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There are many books on the NORMANDIE as there should be, she was a ship that inspired through her startling design, the brevity of her career, and her very public loss.  Mr Miller excellently captures the history and glamour of this great French Line ship beginning with her forerunners, and tracing her design and style ancestry. This book, SS NORMANDIE,  includes many excellent photographs  (I counted a total of 160 photographs and illustrations), I was very taken with those covering her launch and fitting out in France.Following a chapter of her glorious arrival in New York, Miller includes many interiors, well-known passengers and a slice of life aboard.  The center of the book is laden with colour versions of posters and art works from the era.  He brings the story poignantly to a close with a chapter called “Post-war, post-Normandie”, with the some her interior items finding further use in New York buildings, and French Line’s subsequent ships.   – Martin Cox, November 2013

Page 13 excerpt from SS NORMANDIE by William H. Miller
Page 13 excerpt from SS NORMANDIE by William Miller

From the Publisher

A creation of the extravagant 1930s, the NORMANDIE was the pride of the great French Line, the national flagship, and a ship well ahead of almost all other passenger ships of her time. She was the largest, longest, and fastest, but also the most decoratively stunning and had the most striking and innovative overall design. Her dining room was longer than the famed Hall of Mirrors at Versailles and her outer decks were uncluttered, superbly balanced, and streamlined. Her career was, however, highly dramatic and quite tragic in the end. She sailed commercially for just four years, and then was laid up in New York due to the start of World War II; she suffered the fate of burning at her pier, capsizing, and becoming a complete loss. In 1946, to the great sadness of her endless fans, the 11-year-old ship went to the breakers. This book, through added insight and anecdotes by experts with many superb, previously unpublished photos, greatly adds to the story of this finest of French liners.

 About the Author

William Miller is the author of many books including The Great Liners Story, The QE2, and SS France/Norway and lives in New Jersey, US.

Poster from William Miller collection
Poster from William H. Miller collection

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Format: Trade Paperback

Dimensions: 96 Pages, 9.84 × 8.66 × 0.39 in

Published: December 1, 2013

Publisher: The History Press

Language: English

ISBN – 10: 0752488082  and ISBN – 13: 9780752488080


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