Art Dynamited For Cruise Ships

Pier Sculpture, San Juan. Photo by Linda Garrison, Guide to Cruises:

A report from the Associate Press covers the removal of a 2006-built steel sculpture to facilitate easier access to San Juan’s cruise piers.

The huge sculpture, which looks like a paper aeroplane, has prevented larger cruise ships from docking at San Juan, Puerto Rico.  After explosives failed to dislodge the artwork, crews began to remove the cables supporting its giant wings. The sculpture, which was placed at the site as part of a $30-million project to build a new port in Old San Juan, was partially funded by Royal Caribbean International.

The problem of larger vessels using these berths came to light last December when tourism officials were forced to delay and move a news conference aboard CARNIVAL DREAM when the ship was unable to dock because the sculpture was in the way.  An alternative berth at the port was in use, so the ship was forced to sail on to the Turks and Caicos islands.

Final demolition is expected early this week.

Photo credit: by Linda Garrison Guide to Cruises


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