EUROPA 2 Double Decked!, Part Two

Peter Knego concludes his top-to-bottom tour of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises brand-new, five-plus star MV EUROPA 2 with a look at the ship’s lower public spaces and several grades of suite accommodation.

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

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All photos by and copyright Peter Knego 2013 unless otherwise noted.

Deck 6

europa2face copy
EUROPA 2 “Face”.
europa2bell copy
MV EUROPA 2 bell on fo’c’sle.

Deck 6 begins with the mooring deck on the fo’c’sle head, which is longer than those on most new ships of similar size. Inside, there is crew accommodation and a large block of suites that includes 38 Category 1 Veranda/Ocean Suites, 36 Category 2 Veranda/Ocean Suites and 8 Category 7 Spa Suites.

europa2mobiusart copy
MV EUROPA 2 “Loop 2012” by Eva Hild.

As with all passenger levels on the EUROPA 2, the forward Deck 6 vestibule is adorned with striking artwork, including a resin and ceramic sculpture entitled “Loop 2012” by Eva Hild.

Deck 5

europa2spalobbyfaft copy
MV EUROPA 2 Spa Lobby, facing aft.

Deck 5 begins with crew accommodation and a large block of passenger suites, including 32 Category 1 Veranda/Ocean Suites and 4 Category 6 Spa Suites. Aft of the aft staircase, Deck 5 is home to EUROPA 2’s lavish Ocean Spa.

europa2golfsimulator copy
MV EUROPA 2 Golf Simulator, facing starboard.

At the entrance to the spa on the starboard side, there is a pair of free-of-charge golf simulators with virtual recreations of some of the world’s most popular courses.

europa2salonfaft copy
MV EUROPA 2 Beauty Salon, facing aft.

A fully equipped salon offering hair, beauty, pedicure, manicure and other treatments is accessed on the port side of the Ocean Spa entry. Including the golf simulator and gym area, the spa complex is over 10,000-square-feet. The spa, itself, measures 6,674-square-feet.

europa2gymfaft copy
EUROPA 2 Gym, facing aft.

On the starboard side, there is a fully equipped gym with views of the sea.

europa2aerobicsfaft copy
MV EUROPA 2 Aerobics Room, facing aft.

Just aft of the gym on the starboard side, there is a small aerobics room for Pilates and Spinning.

europa2treatmentroom1 copy
MV EUROPA 2 spa treatment room #1, facing starboard.
europa2treatmentroomvilla2 copy
MV EUROPA 2 Villa Treatment Room, facing starboard.

There are eight treatment rooms and couples’ villas in the Ocean Spa.

europa2spawhirlpools copy
MV EUROPA 2 mineral pool, facing forward.
europa2spasauna copy
MV EUROPA 2 sauna.

The Ocean Spa has no less than four saunas and a hammam (Turkish bath).

europa2spaicewall copy
EUROPA 2 Ice Wall.

There is also an ice wall for those seeking an instant, post-sauna “cool down”.

europa2sparelaxationroomfaft copy
MV EUROPA 2 Relaxation Room, facing aft.

A relaxation area is available before and after treatments.

europa2spadeckfport copy
Spa Deck facing port.

There is also teak-lined, sheltered open deck space aft of the spa on the Deck 5 fantail.

Deck 4

Deck 4 is entirely devoted to public spaces and dining venues. While the other decks enjoy a 7.5 foot (2.3 meters) overhead clearance, Deck 4 has been designed with lofty 11.9 foot (3.50 meter) ceilings.

europa2theaterfstbdfromdeck4 copy
MV EUROPA 2 Theater, facing starboard from Deck 4.

The upper level of the in-the-round style Theater begins the line up on Deck 4. The Theater has an oversized LED screen and the latest in stage technology to facilitate large productions with Cirque-style acrobatics.

europa2deck4passagefaft copy
MV EUROPA 2 Deck 4 passage, facing aft.

Continuing aft of the Theater, a spacious central passageway connects the public areas on Deck 4.

europa2smokingroomfstbd copy
Herrenzimmer, facing starboard.

The Herrenzimmer (or Gentlemen’s Smoking Room) is located on the port side of Deck 4 and seats 34 guests. Its warm wood tones and complementary blue leather seating are infused with natural light through large picture windows.

europa2smokingroombar copy
MV EUROPA 2 Herrenzimmer Bar.
europa2smokingroomcigars copy
Herrenzimmer offerings.

