No Love For This Boat: Former PACIFIC PRINCESS Sold For Scrap – Updated

The 19,903 gt, 600 passenger PACIFIC (ex SEA VENTURE, PACIFIC PRINCESS) has been sold for 2.5 million Euros to the Turkish company “Cemsan”, which specializes in ship breaking.

MV PACIFIC (ex SEA VENTURE, PACIFIC PRINCESS) at Genoa in 2010. Photo © Peter Knego 2010.

The 1971-built PACIFIC has been idle at Genoa’s San Giorgio del Porto shipyard since being seized by the Italian Coast Guard in 2009. PACIFIC last operated for Spanish-based Quail Cruises but was originally built for New York to Bermuda cruise service as Flagship Cruises’ SEA VENTURE. Between 1975 and 2002, she was Princess Cruises’ first PACIFIC PRINCESS and rose to fame as the official “Love Boat” on the US television series that ran from 1976 through 1986. The “Love Boat” and the PACIFIC PRINCESS are largely credited for stimulating international interest in cruising into what it is today.

PACIFIC will soon be towed to her final destination in Aliağa, Turkey.

UPDATE (via Peter Knego): March 20, 2012: PACIFIC (ex SEA VENTURE, PACIFIC PRINCESS) is currently being inspected by potential buyers who would preserve the iconic vessel as a floating hotel. Although such last minute reprieves tend to spring up with almost every doomed passenger ship these days, perhaps the former “Love Boat” has a big enough following to beat the odds…

Thanks to Peter Knego and Hans Hoffmann and Selim San.


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