EUROPA 2 Double Decked!, Part One

Hamburg, Germany-based Hapag-Lloyd Cruises’ brand-new, five-plus star MV EUROPA 2 is equal in luxurious amenities to Berlitz’ world’s highest rated ship, the MV EUROPA but the newer ship maintains an elegant casual dress code, caters to families and English-speaking guests and sails on shorter itineraries than her more formal, Old World consort. Part one of this Decked! feature covers EUROPA 2’s upper deck areas and public spaces.

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

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Built 2013
STX Shipyard, St. Nazaire, France (hull number H33)
516 guests
370 crew
11 Decks (8 for guests)
12 zodiacs
739 feet (225.38 meters) long
87.6 feet (26.70 meters) wide
6.30 meters draft
21 knots

All photos by and copyright Peter Knego 2013 unless otherwise noted.

europa2atmalta2 copy
MV EUROPA 2 at Valletta, Malta.

When deluxe German cruise operator Hapag-lloyd announced it was going to build the EUROPA 2, they were not contracting for just another cookie cutter newbuild.

europa2atlasavina4 copy
MV EUROPA 2 at La Savina, Formentera, Spain.

At 42,830 gross tons and with a guest capacity of 516 , the EUROPA 2 is half again as large as the 28.890 gross ton EUROPA, which carries 408 guests. And based on double occupancy, her space ratio is an astounding 83 versus EUROPA’s 70.

europa2funnel copy
MV EUROPA 2 funnel.

So why have two EUROPAs under one handsome orange and blue banner? With this ship, Hapag-Lloyd is staking out a brand new market. The EUROPA will continue to sail on elegant, formal, globe-trekking voyages and cater to her sophisticated adult clientele. Meanwhile, the EUROPA 2 is just as elegant and even more spacious  but retains a casual, ultra modern ambiance and caters to younger guests as well as families. EUROPA 2 also sails on shorter itineraries (mainly one week) that can be combined with other sailings for those who have more time to cruise.

europa2plate copy
MV EUROPA 2 Builder’s Plate.

The smaller, older sibling was built by Kvaerner-Masa shipyard (now STX) in Helskini, Finland, while the new ship is a product of STX Europe’s St. Nazaire, France-based shipyard, formerly the celebrated Chantiers de l’Atlantique, which built the NORMANDIE, FRANCE and many other historic liners.  More recently, STX has produced NCL’s NORWEGIAN EPIC and the entire MSC Cruises’ fleet.

europa2atlasavina2 copy
MV EUROPA 2 at La Savina, Formentera, Spain.

With EUROPA 2, extra attention and expense was taken to give the ship a stately profile. She has nice proportions, a long bow and a raked stern to avoid the over-stacked, boxy appearance of most modern ships.

europa2atlasavina7 copy
MV EUROPA 2 at La Savina, Formentera, Spain.

EUROPA 2 has eight passenger decks, beginning at the top with Deck (11).

Deck 11

europa2fwddeck11deadzone copy
MV EUROPA 2 Deck 11 empty space, facing aft.

The far forward portion of Deck 11 is a crew area which is curiously followed by an empty expanse of open deck that separates the crew space from a passenger sunning deck. Such prime “real estate” could surely be utilized for something more than the occasional helicopter landing…

europa2deck11ffwd copy
MV EUROPA 2 Deck 11 sunning area, facing forward.
europa2deck11ffwdfromstbd copy
MV EUROPA 2 Deck 11, facing forward from starboard.

The Deck 11 sunning space is served by an open air bar, is lined in fresh teak, features a jacuzzi and is furnished with cushioned rattan loungers and cabanas.

europa2overmagrodomenight copy
MV EUROPA 2 Magrodome at night from starboard Deck 11.
europa2aftfromdeck11 copy
Aft from port Deck 11.

Stairs on either side of Deck 11 lead down to Deck 10. From here, there is a nice view facing aft over the Magrodome and Deck 10 promenades.

Deck 10

europa2bridge copy
MV EUROPA 2 Wheelhouse, facing starboard.

Deck 10 begins with the wheelhouse, which is open, conditions permitting, once per cruise, for guests to visit.

europa2wingglassdeck copy
MV EUROPA 2 port bridge wing.
europa2aftfromwing copy
MV EUROPA 2 aft from port wing.

Unlike most modern cruise ships, EUROPA 2 has open bridge wings.

europa2portdeck10faft copy
MV EUROPA 2 Deck 10, facing aft from port.

2 Category 11 Owners Suites, 2 Category 10 Grand Penthouse Suites, 10 Category 9 Grand Suites and 4 Category 5 Veranda Suites follow the bridge on Deck 10. On EUROPA 2, a central passage connects the accommodation, resulting in fewer but larger cabins.

europa2pooldeck10faftfromport copy
MV EUROPA 2 Midships Deck 10, inner portion, facing aft from starboard.
europa2portdeck10ffwd copy
MV EUROPA 2 Midships Deck 10, inner portion, facing forward from port.
europa2magrodomenight copy
MV EUROPA 2 Under the Magrodome from Deck 10, facing aft.

Teak promenades continue aft along midships Deck 10, each divided by glass screens with an inner portion overlooking the pool from underneath the Magrodome and an outer portion overlooking the sea.

europa2aftdeck10ffwd copy
Aft/port Deck 10, outer portion, facing forward.

The outer promenades on Deck 10 have more sunning space and even a shuffleboard court.

europa2deck10cabanasfstbd copy
MV EUROPA 2 aft Deck 10, facing starboard.

At the far aft end of Deck 10, there is a terrace of cushioned loungers shaded by a large cabana. A fleet of eight zodiacs are stowed just aft of the funnel.

