Peter Knego’s MidShipCentury In New York Times

Peter Knego at Alang in 2005 with the former RMS WINDSOR CASTLE. Photo by Kaushal Trivedi, copyright 2005.

As a MaritimeMatters reader, you may know Peter Knego for his amazingly detailed ship blogs, SEA TREKS and DECKED!  The roving blogger from internet cafe’s across the globe regularly brings you the latest on new and vintage passenger ships.  But when he’s not doing all that, he is trying to save the remains of a period in maritime design that we shall not see again. And to do that he has to go to Alang, India where so many liners end their days on the beach being scrapped.

September 9th’s New York Times Home & Garden section carries an article on MaritimeMatter’s own Contributing Editor, Peter Knego.
The piece, by Fred A. Bernstein, entitled “On a Mission to Save Cruise Ship Décor”, can be found at this link:

New York Times: On a Mission to Save Cruise Ship Décor


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