New Web Presence For SSHSA

In case you missed it, the Steamship Historical Society of America completely rebuilt its web presence. Check out their very functional, easy to navigate and attractive pages at

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The Steamship Historical Society of America was established in 1935 as a means of bringing together amateur and professional historians interested in the history and development of steam navigation, past and present, and describes itself as, “the world’s leading organization dedicated to recording, preserving and disseminating information of and about the history of engine-powered vessels.”

One of my favourites is the SSHSA Virtual Museum, which allows the reader to browse works on display in the galleries, including special exhibits such as maritime artwork, photographs and highly collectible ocean liner posters focused on the maritime aspect of transportation.

Also, the new Book Store offers SSHSA publications (including the book I wrote along with Gordon Ghareeb on the Los Angeles Steamship Company).

The society has a number of local chapters that offer meetings, ship visits and, in some cases, their own newsletters. One such chapter is the Steamship Historical Society of Southern California, with its own website and a 2011 group cruise as a well as meetings on board the QUEEN MARY in Long Beach led by redoubtable chairman Bruce Vancil.

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