Deck 9

europa2fwddeck9fport copy
MV EUROPA 2 forward Deck 9, facing port.
europa2teak copy
MV EUROPA 2 totally random teak shot.

Deck 9 begins with a gorgeous teak-topped observation area.

europa2stbddeck9ffwd copy
MV EUROPA 2 starboard Deck 9 promenade, facing forward.

Open promenades continue aft on either side to the stern.

europa2belvederefport copy
MV EUROPA 2 Belvedere Lounge, facing port.

The interior portion of Deck 9 begins with the L-shaped, 157-seat Belvedere Lounge with a span of full length windows forward and along the starboard side.

europa2belvederecounter copy
MV EUROPA 2 Belvedere counter.

The Belvedere and all of the EUROPA 2’s light and airy interiors were created by Hamburg-based Partnership Design. On the port side of the room, there is a snack and dessert counter as well as a bar.

europa2belvederefaft copy
MV EUROPA 2 Belvedere Lounge, facing aft.

The Belvedere Lounge is a wonderful place to relax, read and just gaze out at the sea. Each afternoon, it is the elegant setting for high tea with live music.

europa2culinaryschool copy
MV EUROPA 2 Culinary Center, facing aft.

Directly aft of the Belvedere Lounge on the starboard side of Deck 9, a Culinary Center can host between 8 and 16 guests for cooking classes.

europa2gallery copy
MV EUROPA 2 Art Gallery, facing port/aft.

A dedicated art gallery follows the Culinary Center on the starboard side of Deck 9. A number of German-based galleries supply key works for the on board gallery on a revolving basis. In addition, the ship’s public spaces and key accommodation are filled with contemporary art compiled by curators from International Corporate Art (ICA).

europa2kino copy
MV EUROPA 2 3-D Theater, facing aft.

On the port side of Deck 9, there is a 3-D Cinema with 75 seats that can be used for enrichment lectures, port talks, meetings and, of course, movie screenings.

europa2librarycardroom copy
MV EUROPA 2 Card Room, facing aft.

Twin Libraries face each other from either side of the midships Deck 9 passage. On the starboard side, the dynamic space is largely used as a card and games room.

europa2library copy
MV EUROPA 2 Library, facing port.

The Library on the port side of Deck 9 has books and DVDs in German with a small selection in English.

europa2deck9lobby copy
MV EUROPA 2 Deck 9 Foyer, facing port.

The forward foyer spans the height of the ship from Deck 4 to Deck 10 with a pair of panoramic elevators and stairs on either side. Each vestibule is enhanced with full length windows and artwork from the 890-piece, multimillion dollar EUROPA 2 collection.

europa2poolbar1 copy
MV EUROPA 2 Pool Bar, facing port.

Under the Magrodome, midships Deck 9 continues with one of the largest pools afloat. On either side, there are wood veneered bars that each seat 9 guests.

europa2poolfaft copy
MV EUROPA 2 Pool, facing aft.

The long pool is surrounded by a tiled basin and wet seating area.

europa2aftstairsvestibule copy
MV EUROPA 2 aft Deck 9 vestibule, facing forward.

Another stairtower spans the aft part of the ship from Decks 9 through 4. More top-notch artwork adorns its landings.

europa2yachtclubchildrenssection copy
MV EUROPA 2 Yacht Club children’s dining area, facing forward.

The U-shaped interior portion of the Yacht Club buffet eatery seats 142 and is divided into three sections. The forward port area is the children’s dining area.

europa2yachtclubcounter copy
MV EUROPA 2 Yacht Club counter.
europa2yachtclubfstbd copy
MV EUROPA 2 The Yacht Club, facing starboard.

The center portion of the Yacht Club has action stations and a buffet counter as well as seating that overlooks the al fresco terrace aft.

europa2sakurafaft copy
MV EUROPA 2 Sakura, facing forward.

The forward starboard wing of the Yacht Club is Sakura, a dedicated sushi restaurant.

europa2yachtclubterrace copy
MV EUROPA 2 Yacht Club terrace, facing starboard.

Seating an additional 134 guests, the aft portion of Deck 9 is the Yacht Club terrace, an extremely popular al fresco dining area that overlooks the EUROPA 2’s wake.

Deck 8

europa2fwddeck8 copy
MV EUROPA 2 forward Deck 8 terrace, facing starboard.

Deck 8 begins with a narrow, sheltered observation terrace that is accessed from Deck 9. Immediately aft is officers’ accommodation, which is followed by guest suites in four categories (12 Category 8 Grand Suites, 2 Category 13 Grand Suites, 22 Category 4 Veranda Suites and 8 Category 12 Family Apartments).

europa2playroomnursery copy
MV EUROPA 2 Knopf Club nursery.
europa2playroomfaft copy
MV EUROPA 2 Knopf Club, facing aft.

The Knopf Club/Kid’s Club is located on the starboard side of Deck 8 near the stern. It is divided into several sections to accommodate different ages.

europa2sansibarfport copy
MV EUROPA 2 Sansibar, facing port.
europa2sansibarfstbd copy
MV EUROPA 2 Sansibar, facing starboard.

Sansibar is an extremely handsome nightclub/bar on aft Deck 8 that accommodates 48 guests inside…

europa2sansibarterrace copy
MV EUROPA 2 Sansibar terrace, facing starboard.

…and 77 on a sheltered al fresco terrace.

Deck 7

europa2teencenter copy
MV EUROPA 2 Teen Center, facing aft/port.

Deck 7 starts with officers’ accommodation followed by a large block of suites (24 Category 2 Veranda/Ocean Suites and 46 Category 3 Veranda/Ocean Suites).  On the starboard/aft side, there is a small Teen Center.

End of EUROPA 2 Double Decked!, Part One

Much More To Come…

Very special thanks: Martin Cox, Moritz Krause, Cindy Tanenbaum


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