Refitting The Site

Devon Wreck (detail), photo (c) Martin Cox

MaritimeMatters is having a refit.  We are open during this upgrade, but some categories and items are on the move.

This week we have added a TRANSLATE button at the bottom of each post with a list of the languages to choose from.  (I used our list of countries most frequently visited the site to determine these choices.  I added Welsh too, that was a more personal choice.)

You will also see a ‘Like” button on the top of each post, this will share a link to your facebook friends if you click upon it, if you have any.  At the bottom of each post we added a choice of sharing options to various social media sites, book marking options etc.  You will also see a black “up arrow” and the end of the page, this will bring you rapidly back to the top of some long long posts. For twitter please use @MaritimeMatterz and @PKnego

The bigger project is that I am reshuffling and renaming some of the top navigation categories, which I hope will lead to a more logic flow throw the site.

Thanks for your patience,  Martin Cox



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