CRYSTAL MOZART’s Danube Debut, Part One

Part One of Knego’s recent two night preview experience aboard Crystal River Cruises’ ultra-luxe MV CRYSTAL MOZART, Europe’s “Queen Of The Rivers”, in Vienna.

Crystal Cruises

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Monday, July 11, 2016

P1200209 copy
Fleischmarket, Vienna Centrum.

After hauling my luggage from the metro station through the labyrinthine alleyways of Vienna’s Centrum, it took a good deal of sleuthing to find the narrow strip of real estate called the Fleischmarket. Pleading for English directions in Vienna, especially when the destination sounds suspiciously like the local red light district, isn’t for beginners.

P1200220 copy
Polanski-style courtyard.

Just as the wheels on my luggage threatened to crumble off, I finally located the Post Hotel, which admittedly sounded more affordable than charming in its Expedia description. And charming, it is, if one has no desire for privacy, air conditioning (not even a ceiling fan), a comfortable bed and more than one flat, hard pillow. Roman Polanski’s 1976 “The Tenant” film noir came to mind as I creaked opened the swollen windows that faced a bleak courtyard in the hopes of attaining a gasp of fresh air.

P1200219 copy
Falafel stand.

Perhaps the only saving graces of that first night on my own in Vienna were the local falafel truck and utter exhaustion from the long commute from California. I would sleep most of it away and first thing in the morning, head off to the banks of the Danube to sample the utterly opposite of lifestyles.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

P1200300 copy

Fresh from her complete transformation into an uber deluxe river cruise ship and following a short shakedown cruise to acclimate her staff, the CRYSTAL MOZART was running about forty five minutes behind schedule. That would give me enough time to cross the river and stake out her arrival from the opposite bank. River cruise buffs are well familiar with Europe’s “Queen Of The Rivers”, the largest river cruise ship on the continent. Built in 1989 for DDSG (First Danube Steamboat Shipping Company) as the MOZART, she is the same length but twice the width of most standard river cruisers at 395-by-75 feet. Although her 3,341-gt girth restricts her to the locks and canals between Passau in Germany and Budapest in Hungary, the MOZART has enjoyed successful incarnations for Peter Deilmann Cruises and most recently Dertours.

P1200310 copy
MOZART’s passage.

Despite the lighting challenges and her top Vista Deck and funnel in un photogenic “collapse” mode to clear Vienna’s bridges, it was nice to witness my home for the next two nights in motion. Crystal Cruises bought the ship last fall, gutted her to the steel framework and rebuilt her with suites to accommodate a mere 159 guests. Aside from her hull, which was completely sandblasted and re coated in a glossy medium used for superyachts, she is a virtually new ship. Her accommodation and public areas are all new and even her original powerplant will be replaced prior to embarking on her second Crystal season.

P1200324 copy
Greeters for CRYSTAL MOZART.

I crossed back and reached the ship just as her lines were being tied. A small crowd had gathered along the landing to welcome the CRYSTAL MOZART, her crew and ultimately, the launch of Crystal Cruises’ new Crystal River Cruise division.

P1200619 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART French Balcony Suite, facing port.

Anyone who has experienced Crystal knows just how seamless their operation is. Even with a recent CRYSTAL SERENITY cruise under my belt, I was nonetheless impressed by just how effortlessly boarding commenced and how quickly I was shown to my stateroom, a French Balcony Suite on port Seahorse Deck. The hardware was instantly impressive, boasting the latest in boutique hotel style courtesy of Toronto-based II by IV Design and London-based AD Associates, with muted tones offset by vivid splashes of color inspired by, in this case, the Danube ports she visits. Of the ship’s four categories of accommodation, the 219-square-foot French Balcony Suites are the most plentiful, numbering twenty two. All Crystal River suites feature king-sized beds, a large flatscreen television, writing desk, living room area, butler service, twice daily turndown service, a complimentary fully stocked mini-bar, Nespresso coffee machines and daily hors d’oeuvre service.

P1200652 copy
I-pad powered.