Herrenzimmer has its own exclusive bar and, despite its name, caters to all guests with a yen for tobacco, regardless of their gender.

europa2jazzclub copy
MV EUROPA 2 Jazz Club, facing forward.

Directly across from the Herrenzimmer on the starboard side, the Jazz Club seats 60. It also has its own bar area and is the setting for intimate cabaret-style entertainment.

europa2photoshop copy
MV EUROPA 2 Photo Gallery, facing starboard.

On the starboard side of the Deck 4 passage, there is a small photo gallery.

europa2portsidereceptionfup copy
MV EUROPA 2 reception area facing up from starboard Deck 4.

The reception area spans the width of the ship on Deck 4 and has soaring, chandelier-festooned, glass-paneled alcoves on either side.

europa2receptionfaft copy
MV EUROPA 2 reception, facing aft from center.

A quiet sitting area is on the starboard side of the reception and a recessed bar is on the port side.

europa2receptiontrc copy
MV EUROPA 2 reception, totally random carpet shot.

The detailing on EUROPA 2 is muted but supremely elegant.

europa2receptionupholstery copy
MV EUROPA 2 reception, totally random upholstery shot.

No expense was spared in providing quality fittings and fixtures on this ship.

europa2jewelry copy
MV EUROPA 2 Jewelry Shop, facing starboard/forward.
europa2boutique copy
MV EUROPA 2 Boutique, facing forward.

Aft of reception on the starboard side, there is a jewelry shop and boutique.

europa2winetastingsetup copy
EUROPA 2 Grand Reserve, facing port.

On the port side of Deck 4, aft of reception, the Grand Reserve is a 12-seat wine cellar that fronts and can be combined with the Tarragon Restaurant.

europa2tarragonfaft copy
MV EUROPA 2 Tarragon, facing aft.
europa2tarragonwall copy
MV EUROPA 2 Tarragon Restaurant, facing starboard.

Tarragon seats 44 guests and is paneled in white tiles with colorful Deco-style paintings of French bistros.

europa2futurecruise copy
MV EUROPA 2 Future Cruise Desk, facing port.

Situated in the midst of the Deck 4 dining section of the ship is a future cruise desk.

europa2privatediningroom copy
MV EUROPA 2 Speisezimmer, facing forward.

On the starboard side, there is a private dining room or Speisezimmer that can be booked for up to 16 guests (charges apply).

europa2elementsffwd copy
MV EUROPA 2 Elements, facing forward.

Elements is an elegant, burgundy and gold-toned Pan-Asian Restaurant that seats 48 guests on the starboard side.

europa2serenissimafaft copy
MV EUROPA 2 Serenissima, facing aft.

Directly across from Elements on the port side, Serenissima is a Tuscan-style Italian specialty restaurant that seats 56.

europa2weltmeerefport copy
MV EUROPA 2 Weltemeere Restaurant, facing port from forward.

The main dining venue, Weltemeere, seats 266 guests.  Quite possibly the most handsome and striking room on the new ship (or just about any afloat for that matter), it is laid out in intimate alcoves.  Burgundy accents stand out beautifully in its otherwise muted gray and gold backdrop.

europa2weltmeereceiling copy
MV EUROPA 2 Central Weltemeere fixture.
europa2weltemeeresmallchandelier copy
MV EUROPA 2 Weltemeere fixture.
europa2silverleafcorner copy
MV EUROPA 2 Weltemeere ceiling detail.

Murano glass chandeliers, clearly inspired by the works of Dale Chihuly, are breathtaking focal points with a cutting edge that sets EUROPA 2 apart from her more staid luxury counterparts.

europa2weltemeereart copy
MV EUROPA 2 Weltemeere art.

The pastoral artworks on either side of the aft portion of the dining room lend themselves to a an upclose inspection. They are actually paper mosaics comprised of tiny snippets of picture postcards.

europa2weltmeerefportfromaft copy
MV EUROPA 2 Weltemeere Restaurant, facing port from aft.

My only criticism of the Weltemeere would be that it does not extend fully to the stern with a view over the ship’s wake (like its counterpart on the EUROPA). Instead, it overlooks a mooring deck.

Deck 3

europa2theaterstairs copy
EUROPA 2 Deck 3 Theater Lobby.

