QE2 For A Hotel Or The Beach?

QUEEN ELIZABETH 2 on a world cruise visit to Los Angeles, Photo © Martin Cox

Rumours continue to swirl in the maritime community about the possibility of the QE2 heading for scrap.

QUEEN ELIZABETH 2 has been moored at Port Rashid, in Dubai for the last four years with delayed plans to become a hotel at the center of a deluxe development.

The internet has been buzzing with speculation and The Southern Daily Echo ran a story on December 17 claiming “moves could be underway which would eventually lead to the vessel being sent to the breaker’s yard”.

This follows an earlier announcement from July 2, 2012. The QE2’s owner put out a joint statement with DP Ports, that a plan was set forth for the QE2 to open as a 300-bed hotel after a refit lasting 18-months. The press release notes that the ship will be refitted restoring original features, including the 1994-2008 ‘Heritage Trail’ of classic Cunard Line artifacts. The ship would remain berthed alongside a redeveloped Port Rashid terminal which will also double as a maritime museum. However, just under three weeks after this statement was circulated the board of Directors was reshuffled, then the following day, entirely replaced.

The scrapping story first emerged on the website The QE2 Story in the Forum Pages after members heard about the possible scrapping.  MaritimeMatters has made it’s own inquiries but no news was available at the time of writing.

Rob Lightbody, writing on his website The QE2 Story, remarked: “I am hearing from a good contact, that ship brokers have been contacted about the possible scrapping of a 300 meter cruise ship based in UAE.”
“That could surely only be one ship. Has time finally run out for our ship?”

Thanks to Peter Knego, Keith Hamilton, Rob Lightbody



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