EMERALD On The Rhine, Part Three

Wrap it up with Peter Knego aboard Emerald Waterways’ strikingly modern EMERALD SKY on her pre-maiden transit of the Rhine, with a passage through the scenic Rhine Gorge and visits to Rudesheim, Mannheim (for Heidelberg) and Breisach (for the Black Forest).

Emerald Waterways

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All photos by and copyright Peter Knego 2014.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

P1040840 copy
Mark 560 Rhine Gorge.

EMERALD SKY quietly released her lines from Koblenz and continued her passage down the Rhine at 0700. By the time I made it up to deck, she was at the 560 mark in the famed Rhine River Gorge.

P1040849 copy
Wine on the Rhine.
P1040884 copy
Rhine transiting.
P1040886 copy
Castles in the sky.
P1040892 copy
En gorged.

Stewards kindly offered up sweet German bubbly to enhance the 65 kilometer transit through quaint towns, vineyards and steep ravines strewn with castles and medieval ruins but I decided to stick to my frothy cappuccino.

P1040857 copy
The legendary Lorelei….
P1040871 copy
Lorelei’s leap.

I must confess, like the “Little Mermaid” in Copehnagen, the legendary Lorelei was somewhat of a disappointment. Did she plunge off that cliff due to spurned love or was it in response to her bronze likeness?

P1040862 copy
Gorge astern.
P1040930 copy
Approaching Rudesheim.

In the early afternoon, we were exiting the gorge and approaching Rudesheim am Rhiem, a charming UNESCO World Heritage town known for its wine making and offbeat museums.

P1040951 copy
Choo choo time.

A “choo choo” train takes visitors from the cruise landing up a kilometer or so into the center of town.

P1040976 copy
Maria and her musical instruments.

Our first stop was at Rudesheim’s key attraction, Siegfried’s Mechanisches Musikkabinett, also known as the Museum of Self-Playing Musical Instruments. Even a diehard cynic like yours truly was instantly melted by the enthusiasm of guide Maria, who loves sharing the secrets of those melodious if not utterly fascinating machines.

P1050010 copy
Cable car to the summit.

Apparently the other major museum in Rudesheim is the Museum of Torture.  Well, maybe next time.  Instead, I joined a colleague for a cable car ride to the Niederwald Landscape Park at the top of a nearby hill.

P1050020 copy
Gazebo gazing.

It was a perfect day to take in a panoramic view of the Rhine.

P1050037 copy
Germania monumental.

Although it lacks any sort of subtlety, the 1871-built Niederwalddenkmal statue of Germania commemorating the end of the Franco-Prussian War by Johannes Schilling is spectacularly powerful. Lady Liberty looks demure by comparison.

P1050074 copy
Gnocci ravioli.
P1050492 copy
Shrimp risotto.

Afterwards, I had time for a jog in the park alongside the quay, then it was all aboard as the EMERALD SKY continued her southbound passage. At dinner in the Horizon Restaurant, I was especially impressed with a pesto gnocchi ravioli. In just a few short days, the cuisine had improved markedly.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

P1050144 copy
Heidelberg overview.

EMERALD SKY’s next port of call, Mannheim, is a rather industrial place that happens to be conveniently close to famed Heidelberg. After breakfast, we filed onto a coach for yet another excellent guided tour of Heidelberg and its celebrated castle.

P1050152 copy
Heidelberg Castle gates.

Our first stop was the castle, which overlooks the town and the Neckar River. It dates to the late 14th/early15th Century as a royal residence for Prince-Elector Ruprecht III. Destroyed by war and lightning, it was being quarried for its stones when partially restored by Count Charles de Graimberg in the 19th Century.

P1050180 copy
Salmon stucco vs. green tea gelato.
P1050182 copy
Heidelberg cathedral.

There was time afterwards to roam through the charming town with its Gothic and Baroque cathedrals and stone streets in search of crispy dried apple chips and even an elusive green tea gelato. Hard to imagine that some 75 years ago, this idyllic and friendly village was in the throes of Kristallnacht.

P1050210 copy
“Fortune Hunter” and Tea for Twiggy.
P1050299 copy
Swan escort.

Back aboard the EMERALD SKY that afternoon, we had some time to recline on the Rhine. The ship’s godmother Twiggy and her husband kept to themselves throughout the voyage but they did seem to enjoy afternoon tea and a good read in the sun.

P1050235_2 copy
Atoms on the Rhine.

I took breaks between filing dispatches, jogging on deck and just watching the scenery pass by. At one point, we encountered a massive nuclear power plant.

P1050275 copy
Moonlight sonata.

There was just one more day to savor as EMERALD SKY followed a brilliant moon well into the night.

Monday, April 14, 2014

P1050475 copy
MV EMERALD SKY at Breisach.

EMERALD SKY tied up in a raft of other river ships at Breisach, where, after a deck barbeque, we hopped onto coaches for an afternoon excursion to the Black Forest.

P1050464 copy
Black Forest greenery.

On the drive, we encountered every shade of green in the spectrum.

P1050425 copy
Open Air Black Forest Museum.

Our destination was the Open Air Black Forest Museum or Schwarzwälder Freilichtmuseum Vogtsbauernhof, which features a collection of vintage farmhouses that date as far back as 1612.

P1050449 copy
Cake complete.

No visit to the Black Forest would be complete without one of its eponymous cake-making demos. The museum’s resident chefs have cooked thousands of these cream-filled, multi-layered confections over the years.

P1050456 copy
Piece of cake.

After a little sweet indulgence, we stumbled back onto our coaches for the return journey to the ship.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

EMERALD SKY berthed in Basel, where she would take on her first fare-paying guests for her official maiden cruise back up the Rhine to Amsterdam. The first of four ultra-sleek “Starships” was born!

End of EMERALD On The Rhine

Special thanks: Mindy Bianca, Martin Cox, Elliot Gillies

Peter Knego

Peter Knego

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