On Deck 3, the lower level of the Theater is accessed via a striking lobby with a large panel with quotes from a wide range of public figures including Oscar Wilde, Elvis Presley and Elton John.

europa2theaterfstbdfromdeck3 copy
MV EUROPA 2 Theater, facing starboard from Deck 3.

On Deck 3, in addition to the lower level of the Theater, there is also a medical center (not shown) and tendering lobby.

Deck 2 (crew areas)

europa2restrictedaccess copy
MV EUROPA 2 stores area.

Deck 2 is off limits to passengers. This is a stores and machinery deck.

europa2champagnestores copy
EUROPA 2 liquor and champagne stores.

Among the stores are temperature-controlled rooms for liquor and perishables as well as frozen stores for meat.

europa2controlroom copy
MV EUROPA 2 Engine control room.

The Engine Control room is also at the epicenter of the ship, taking its commands directly from the bridge.

europa2engines copy
EUROPA 2 diesel engines.

EUROPA 2 is powered by four MaK 6M43C Caterpillar diesels that give the ship a top service speed of 21 knots.

europa2podmount copy
MV EUROPA 2 starboard azipod chamber.

The two Mermaid pods have two 7.25MW synchronous-motors which are fed by PWM MV7000 converters using insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) technology.


The ship has eight suite categories in four overall sizes. All feature an optically separate and inviting living area; well-conceived, top-quality fittings to enhance well-being; high-class contemporary art; 24-hour suite service; welcome champagne; tate-of-the-art technology – flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi (extra charges for use), tablet PC and portable telephones; Nespresso coffee machines.

Owner’s Suites (2)

Note: Owner’s Suites were not available for inspection.  These two largest suites on the ship measure approximately 1,065 square feet (99 square meters).  Their décor and layout are similar to the slightly smaller, next lower category, Grand Penthouse Suites.

Grand Penthouse Suites (2)

europa2penthousesuite1002livingroom2 copy
MV EUROPA 2 Penthouse Suite 1002, living room.

Grand Penthouse Suites have 840-square-feet of living space with separate living, sleeping and dining areas.

europa2penthouseshite1002bedroomffwd copy
MV EUROPA 2 Suite 1002 bedroom, facing forward. Note: cabinet features a retractable flatscreen television.
europa2penthousesuite1002bathroom copy
MV EUROPA 2 Penthouse Suite 1002 bathroom.
europa2penthousesuite1002amenities copy
MV EUROPA 2 Penthouse Suite 1002 amenities.

Penthouse Suite Bathrooms come with two washbasins, TV, a shower with steam sauna and a whirlpool with ocean view and upgraded amenities.

europa2penthousesuite1002balcony copy
MV EUROPA 2 Penthouse Suite 1002 balcony.

Penthouse Suite balconies are similar to those in all categories and measure 108-square-feet.

europa2penthousesuitepowder copy
MV EUROPA 2 Penthouse Suite 1002 powder room.

There is an additional powder room in the Penthouse Suites.

Spa Suites (16)

europa2spacabin656finboard copy
MV EUROPA 2 Spa Cabin 656 facing inboard.
europa2suite529 copy
MV EUROPA 2 Suite 629.
europa2spacabin656foutboard copy
MV EUROPA 2 Spa Cabin 656, facing outboard.

Spa Cabins measure 452-square-feet inside with a special design that allows guests to see the sea from their bathrooms.

europa2trc copy
MV EUROPA 2 totally random carpet shot.

Spa cabins also have a special violet and beige color scheme.

europa2spacabin656balcony copy
MV EUROPA 2 Spa Cabin 656 balcony.

As with the other categories, Spa Cabins have standard 108-square-foot verandas.

europa2spacabin656bathroom copy
MV EUROPA 2 Spa Cabin 656 bathroom.
europa2spacabin656shower copy
MV EUROPA 2 Spa Cabin 656 shower.

Spa cabin bathrooms not only have daylight views but two washbasins, a TV in the bathroom mirror, a separate toilet, a rain shower with steam sauna and a whirlpool tub.

Grand Suites (24)

europa2suite1004 copy
MV EUROPA 2 Suite 1004, facing port.

Grand Suites are identical in size to the Spa Suites but without the special peer-in bathrooms.

europa2suite1004bathroom copy
MV EUROPA 2 Suite 1004 bathroom.

