are especially wide and wrap around the corners of the stern. They also feature upgraded furnishings.

Premium Suites

Unfortunately, none of the eight Premium Suites were available for inspection during the inaugurals, so they are not illustrated here. Located in the forward corners of Decks 12 through 9, they measure 554-square-feet.

Penthouse Suites

royalprincess-suitesittingarea copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Penthouse Suite sitting area to bedroom.
royalprincess-suitebedroom copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Penthouse Suite bedroom to sitting area.

Fourteen Penthouse suites measure 440-square-feet and have separate living rooms and bedrooms, each with a 42 inch television. These are all adjacent to the Concierge Lounge on midships Deck 14.

royalprincess-suitebathroom copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Penthouse Suite bathroom.

Penthouse Suites have powder rooms (not shown) in addition to master bathrooms.

royalprincess-suitebalcony copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Penthouse Suite balcony.

Penthouse Suite balconies have upgraded furnishings but are narrower than those on the GRAND and CROWN classes.


royalpminisuite copy

314 Mini-Suites measure 299-square-feet and are fitted with decorative central lighting fixtures, marble-topped counters and two flat-screen TV’s.

royalprincess-minisuitecloset copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Mini-Suite closet.

All accommodation categories from Mini-Suites to Insides have walk-in closets.

royalpminisuiteloo copy
Mini-suite loo.

Mini-Suite bathrooms have full-sized tubs and square sinks.

royalprincess-minisuitebalcony copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Mini-Suite balcony.

Mini-Suite balconies, at 41-square-feet, are the same size as those of Deluxe Balcony and Standard Balcony staterooms.

Standard Staterooms

Princess has stepped up the look, function and comfort of ROYAL PRINCESS’ staterooms with more up-to-date decor (gone are the pastels so prevalent on the SUN, GRAND and CROWN classes). Beds are enhanced with pillow-top mattresses and upholstered headboards and enlarged flat-screen televisions are now interactive for booking excursions, reserving specialty restaurants, etc.

All standard staterooms have twin beds that can convert to a queen, flat-screen television, desk, safe, telephone, wifi access, a chair and a fridge.

Deluxe Balcony Staterooms

royalp-cabind507 copy
Deluxe Balcony stateroom.

356 Deluxe Balcony staterooms measure 233-square-feet and are similar to but smaller than Mini-Suites.

royalpcabind507wc copy
Deluxe Balcony wc.

Deluxe Balcony stateroom bathrooms, like those in all standard categories, are shower-only.

royalpcabind507shower copy
Deluxe Balcony stateroom shower.

All showers on ROYAL PRINCESS are larger than those on prior Princess ships and have adjustable, hand-held heads.

royalploodispensers copy
En suite dispensers (bath gel and shampoo).

Standard staterooms have built-in dispensers with bath gel and shampoo.

royalpcabind507balcony copy
Deluxe Balcony stateroom balcony.

Standard Balcony Staterooms

royalprincess-balcony copy
Balcony Stateroom.
royalprincess-deluxebalconywithtwins copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Balcony Stateroom with twin set up.
royalprincess-balconycloset copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Balcony Stateroom closet.
royalprincess-balconybathroom copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Balcony Stateroom bathroom.
royalprincess-balconybalcony copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Balcony Stateroom veranda.

There are 730 Standard Balcony staterooms measuring 222-square-feet.

Inside Staterooms

royalpinsidecabin copy
Inside Stateroom.
royalprincess-insideffwd copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Inside Stateroom facing forward.
royalprincess-interiortwin copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Inside Stateroom with twin set up.
royalprincess-insidecabinloo copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Inside Stateroom wc.

342 Inside staterooms measure 161-square-feet.

Handicap Access staterooms

royalprincess-interiorhandicap copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Inside Handicap Stateroom.

Inside Handicap Access staterooms are 240-square-feet to accommodate wheelchairs and have wider doors and no sills. There are handicap access staterooms in all categories of accommodation.

royalprincess-interiorhandicaploo copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Inside Handicap Stateroom wc.

Handicap Access bathrooms have wide doors, a roll-in shower and modified controls.

The Piazza

royalprincess-piazzatrio copy
A classical quartet performs in the Piazza.
royalprincess-piazzagalanight copy
Gala night in the Piazza. Note champagne waterfall in the background.
royalprincess-piazzaplaster copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Piazza detailing.

The Piazza and Adjacent Spaces

In recent years, the atria on the prior GRAND and CROWN class ships have been remodeled into Piazzas, transforming them from quiet lobbies into interactive social hubs and entertainment venues. With the ROYAL PRINCESS, the Piazza has been expanded by 50 percent, providing more open space and some exciting new bars and eateries.

Piazza: Deck 7

royalppiazzafaft copy
Piazza, facing aft from Deck 7.

The Piazza is located in the midships portion of ROYAL PRINCESS on Decks 7, 6 and 5.

royalprincess-oceanterracecenter copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Ocean Terrace, facing forward.
royalpseafood copy
Ocean Terrace, facing starboard.

Exclusive to ROYAL PRINCESS (and the newbuilding REGAL) the 26-seat Ocean Terrace seafood bar overlooks the forward portion of the Piazza on Deck 7 and serves up a la carte sushi, sashimi, ceviche and caviar (charges apply).

royalprincess-croonersfaft copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Crooner’s Bar, facing aft.
royalprincess-piazzafstbdfromdeck7 copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Piazza, facing starboard from Crooner’s Bar on Deck 7.
royalprincess-croonerstrcs copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Crooner’s Bar totally random carpet shot.

