OCEAN DREAM Spirited To Haikou

Appearing like a dream, spirited back from the beach of doom, OCEAN DREAM (ex SEAWARD, SPIRIT OF LONDON, SUN PRINCESS, STARSHIP MAJESTIC, SOUTHERN CROSS, FLAMENCO I, NEW FLAMENCO) was reportedly sold for scrap and had been laid up for over a year off Singapore, yet survives in a new livery sporting a dragon on her bow.

OCEAN DREAM (ex SPIRIT OF LONDON...). Photo courtesy James Ming 2012.

This photograph was emailed by a reader confirming her sailing from Haikou Xiuying Cruise Terminal in January

Launched in Italy as SPIRIT OF LONDON, she was to have been Norwegian Caribbean Line’s SEAWARD but the unfinished hull was sold to P&O and in 1972 was completed. Later when Princess and P&O combined, she became SUN PRINCESS.

In 1988 she was sold to Premier Cruises to become the red hulled STARSHIPMAJESTIC, a colour retained when bought by CTC Lines in 1994.  In 1998 she appears once more with a white hull for Festival Cruises as FLAMENCO I. After Festival Cruises collapsed, she was bought by Cruise Elysia and renamed NEW FLAMENCO, Club Cruise acquired the ship and she served as an hotel ship in New Caledonia until Club Cruise shut down in 2008.  The ship was sold for scrap and laid up off Singapore until now.

Her operators are listed as Runfeng Ocean Deluxe Cruises and she will be operating cruises from Haikou, China to Vietnam.


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