MidShipCentury Featured In L.A. Daily News

Knego's family room with items from several liners that ended their careers on the beach of Alang. Photo and copyright Andy Holzman/Daily News.

MaritimeMatters’ co-editor Peter Knego’s home and MidShipCentury venture were featured in the April 23 edition of the Los Angeles Daily News. Writer Sandra Barrera went to Knego’s house in Moorpark, California to interview him amidst some of the fittings rescued from many of the mid-twentieth century’s finest liners and cruise ships after their demolition in Alang, India.

“It was really an honor to be featured in the Daily News,” Knego stated, adding, “I hope the story shines some light on the elegant design and beautiful craftsmanship of the 1950s and 1960s maritime world.”

Accompanying the story is a photo gallery of portions of Knego’s home with elements and artwork that once graced ships like Cunard Line’s IVERNIA (1955), Elder Dempster Line’s AUREOL (1951), Canadian Pacific’s EMPRESS OF CANADA (1961) and EMPRESS OF BRITAIN (1956), Incres Lines’ VICTORIA (1959), Companhia Nacional’s PRINCIPE PERFEITO (1961), Union-Castle Line’s WINDSOR (1960) and TRANSVAAL (1961) CASTLEs, Adriatica’s AUSONIA (1958), Sun Line’s STELLA SOLARIS (1953) and STELLA OCEANIS (1965), Lloyd Triestino’s VICTORIA (1953), Costa’s EUGENIO C (1966), German Atlantik Line’s HAMBURG (1969) and more…

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