DOULOS Salvation Offer Accepted!

MV DOULOS at Manila, March 25, 2009. Photo (c) Ryan Levins

March 3: Encouraging news from Singapore from OM Ships, owners of the MV DOULOS, the world’s oldest seagoing passenger ship. Posted today on the company website was the following message regarding the ship, which has in recent weeks been in danger of being sold to Indian shipbreakers: “An offer was made recently by a party interested in preserving the ship, and who has access to the resources needed to make this a viable proposition. This offer has been accepted, subject to agreeing on the details in a ‘memorandum of agreement’ – a process which needs to happen before the transfer of ownership can take place. The community on board is now reduced to the ‘final voyage crew’ of 35 people and this group will only leave once the ship has been delivered to new owners. DOULOS will depart from Keppel Marina on Friday March 5, moving to another berth in Singapore while sale arrangements are being completed.” For more information and updates, please go to:

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