The Queens Take a Bow


By Peter Newall

All images copyright Peter and Julie Newall.

To mark the start of Cunard’s 175th anniversary celebrations in the UK, today (May 3, 2015) the three Cunard Queens sailed for the first time together in daylight from Southampton.

The ships arrived in Southampton earlier today at the end of their three month World Cruises. The flagship QUEEN MARY 2 led the procession out of Southampton followed by QUEEN ELIZABETH and QUEEN VICTORIA. They were bound for New York, Hamburg and St Peter Port (Guernsey) respectively. After following in sequence down the Solent the fleet divided up off the Isle of Wight with QUEEN ELIZABETH taking the lead followed by QUEEN VICTORIA and QUEEN MARY 2. Near the Nab Tower they broke formation and sailed into the sunset commencing their respective itineraries.

Although the weather was very blustery the three ships made a magnificent sight and a unique spectacle.

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