Peter Knego Awarded By SSHSA

I am delighted to announce that my good friend and MaritimeMatters Co-Editor, ocean liner journalist, owner of and ship blogger extraordinare — Peter Knego — has been awarded the  Samuel Ward Stanton Award for Lifetime Achievement by the Steam Ship Historical Society of America.

Peter Knego atop the former AUGUSTUS' funnel
Peter Knego in AUGUSTUS funnel

“Peter Knego is recognized as the recipient of the Samuel Ward Stanton award for his contributions to the mission and objectives of SSHSA. Peter has spent 30 years in research, analysis, and documentation of modern and classic passenger liners.  He has added considerably to the available historical knowledge of the ocean liner by focusing attention on interior decorations of the passenger ship. Through still and video photography, Peter has catalogued the shipboard works of artisans, including sculptures, painters, furniture makers, artists and interior designers. Peter has personally recovered and documented hundreds of artifacts in his visits to India and other sites of ship breaking. Peter is also a well-known cruise and maritime writer and contributes to numerous consumer and industry publications around the world as well as helming two popular blogs, “Sea Treks” and “Decked!”, which can be on MaritimeMatters.

Peter Knego’s Sea Treks  – Near live blogging in the first person of a cruise experience as Peter captures it.

Peter Knego’s Decked! – A deck by deck photographic tour and analysis of a specific ship.

Formed in 1935, the mission of the Steamship Historical Society of America is to record, preserve, and disseminate the history of engine-powered vessels.

Congratulations, – Martin Cox


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