With my late Baby Boomer mindset, it was hard to embrace the sophisticated new i-Pad technology at my fingertips but the good thing is that in addition to the i-Pads, all of the stateroom controls can be manually operated, as well.

P1200635 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART French Balcony Suite WC.

Even the bathrooms are over the top luxe, with en suite phones, a mirror that has a built in TV screen (which was not yet up and running), tiled showers with rainforest and massage controls and…

P1200637 copy
Auto flush.

…Toto toilets with heated seats that automatically open and flush.

P1200640 copy
Etro toiletries.

And the luxe toiletries? Etro, of course.

P1200655 copy
Butler service.

Within moments of my arrival, there was a tap on the door. My butler had arrived to demonstrate the i-Pad controls and ask if I needed anything before I headed out to document the ship.

P1200439 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART Waterside Dining Room facing forward from starboard.

Once I had the MOZART fully covered, I headed to the Waterside Dining Room for a much-desired and blissful lunch. As an anomalistic heatwave withered all life outside, I sat in its cool confines, admiring the smart decor and table settings as a troupe of wait staff descended with drink offerings. Iced water and iced tea, please, with extra ice…

P1200426 copy

Although there are daily specials on the full service menu, I cannot resist a salad bar with fresh, locally sourced quality produce and a bevy of homemade dressings, multiple toppings and a choice of artisan vinegars and oils.

P1200433 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART Penne Arrabiata.

In addition to the salad bar, of course, there is a carvery and a wide selection of hot and cold dishes as well as a pasta station, where I succumbed to a Penne Arrabiata with extra garlic and a mound of Parmesan. All I had to do was point and the perfectly prepared end result soon arrived at my table.

P1200429 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART dessert buffet.
P1200532 copy
Capping it off in the Bistro.

Afterwards, I managed to resist the siren’s call of the dessert buffet for a frothy, potent cappuccino in the nearby Bistro, the go-to for complimentary specialty coffees and snacks throughout the day.

P1200613 copy
Wider boat alongside.

The CRYSTAL MOZART has a few exclusive, upscale “toys”, including a pair of Wider boats that can be hired by guests for private excursions. We joined Crystal Cruises CEO and President Edie Rodriguez for a short ride along the Danube.

P1200566 copy
Racing with Edie.
P1200543 copy
P1200570 copy
Danube daredevils.

We held tight as Edie buzzed past the MOZART and throttled the Danube into a fine mist.

P1200573 copy
The CEO and her MOZART.

Before we returned to our air conditioned headquarters for the rest of the afternoon, there was a quick photo op with the guiding force behind Crystal Cruises and the line’s new progeny.

P1200700 copy
Chiming in the MOZART.

In descending order, the CRYSTAL MOZART has four guest decks: Vista (4), Crystal (3), Seahorse (2) and Harmony (1). An elevator and stairs link the lower three decks and forward-situated and midships stairs lead up to the Vista Deck.

Vista Deck

When transiting low-lying bridges, everything on Vista Deck, including the railings, wheelhouse, funnels, canopies and the bar either collapse or recede into the deck below. During the Crystal conversion, no less than nine large skylights were cut into the Vista Deck to bathe the public spaces on Crystal Deck in natural light.

P1200703 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART Fwd Vista Deck, facing aft.

The forward portion of Vista Deck boasts a permanent garden called the living roof.

P1200708 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART Fwd Vista Deck, facing forward.

A walkway and teak benches give the living roof a park-like vibe.

P1200711 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART Vista Deck facing aft.

An outdoor living room sheltered by a large canopy is located aft of the bridge on Vista Deck. A large high definition video screen mounted on the back of the Pop Up Bar is used for broadcasting sports programs and al fresco movies.

P1200720 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART Pop Up Bar, facing forward.

The Pop Up Bar is fully stocked and its contents, save for special top shelf orders, are complimentary.

P1200724 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART Vista Deck, facing forward.

A large sunning and observation area is located in the aft portion of Vista Deck. Beyond the funnels on the port side are 30 electric bikes that are available for escorted and self-guided tours at no charge.

