Snake and Columbia Rivers with Un-Cruise Adventure’s S.S. LEGACY, Part Three

Continue with Peter Knego on Un-Cruises’ recently launched 88-guest SS LEGACY on one of the ship’s heritage-rich Columbia and Snake River voyages with included-in-the-fare excursions to Hell’s Canyon and Walla Walla, Washington.

Un-Cruise Adventures

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

038-safarilegacyatlewiston copy
S.S. LEGACY at Clarkston, Washington.
039-jetboatfoam copy
Hell’s Canyon jetboat spray.

Immediately after breakfast, a pair of jet boats awaited mere steps from the LEGACY’s gangway. Soon, we were speeding past our ship and along the Snake River into Hell’s Canyon with Idaho now on our port side and Washington State to starboard.

041-governmentshutdown copy
The U.S. government at work.
040-feather copy
Feather in the grass.

At our first stop on the Washington side, a since reopened visitor’s center was yet another casualty of the ongoing government shutdown.  Nonetheless we enjoyed the chance to “stretch our legs” and wander a fruit and nut tree orchard overlooking the river.

042-hellswake copy
Heavenly Hell’s Canyon.

The farther into the canyon we sped, the more rugged and spectacular the scenery became. Hell’s Canyon is the deepest on the North American continent at 7,993 feet, surpassing the Grand Canyon by almost 2,000 feet.

043-mountaingoat copy
Goat on the rocks.

Throughout our journey, the skipper/guide pointed out a wide variety of fauna, including bald eagles, mountain goats and deer.

044-rustandriver copy
Relics on the Idaho shore.
045-deerrun copy
Deer crossing.

On the Idaho shore, we stopped for a barbeque lunch and a little time to explore before the return trip downriver.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

046-bridgefogburbank copy
Burbank in the mist.
047-dewdrops copy
Dew drop sunrise.

Dawn greeted us as SS LEGACY pulled into her berth at Burbank, Washington.

049-safarilegacyatburbank copy
S.S. LEGACY at Burbank, Washington.
050-burbankfumes copy
Steam on the river.

After the prior day’s drizzle, we were met with crystal clear but somewhat frigid weather as we filed onto a shuttle for a ride through the rolling hills towards Walla Walla, Washington.

051-wallawallacabin copy
Restored cabin at the Fort Walla Walla Museum.

Our first stop was the friendly Fort Walla Walla Museum where we had several hours to peruse its agricultural, Civil War, military and transportation exhibits.

052-wallawallablacksmith copy
Blacksmith and tires.

One of the museum’s highlights was a live blacksmith who demonstrated how the metal tires were forged for settlers’ wagons.

054-maisie copy
Maisie awaits.

The full day tour included a visit to two highly regarded Washington state wineries. At Dunham Cellars, which is located in a reclaimed World War Two aircraft hanger, we were greeted by Maisie, one of several resident rescue dogs.

053-dunhamwinetasting copy
Dunham tasting.

A box lunch prepared aboard the SS LEGACY was served prior to the wine tasting, which included a spectacular gold medal winning cabernet.

055-threerivers copy
Cabernet grapes at Three Rivers.

At the Three Rivers winery, we enjoyed another wine tasting before some free time to wander quaint downtown Walla Walla.

057-wallawallahotel copy
Marcus Whitman Hotel, Walla Walla.

Our rendezvous point was the Gothic style Marcus Whitman Hotel (named for the missionary who was slaughtered in 1847), which was built in 1927 and towers over Walla Walla’s historic downtown district.

058-portofwallawalla copy
Return to S.S. LEGACY.

Almost immediately after we re boarded the SS LEGACY, she cast her lines and headed down the Columbia River.

060-chartsandchannel copy
Bridge to Wallula Gap.

I watched from the bridge as we entered the Wallula Gap, a large cut that was formed by the cataclysmic Missoula Floods towards the end of the last Ice Age.

048-safarilegacylounge copy
S.S. LEGACY Lounge, facing forward.

After dinner in the Lounge, all hands gathered for the talent show. Fellow guests regaled with their comedic, singing and dancing skills.

061-kevinbanjo copy
Kevin strums.

Officers and staff also joined in the revelry, including Chief Officer Kevin, who strummed a mean banjo as SS LEGACY made her way down the Columbia to The Dalles.

End of Part Three

Much More To Come…

Special thanks: Martin Cox, Sarah Scoltock

Peter Knego

Peter Knego

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