CELESTYAL CRYSTAL Collision — Updated

Cruise ship CELESTYAL CRYSTAL collides with… by videonewsus

On June 27th, the Scorpio-owned chemical tanker STI PIMLICO and the cruise ship CELESTYAL CRYSTAL collided in the Dardanelles Strait (that links the Aegean Sea with the Sea of Marmara).

The tanker was reportedly carrying highly explosive naptha (a general term that refers to flammable liquid hydrocarbon mixtures).  Both ships suffered structural damage, however, no one was reported injured.  The tanker has been reported to be leaking fuel.

CELESTYAL CRYSTAL in her former LOUIS CRISTAL colours (photo Peter Knego)

The 15,179 GT CELESTYAL CRYSTAL (former LOUIS CRISTAL) and the 182 m long, 2014-built tanker collided at about at around 01:30 hrs. Both ships were towed to safety and are being inspected. The strait reopened earlier today. No cause for the collision has yet been announced.

Update from Celestyal Cruises: “We will be refunding guests’ cruise fare and shall also be offering a complimentary 7 day cruise, valid until the end of 2016. Naturally, this will not be applicable to those who would be ending their cruise in Istanbul.”


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Celestyal Cruises’ CELESTYAL CRYSTAL was carrying 853 passengers and 382 crew. It was later reported there may have been three minor injuries on board the cruise ship.

Update: On June 29th, one report stated that the chemical tanker STI PIMLICO suffered an explosion and was heavily damaged, taking on a 15-degree list. Though a full accounting of the accident is not yet available. A local Governor of the Canakkale province, where the accident occurred, Ahmet Cinar, reported to the press that the leaked cargo had evaporated instantly when it met with the air and therefore there was no pollution observed on the surface. As an additional precaution, a floating barrier has been placed around the tanker, in case of any further oil spills.

Former ship names:

1980–1986: Viking Saga
1986–1990: Sally Albatross
1992–1995: Sally Albatross
1995–2000: Leeward
2000–2002: SuperStar Taurus
2002–2006: Silja Opera
2006–2007: Opera
2007–2011: Cristal
2011-2015: Louis Cristal


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