P1200730 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART Funnel collapsed.

Here is what the starboard funnel looks like in “collapse” mode.

Crystal Deck

Crystal Deck is dedicated to a suite of elegant new lounges and dining venues.

P1200755 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART Forward Crystal Deck promenade, facing port.

Another thing the MOZART boasts that no other European River cruise ship can offer is a fully encircling promenade. The forward portion of the promenade has a sheltered, alfresco seating area that is accessed from and adjacent to the Palm Court observation lounge.

P1200749 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART Starboard Crystal Deck promenade facing forward.

The Crystal Deck promenade continues aft on either side to a terrace at the ship’s stern.

P1200406 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART Palm Court, facing starboard.

Framed on three sides by large picture windows, the Palm Court on the CRYSTAL MOZART is every bit the equal of its counterparts on Crystal’s ocean-going ships. It features large, comfortable furnishings and a bright, contemporary color scheme.

P1200398 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART Palm Court, facing port from aft.

The Palm Court can seat up to 158 guests and is the key venue for the ship’s mainstage entertainment.

P1200835 copy

One of the few things to remain from the CRYSTAL MOZART’s prior incarnation is the Bosendorfer piano that is now in the Palm Court Lounge.

P1200691 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART Crystal Cove, facing forward.
P1200699 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART Totally Random Crystal Cove Carpet Shot #2.

The Crystal Cove Bar follows the Palm Court on the starboard side. It can accommodate up to 33 guests and is often the evening “end up” for sing-alongs and live music.

P1200351 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART Connoisseur Club, facing aft/port.
P1200353 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART Connoisseur Club, facing forward.

On the port side of Crystal Deck, directly aft of the Palm Court, there is the 12-seat Connoisseur Club cigar and smoking lounge.

P1200948 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART Bistro, facing aft.

The Bistro is the CRYSTAL MOZART’s cafe with complimentary specialty coffees, homemade ice creams and snacks that range from breakfast fruits, pastries and smoothies to sandwiches and savories as well as tea time treats.

P1200442 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART Crystal Bistro, facing forward.

The Bistro seats 60 and is located off the forward end of the double deck lobby that surrounds the central staircase linking Crystal Deck with Seahorse Deck below.

P1200447 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART Crystal Deck lobby, facing aft.

The Crystal Deck lobby has a comfortable seating area surrounding a marble fireplace that emits atmospheric, SOLAS-compliant vapor flames.

P1200937 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART Crystal Deck Lobby, facing port/forward.

The staircase leads up to Crystal Deck from the reception area on Seahorse Deck.

P1200520 copy

Large enough to accommodate any wheelchair and then some, the CRYSTAL MOZART’s brand new lift replaced cabins on the decks below and can be accessed on the starboard side of the Crystal Deck lobby.

P1200672 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART Waterside Restaurant, facing aft from starboard.

The Waterside Restaurant is CRYSTAL MOZART’s U-shaped main dining venue that can accommodate up to 152 guests in one leisurely seating.

P1200687 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART Totally Random Waterside buffet terrace Tile Shot #1.
P1200675 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART Waterside Restaurant, facing forward from port.

The Waterside Restaurant offers buffet style breakfast and lunch with a limited full service menu of daily specials and a full service, multi-course dinner.

P1200666 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART Vintage, facing aft.

Accessed from the forward end of the Waterside, Vintage is the CRYSTAL MOZART’s 12-seat extra-tariff chef’s table restaurant featuring a lavish fixed menu wine pairing dinner. Guests can reserve the entire space or book on an individual basis for varying fees. Vintage can also double as a private meeting room.

P1200734 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART Blue, facing port.
P1200741 copy
MV CRYSTAL MOZART Totally Random Blue Tile Shot #2.

Aft of the galley on Crystal Deck, Blue is the CRYSTAL MOZART’s casual 38-seat lunchtime eatery with an open kitchen offering up world cuisine courses.

End Of Crystal’s Danube Debut, Part One

More To Come…

Special thanks: Paul Garcia, Gene Sloan

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