French Corsair Back From The Deep

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A significant discovery has been made off the coast of Devon in the English Channel by the marine archaeology firm Odyssey.  The wreck of the fearsome French corsair LA MARQUISE DE TOURNY, has been located some 60 miles south east of Plymouth.

For about ten years, the French ship, with 25 guns and a fierce crew, menaced England’s shipping in a bid to damage British trade. Then, during the mid 18th century, the 460-ton vessel from Bordeaux, France suddenly vanished. The wreck was identified by the ship’s bell, which bore her name and launch date of 1744 in Latin and was decorated with French fleur-de-lis motifs and a cross of cavalry and a dolphin. The wreck has been badly damaged by trawling but its 25 ten foot long canons have been located.

Greg Stemm, Odyssey’s co-founder, said: “LA MARQUISE DE TOURNY is one of our most important discoveries in the English Channel.”

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