Book Review: QE2 A photographic Journey


A photographic Journey

Chris Frame and Rachelle Cross.
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A commemorative photographic tribute to the most famous ocean liner of our time.

This updated paper back edition published in 2013 of QE2: A Photographic Journey takes the reader on a voyage of appreciation of the best-known and most-loved ocean liner.

In the forward to this book, Ocean Liner doyen, Bill Miller writes, “Personally, I believe there can never be enough books … or commemoration of the QE2”. So it is that soon after opening this book we are indeed embarking on a photographic journey to QE2, one well illustrated and finely laid out.

I remember, as a Southampton lad, the QE2 making her first appearance as the latest Cunard liner.  An upstart with her stark while and black funnel, and her introduction marred by turbine trouble. It was a difficult start for a ship that became vastly popular as the years rolled on, becoming the longest serving flagship of the Cunard fleet.

QE2 A Photographic Journey takes us through the each major public room with colour photographs and  historical commentary, offers a detailed and well researched view of the cherished ship, right up until her sale in 2008 to Dubai world. Chris Frame and Rachelle Cross are clearly enthusiastic fans and were frequent travelers onboard QE2, and with this book have made a worthwhile contribution to QE2 lore.  The book has over 200 colour photographs with commentary and amusing anecdotes from Commodore R. W. Warwick, and Commodore Rynd and an ‘afterword’ from Captain McNaught – the ship’s last master.
The authors have a useful website relating to QE2, QM2, QV and historic liners: at

QE2 A Photographic Journey is Available from all good bookshops,,

By Martin Cox


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