COSTA CONCORDIA Shifts Across The Port Of Genoa

The wreck of the COSTA CONCORDIA made a short journey today Monday May 11, 2015,  she was towed some 10 miles during the afternoon from the Seawall pier to the Molo ex Superbacino dock in Genoa, Italy where a new phase of her scrapping will commence. At this next location decks 14 to 2 will be dismantled, including stripping of the interior furnishings and fittings . The deck structures will be removed in such a way as not to adversely affect the stability or longitudinal strength of the hull. After this phase is completed, she will be prepared to be moved once more to Dry Dock 4 for the final dismantling.

One of the largest ships in the Costa Crociere fleet, the 114,147 gross ton COSTA CONCORDIA famously ran aground in January 2012, off the Tuscan coast of Italy, near the island of Giglio.  Thirty two passengers died in the disaster.  Among the complement of 4,200 people on board, 3,200 were passengers and 1,000 crew members.  Some people jumped overboard and swam to shore as the cruise ship took on a 20 degree list to starboard and then heeled over. It was recorded as Italy’s worst maritime disaster since the Second World War.

Her Captain, Francesco Schettino was sentenced to 16 years in jail ten years for manslaughter, five for causing a shipwreck, one for abandoning ship, and an extra month for giving false information to authorities.  The Italian court heard Schettino described a ‘reckless idiot’ who had been showing off, when he steered the cruise ship too close to the shore of Giglio on the night of January 13. 

COSTA CONCORDIA wreck at Pra Port, Genoa, Italy,  March 2015. Photo © Peter Knego 2015
COSTA CONCORDIA wreck at Pra Port, Genoa, Italy, March 2015. Photo © Peter Knego 2015

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