Celestyal’s Cuba, Part Four

Knego’s Final Cuba Cruise posting takes in the “other side” of the island with a visit to the pristine beaches of Maria La Gorda and a call at Cienfuegos with an excursion to the UNESCO World Heritage Site designated Trinidad.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

P1110810 copy

In the early morning, we quietly dropped anchor off the pristine shores of Maria La Gorda in the Pinar del Rio province in Western Cuba.

P1110827 copy
Tendering ashore at Maria La Gorda.

The Cubans are very protective of the reefs around Maria La Gorda, to the point that the CELESTYAL CRYSTAL’s tenders had to almost zig zag on an approved course to land guests.

P1110830 copy
Crystalline Cuba.

In addition to swimming and watersports, Maria La Gorda is known for its myriad dive spots.

P1110870 copy
CELESTYAL CRYSTAL in the backdrop.

I joined a snorkeling excursion that took us to a reef at the base of a coral ridge.

P1110872 copy
Snorkeling site at Maria La Gorda.

For an hour or so, I snorkeled in a paradisical world of crystaline, temperate water, brilliant fish and coral.

P1110921 copy

I returned to the ship reinvigorated and ready to enjoy the rest of the afternoon at sea.

P1110926 copy
Fidelia and Robin.

Shouts out to the CELESTYAL CRYSTAL’s friendly and efficient staff, who, without exception, made the ship feel like our home away from home. Extra kudos to cabin stewards Fidelia from Honduras and Robin from Mauritius for keeping my stateroom so livable and for their highly skilled towel animal art.

P1110939 copy
Thalassa Sunset.

There was a stunning sunset at dinnertime, so I dashed out to the Thalassa Bar to get the full effect.

P1110946 copy
When sun meets sea.

And a final zoom, just for good measure. With the sun in our wake, we had already rounded the western bend of the island.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Shortly after breakfast, the CELESTYAL CRYSTAL entered the large harbor of Cienfuegos (“one hundred fires”) on Cuba’s southern coast. Dubbed La Perla del Sur (Pearl of the South), it has 150,000 inhabitants and boasts some fine examples of Neoclassic architecture.

P1110989 copy
Exotic fruit tasting.

After disembarking, we were off on a coach ride into the Cuban countryside, through small villages, sugar plantations and small farms to the UNESCO World Heritage site-designated town of Trinidad. On our way, we stopped at a roadside stand to taste some delicious fruits, including the best baby bananas ever.

P1120028 copy
Trinidad time:  Iglesia Parroquial Mayor del Espiritu Santo.

Founded on December 23, 1514 by Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar under the name Villa de la Santísima Trinidad, Trinidad became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. Built around the sugar trade, Trinidad has long since morphed into a tobacco industry and tourist town.  Our walking tour began in the Plaza Mayor, which is considered an open air museum of Spanish colonial architecture.

P1120050 copy
Italianate stucco.

Our guide led us to a renovated colonial house, a former sugar baron’s mansion, that still contains its original furnishings and Italianate painted stucco.

P1120068 copy
View to the north.

After a tricky climb to its belltower, we had the chance to take in the view overlooking Trinidad.

P1120070 copy
Plaza Mayor overview.

Typically, time was running out, so we had to head back to the coach.

P1120077 copy
Thanks for visit us!

After a very quick buffet lunch we were on our way back through the Cuban countryside.

P1120115 copy

As soon as we boarded, the CELESTYAL CRYSTAL unleashed her lines and began her mad dash back to Montego Bay.

P1120120 copy
Cienfuegos astern.

Once again, even after a full day of touring, there were still so many things to come back and see.

P1110782 copy
Night over stern.

Although a mere week had passed, we enjoyed a month’s worth of scenery, history and culture on our Cuba Cruise with CELESTYAL CRYSTAL. After packing, I joined friends at the Thalassa Bar one final time.

End of Celestyal’s Cuba

Special Thanks: Marlene Oliver

Peter Knego

Peter Knego

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