Bathrooms have two wash basins, TV in bathroom mirror, separate tub and shower.

europa2suite1004closet copy
MV EUROPA 2 Suite 1004 closet.

All suites on EUROPA 2 have capacious walk-in closets.

europa2suite1010balcony copy
MV EUROPA 2 Suite 1010 veranda.

Grand Suites feature a 108-square-foot veranda.

europa2suite1010powder copy
MV EUROPA 2 Suite 1010 powder room.

Grand Suites also have separate powder rooms.

europa2suite811fstbd copy
MV EUROPA 2 Handicap Suite 611, facing starboard.
europa2suite811handicapbalcony copy
MV EUROPA 2 Handicap Suite 611 balcony.
europa2suite811handicapbathroom copy
MV EUROPA 2 Handicap Suite 611 bathroom.

This Grand Suite has been fitted with special wheelchair access features, including a modified bathroom and ramps for veranda access.

Veranda (141 count)/Ocean Suites (59 count)

europa2suite517wbedcover copy
MV EUROPA 2 Suite 517, facing starboard.

Veranda and Ocean Suites are similar but the latter have bathrooms with windows. They come in several categories depending on their location but all measure 301-square-feet and have separate bedrooms and living areas.  Also, note a number of these have adjoining doors to form a total of 7 Family Apartments out of two Veranda Suites.

europa2suite517strawberries copy
MV EUROPA 2 Suite 517 welcome fruits.

Guests in all suites on EUROPA 2 are welcomed with champagne and fresh fruits.

europa2suite517closet copy
MV EUROPA 2 Suite 517 closet.

Walk-in closets are fitted with logo’d pants and shirt hangers and well-placed rods to hang them on. The plentiful drawers have a built-in self-closing mechanism that with a tap, gently retracts them inward.

europa2suite517balcony copy
MV EUROPA 2 Suite 517 balcony.

Teak-covered balconies have a cushioned lounger, wooden cocktail table and a pair of chairs.

europa2suite517bathroom copy
MV EUROPA 2 Suite 517 bathroom.

Standard bathroom have marble surfacing and a separate tub and glass-enclosed shower featuring hand-held and rainforest dispensers. There was even a ledge to sit on in the showers.

europa2suite517amenities copy
MV EUROPA 2 Suite 517 amenities.

Hapag-Lloyd provides more standard amenities than most other luxury cruise lines. From shower caps to gels, shampoo, moisturizer, toothbrush, emery boards and sewing kits — each are color-coded and have the ship’s name on them.

europa2suite517bathsalts copy
MV EUROPA 2 “fizzy bath tablet”.

There are even sea fennel bath salts in the form of “fizzy bath tablets/sprudelnde badetablettes” for the full-sized tub.

europa2suite517livingroom copy
MV EUROPA 2 Suite 517 living room.

In the living room, an L-shaped sofa provided an optimal social area as well as a great place to stretch out with a book or lay back and watch television.

europa2suite517espressokit copy
MV EUROPA 2 espresso and espresso maker.

The custom detailing is nothing short of fantastic. The vanity cabinet features an Nespresso espresso maker with five types of espresso, arranged in strength from decaf to the most potent.

europa2suite517dishdrawer copy
MV EUROPA 2 Suite 517 cup and saucer drawer.

Of course, there is a drawer with cups and saucers of varying size.

europa2suite517toothpickdrawer copy
MV EUROPA 2 Suite 517 utensil drawer.

Another drawer with chop sticks, coasters, bottle openers and more.

europa2suite517utensildrawer copy
MV EUROPA 2 Suite 517 cutlery drawer.

And yet another with tableware and napkins.

europa2suite517vanity copy
MV EUROPA 2 Suite 517 vanity mirror.

There is even a self-lighting, unfolding vanity mirror. Not shown here, there is a stocked mini-bar/fridge with the following: complimentary still and sparkling waters, soft drinks, beer, four types of fruit juice and a fizzy “bio drink”. Of course, anything consumed is replenished during the twice-daily suite turndowns.

Non-Passenger Accommodation

europa2suite850 copy
MV EUROPA 2 Suite 650, facing port.
europa2suite850bathroom copy
MV EUROPA 2 Suite 650 bathroom.

Even the staff accommodation if of the highest standard.  This is a stateroom with picture windows.

End of EUROPA 2 Double Decked!

Very Special Thanks: Martin Cox, Moritz Krause, Cindy Tanenbaum

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