Oman Interested in SS ROTTERDAM — Updated

SS ROTTERDAM leaves Wilhelmshaven for Rotterdam August 2, 2008 Photo © Klaas Krijnen

November 2, 2012 Update:  SS ROTTERDAM will stay where she is.  The ship was sold to new owners, Westcord Hotels for 29.9 million Euros.

The Dutch press is buzzing with stories of preserved passenger ship SS ROTTERDAM possibly moving to Oman. SS ROTTERDAM has been berthed in the port of Rotterdam since 2008.  In Oman, the vessel would serve as what is described as a VIP ship.

The current owners, Woonbron, are reported to have said that only a very large offer would see the departure of the ship from Rotterdam. While there is financial interest from the Netherlands in SS ROTTERDAM, the investors in Oman have far more money, says Woonbron, a housing corporation that spent over 250 million euros converting the ship into a hotel and restaurant. Renovating the ship cost far more than originally planned, placing a huge financial burden on the company and forcing the sale of the ship.

The SS ROTTERDAM is one of the most famous post-war Dutch ships, and sailed for Holland America Line from 1959 through 1997.



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