AKDENIZ En Route To Aliaga

The final voyage begins for the 1955-built liner AKDENIZ, the very last of her kind.

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All photos by and copyright Dr. Ata Bilgili 2015.

20150916_141916 copy
Cadets at ITU line up to salute AKDENIZ as she is readied for her final voyage.

Putting the names AKDENIZ and Aliaga together in one sentence becomes a final reality as the famed, fully intact and once-cherished Turkish liner departed under tow this morning for dismantling at Turkey’s notorious scrap yard near Izmir. Aliaga has recently claimed the likes of the former Love Boat PACIFIC PRINCESS and is currently demolishing the PRINCESS DANAE (ex PORT MELBOURNE, DANAE, etc.)

20150916_142448 copy
AKDENIZ basks in the sun for a final time at her berth as her lines are loosened.

Dr. Ata Bilgili, who has worked for so many years to keep the ship at her moorings to serve the needs of Istanbul Teknik University’s maritime facility was on hand to reluctantly document the ship’s departure.

20150916_142713 copy
Securing the ship to begin the tow.
20150916_145635 copy
Dr. Ata Bilgili and the ship he kept afloat against many odds.

Some items, including the mainmast, were removed before AKDENIZ was secured to the tug, her lines released and she began her final voyage via the Sea of Marmara into the Aegean.

20150916_145506 copy
Rounding the bend…
20150916_145742 copy
And away she goes…
20150916_150717eds copy
A seagull follows in the wake of the AKDENIZ.

When AKDENIZ arrives at Aliaga, the ship will be systematically destroyed at the government-owned yard and during the recycling process, her vintage fittings will likely vanish with her.


Very special thanks to Dr. Ata Bilgili


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