No Peace for PEACE BOAT

SS OCEANIC at Vancouver. Photo copyright Peter Knego June 2009

Ken Murayama forwarded reports to MaritimeMatters that appeared in both Japanese and Croatian newspapers making reference to an incident involving Peace Boat’s classic liner, the 1965-built SS OCEANIC. The report suggests that the OCEANIC came under attack from pirates while sailing near Yemen last week. Captain Teodor Candrlic was congratulated with taking swift action that deflected the pirate attack. One report made mention of the ship adopting a zig-zag manoeuvre, while being attacked with grenades. The crew blasted the attackers with high pressure hoses while the ship sped up and steamed away at full speed toward a NATO alliance vessel for protection.  The pirates were allegedly apprehended by a NATO patrol. We will update the story as more information is revealed.


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