VIKING STAR Trek, Maiden Voyager, Part Three

Viking Cruises spectacular new VIKING STAR ends her maiden voyage with a sunny arrival in Bergen, Norway, her port of registry. Another day aboard this state-of-the-art cruise ship and a gala christening on Constitution Day conclude this Sea Treks report.

Viking Cruises

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Friday, May 15, 2015

P1270588 copy
Bergen arrival.

We awoke as VIKING STAR entered the waters of Bergen, her port of registry, for the first time. Instead of plume-spraying fireboats and a flotilla of small craft, she was greeted by a lone helicopter that flew circles around the ship as she pivoted and backed into her berth.

P1270618 copy
Backing into Bergen.

The low-key arrival was probably a well-calculated maneuver to save the hoopla for the christening on Sunday. Nonetheless, it was gratifying to be on the deck of this spectacular first in a new generation of cruise ships as she made her historic homecoming.

P1270632 copy
Karine and Torstein Hagen at the rails.

A beaming Karine Hagen was joined at the rails by her father Torstein, Viking Cruises CEO, who boarded with the pilot. What a pivotal moment it must have been for them.

P1270642 copy
Bergen Mayor Trude Dreveland.

I discovered later that the enthusiastic lady on the pier waving the Norwegian flag was the VIKING STAR’s godmother and Bergen’s mayor, Trude Dreveland.

P1270681 copy
MV VIKING STAR Spa flames.

After breakfast, we would have the entire day at leisure. With the ship mostly documented, I had some free time, so made the most of it with a massage. Afterwards, there would be occasion to try out the VIKING STAR’s Nordic Spa.

P1270664 copy
MV VIKING STAR Spa therapy room.

How nice it was to enjoy an excellent Swedish massage by Anne, an actual Swede. To my pleasant surprise, there was none of the hard-sell product pitch afterwards.

P1270672 copy
MV VIKING STAR Snow versus Steam in the Spa.

One doesn’t have to purchase a treatment or pay a fee to use the VIKING STAR’s steam and relaxation area. And what a facility it is, with a snow room and a steam room.

P1270675 copy
MV VIKING STAR Thalassotherapy Pool, facing aft/starboard.

There is also a cold water dunking station along with heated tile settees and a large Thalassotherapy pool with swim-against-the-current jets.

P1270660 copy
MV VIKING STAR Men’s Changing area.

In each of the changing areas are lockers, a sauna and cold dip pool as well as thoughtful touches like a spinner to dry off swimwear.  Is there anything these savvy Viking people haven’t thought of?

P1270811 copy

After lunch, we had time to wander Bergen on an untypically sunny day, the main goal, of course, to get images of a beautiful ship in her element.

P1270833 copy
Bergen sunshine.

Few places in the world are as scenic and friendly as Bergen, the second largest city in Norway.

P1270857 copy

Back aboard, conditions were perfect to grab that signature “face” shot of the VIKING STAR.

P1270877 copy
Viking’s Guiding Principal and Principles.

At a press conference that afternoon, Viking CEO Torstein Hagen (an erstwhile astrophysicist fond of logarithms) restated his goal of having ten STAR Class cruise ships and a fleet of 100 riverboats by 2020. Thus far, he is well on his way, with the VIKING SKY to follow in 2016, the VIKING SEA in 2017, a fourth ship (dare we suggest VIKING SUN?) contracted and options for two more. On the rivers, Viking already operates sixty vessels worldwide, with more on order.

P1270922 copy
Setting the stage as VIKING STAR backs into Bergen.

After dinner, in practice for Sunday’s events, VIKING STAR backed into Bergen Bay, dwarfing the historic district of Bryggen and a harbor full of historic ships and small craft.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

P1270986 copy
Windshield walkers.

Viking sweetened our inevitable but dreaded disembarkation with an excursion to composer Edvard Grieg’s former home in the southern outskirts of Bergen. The rain was a perfect metaphor for what most of us felt upon leaving our ideal ship.

P1270988 copy
Troldhaugen, Edvard Grieg’s former home.

I had done a tour to Troldhaugen way back in 1993 with the ENRICO COSTA but in six or seven languages, that experience was marginal, at best. Today was altogether different, with an all-English tour led by passionate and knowledgeable guides.

P1280013 copy
Peerless Gynt.

The highlight was a piano recital in Grieg’s living room by Rune Alver, a soft-spoken maestro who explained the back story of each poignantly played Grieg opus.

P1280025 copy
Troldhaugen passage.

Despite the showers, we opted for a stroll down to the cave where Grieg and his wife Nina are interred. Typically Viking, this was a cerebral and cultural notch or two above the average cruise ship shore excursion and for this participant, it created an entirely new appreciation for the great Norwegian composer and humanitarian.

P1280046 copy
Blossoms in the rain.

We had the rest of the day to to explore Bergen.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

P1280104 copy
Random VIKING STAR float for Constitution Day.

The predicted high winds and downpours could not dampen the festivities as revelers filled the streets for Norway’s Constitution Day, honoring its emancipation from Sweden on May 17, 1814.

P1280120 copy
Constitution Day in Bergen.

It was easy to share in the appreciation of such a peaceful, conscientious nation. I can’t imagine a better day to celebrate the homecoming of 2015’s most beautiful new ship.

P1280130 copy
Starry sterns.

In the early afternoon, I spotted Fred. Olsen’s BLACK WATCH at the cruise terminal. What could be more perfect than seeing the former ROYAL VIKING STAR, Royal Viking Line’s first ship (originally registered in Bergen) berthed alongside the VIKING STAR, Viking Cruises’ first ship (also registered in Bergen) at Bergen on the latter’s maiden call on Constitution Day?

P1280230 copy

Short of raising the former STELLA POLARIS (the inspiration for both ships’ lovely clipper bows) from the Sea of Japan, could it get any better?

P1280266 copy
Grieghallen lobby.

Early that evening, we were off to the christening dinner, held in the outstanding Grieghallen, which is composed of ordinary elements that are juxtaposed in a masterfully aesthetic and functional way. So Scandinavian.

P1280409 copy
Trude Dreveland prior to the christening.

Magically, the skies above Bergen parted as the ceremony commenced. Dark clouds loomed in the distance but other than a brisk breeze, the Viking weather gods were smiling down on the 20,000 gathered for the christening.

P1280439 copy
Sissel sings.  Photo by Rob Di Stefano 2015.

A procession of Norwegian musicians and singers (rocker Sondre Lerche, violinist Charlie Siem, novelty duo Ylvis and songstress Sissel)  delighted the crowds as the VIKING STAR emerged in the twilight, slowly backing into the tiny harbor.

P1280591 copy
Norwegian christening speech.  Photo by Rob Di Stefano 2015.

The celebrations culminated when Mayor Dreveland took the stage with Torstein Hagen, delivering her blessing in pure, unadulterated Norwegian…

P1280598 copy
Bottle break.  Photo by Rob Di Stefano 2015.

…dispatching a magnum of champagne into the VIKING STAR’s bow. On cue, brilliant fireworks flared above the harbor and the ship blew her whistle.

P1280750 copy
Fireworks and Klieg lights.  Photo by Rob Di Stefano 2015.
P1280765 copy
Starry night in Bergen.  Photo by Rob Di Stefano 2015.

The crowds dispersed as our subject inched her way back to the passenger terminal. As the celebrations reached their end, the VIKING STAR’s next voyage was about to begin.

End Of VIKING STAR Trek, Maiden Voyager

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