The expanded, 115-seat Crooner’s Bar is situated on the port side balcony of the Piazza’s Deck 7.

royalprincess-croonersffwd copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Crooner’s Bar, facing forward.
royalprincess-croonersbarbar copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Crooner’s Bar, counter area facing forward.

Crooner’s ambiance is inspired by the 1960s “Rat Pack” era and serves up a menu of more than 75 martinis, shaken tableside. This is a favorite evening hub for sing-alongs and live piano music.

royalppiazzaswirl copy
Facets of the Piazza — facing port/forward from Facets balcony on Deck 7.

On the starboard Deck 7 side of the Piazza, Facets is a tax-free jewelry and watch boutique.

royalprincess-piazzaffwdfromdeck7 copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Piazza, facing forward from Deck 7.

At the aft end of the Piazza, a pair of spiral staircases wind their way down from Deck 7 to Deck 5.

Piazza Deck 6

royalpaftriumfaftfrombellinis copy
Piazza, facing aft from Deck 6.

This view facing aft from Deck 6 of the Piazza shows the two spiral staircases, fiber optic light fixtures and a pair of fountains at their base.

royalprincess-bellinisfastbd copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Bellini’s, facing port.
royalpbellinis copy
Bellinis, facing forward.
royalprincess-bellinisfstbd copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Bellini’s, facing starboard.

Bellini’s is a brand new, Italian-inspired cocktail venue that seats 35 in the forward Deck 6 Piazza balcony.

royalprincess-alfredomarziatalfredos copy
Alfredo Marzi, Princess Cruises’ executive chef in front of Alfredo’s.

Named for Alfredo Marzi, Princess’ executive chef, Alfredo’s Pizzeria made its debut on board the GRAND PRINCESS during that ship’s radical transformation in 2011. On the ROYAL PRINCESS, the included-in-the-fare venue has been expanded and seats 121 guests on the starboard Deck 6 side of the Piazza.

royalpalfredos2 copy
Alfredo’s, facing forward.

Alfredo’s has an open kitchen and stone oven where guests can watch their pizzas cooked to order. Salads, pizza, pasta and other Italian specialties are served here.

royalprincess-photogalleryfaft copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Photo Gallery, facing aft.
royalprincess-piazzafaft:stbdfromdeck6 copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Piazza, facing aft/starboard from the Photo Gallery on Deck 6.
royalprincess-photogalleryffwd copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Photo Gallery, facing forward.

The Photo and Video Gallery occupies the port Deck 6 portion of the Piazza and is the go-to place for shipboard photos and camera/camcorder supplies.

royalprincess-piazzaffwd:portfromdeck6 copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Piazza, facing forward/port from Deck 6.

Piazza Deck 5

royalprincess-sabatinisentry copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Sabatinis entry, facing forward/starboard.

Accessed off the forward/starboard side of the Piazza on Deck 5, Sabatini’s is ROYAL PRINCESS’ Tuscan exra-tariff, reservations-required specialty restaurant.

royalpsabatinissetting copy
Sabatini’s setting.
royalprincess-sabatinisffwd copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Sabatinis, facing forward.

Sabatini’s seats 120 and is open for breakfast (for suite guests only), lunch when the ship is at sea and dinner on a nightly basis. Sabatini’s also hosts special wine tastings and other culinary events.

royalprincess-vinesfaft copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Vines, facing aft.
royalprincess-vinesffwd copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Vines, facing forward.

Vines is adjacent to Sabatini’s on the forward/starboard side of the Piazza and offers up to 30 different wines by the glass as well as tapas and other wine-friendly savories.

royalprincess-piazzafaftfromdeck5 copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Piazza, facing aft from Deck 5.
royalprincess-internationalcafe copy
ROYAL PRINCESS International Cafe, facing port.

Located on the port Deck 5 level of the Piazza, the much-expanded, 76-seat International Café serves up complimentary fresh-baked pastries, panini sandwiches, salads, fresh-baked cookies and sweet desserts.

royalprincess-cafeinternationalfaft copy
ROYAL PRINCESS International Cafe, facing aft.

In addition to delicious and potent specialty coffees, the International Cafe has a tea tower with a choice of up to 250 blends and a sommelier to prepare them (fees apply).

royalprincess-gelateria copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Gelateria, facing starboard.

Across the way, on the starboard side, the 35-seat Gelateria provides a menu of extra-tariff designer sundaes, crespelle (Italian crepes), creamy fruit smoothies, frosty shakes, and homemade waffle ice cream cones.

royalprincess-candyshop copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Celebrations Gift Shop, facing starboard.

Also new to the ROYAL PRINCESS, Celebrations sells gifts such as premium chocolates, colorful flower arrangements and more. It is located on the aft/starboard side of the Piazza on Deck 5.

royalprincess-piazzaffwdfromdeck5 copy
ROYAL PRINCESS Piazza, facing forward from Deck 5.

And here is a view facing forward from between the Deck 5 fountains to wrap up the ROYAL PRINCESS’ spectacular Piazza!

End of ROYAL PRINCESS Decked!, Part Two. Much more to come…

Very Special Thanks: Julie Benson, Karen Candy, Martin Cox

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