LASSCO Liners Salute At Sea (90 Years Ago)

Extracts from Chapter Two: September 25-30, 1922

Hollywood to Honolulu: the story of the Los Angeles Steamship Company (a book) by Gordon Ghareeb and Martin Cox

Marking the 90th anniversary of the start of the first regular passenger and freight service from Los Angeles – Honolulu, I have serialized some extracts from our book Hollywood to Honolulu: the story of the Los Angeles Steamship Company by Gordon Ghareeb and Martin Cox. (Published by Steamship Historical Society of America 2009)

SS CITY OF LOS ANGELES, Honolulu, HI. Photo from author’s collection.

At noon Honolulu time September 25 1922, the CITY OF LOS ANGELES was backed out of pier 8 with 308 passengers and a full load of Hawaiian bananas onboard for the return passage to Southern California.  The celebration that accompanied the flagship’s departure was every bit as spectacular as that which had greeted her upon arrival.  On Thursday the 28th Captain Poulsen and Captain Lester both veered a course to their respective starboard sides to allow a spectacular mid-ocean pass of the twin liners at sea.  With flags flying, whistles blasting and the cheers and shouts of the combined ship’s companies, the two Pacific greyhounds barreled past each other at a thousand yards while Poulsen and Lester doffed their captain’s hat to each other.

SS CITY OF HONOLULU passing SS CITY OF LOS ANGELES at sea. Photo Author’s collection.

Despite her lack of sea trials the CITY OF HONOLULU arrived unscathed off Waikiki Beach on Saturday morning the 30th and received the expected greeting at the Honolulu wharf where the Royal Hawaiian Band met the incoming liner with familiar strains of “I Love You California” and other contemporary toe-tappers.  While no group activities were planned as had been for the excursionists from the CITY OF LOS ANGELES, passengers from the CITY OF HONOLULU were greeted by the local Chamber of Commerce and shown independently around the island.   The arrival was anticlimactic following the turn out given to her consort only ten days before but it was significant to reinforce in the minds of island and mainland merchants the realization that a two ship ferry service between Los Angeles and Honolulu had at last been established.

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Book Review: Hollywood to Honolulu: The story of the Los Angeles Steamship Company

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